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Nothing can kill a vampire. Truly kill. The werewolves are close, but the vampire still lives on ripped and burnt into millions of pieces. Nothing can truly kill a vampire. Or so we thought. chapter 2 is up...

The story came slowly, creeping up on me with interenst twists and turns. Here it is. Also, I know it is kind of short, but if you like it I will post another chapter and that one will be longer. [None of the official Twilight characters belong to me! I wouldn't have been able to think of this story without the incredible Stepanie Meyer which the do belong to]

1. Prologue/Dreams

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She stares at the creature in front of her. The creature stares back. She is not human. The creature isn’t either. She is beautiful, as is the creature. The creature speaks.

“Who are you?” the creature’s voice is cold, and her dark eyes flashing maliciously.

Her own eyes, which alter with her mood, are not changing. They are still and blue green, wondering what this creature could possibly want.

The creature is speaking again. “You aren’t human… or one of us. A vampire,” she clarifies. She is taking in the creature; the porcelain skin, the black eyes rimmed with crimson, the angelic features, the short brown hair.

The creature is laughing cruelly, before looking her in the eye. The creature is smiling, and the expression on its face is intent and expecting, yet nothing takes place. The creature is suddenly scowling. She is slightly frightened by this sudden change of expression. The creature snarls. “Well, I don’t know what you are, why you aren’t speaking, and what you want, but I am starving, so if you don’t mind…” the creature is moving at lightning speed towards her throat, she is shocked, a cold bite, and a howl of pain fills the night.

She stares at the strange body in front of her. She gazes up at the indigo sky, the full moon, and the stars that arch over the beautiful human city. A tear rolls down her cheek. What is she? That is for her to know, and the world to wonder.


Bella’s POV

Ten years it had been since I had been changed. Ten years of dreams-come-true, both during the day [with Edward] and at night [in the literal sense]. The literal sense meaning my gift; the gift to dream the present while feeling one of the ‘characters’, as I affectionately refer to them as. My gift was a strange combination of Jaspers, Alice, and Edward’s talents. And even after ten years, it still bothered me. Every time I was calm, as close to asleep as a vampire could possibly be, I fell into a trance-like state. Much like Alice, I saw. Like Edward, it was the present. And like Jasper, I could feel one of people’s emotions. Only, I couldn’t change them.

Most of my “dreams” concerned my human friends from a world that seems so far away now, my human father, who is slowly wasting away without me or my mother. If I could cry, it was for these visions that the tears would be shed. But this dream had been different.

I reached into my memory to pull it out. Unlike everything else, the visions were incredibly difficult to remember. I sometimes wonder why, but I believe it has something to do with the fact that they aren’t me, that they are a secondhand experience. I found it hiding there, concealed by clearer memories. I gasped when it jumped out at me.

A beautiful human-like creature, with piercing blue-green eyes. Jane, the angelic devil of the Voltouri. And an attack… where someone had died. Not unusual for a vampire attack. But this time, it was not the prey who had died. Jane? Dead? It was impossible. And then I remembered something else.

“We aren’t always the most dangerous thing out there,” he had told me so many years ago. He was going hunting the next day… and he had warned me, with those words, not to enter the woods near Forks. I had forgotten it, but it had seemed unimportant at the time. Reflecting, I believe he must have meant the dogs, and yet… I realize he hadn’t known about them at the time. But nothing else can destroy a vampire. Right?