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Nothing can kill a vampire. Truly kill. The werewolves are close, but the vampire still lives on ripped and burnt into millions of pieces. Nothing can truly kill a vampire. Or so we thought. chapter 2 is up...

The story came slowly, creeping up on me with interenst twists and turns. Here it is. Also, I know it is kind of short, but if you like it I will post another chapter and that one will be longer. [None of the official Twilight characters belong to me! I wouldn't have been able to think of this story without the incredible Stepanie Meyer which the do belong to]

2. Jacob

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Jacob Black had been running east for the past ten years. He stopped a while in Vermont, living in the woods, but when a coven of vampires stopped a while, he left. They reminded him too much of why he had run away in the first place. And so, refusing to listen to his brothers’ thoughts, avoiding all contact with a world of humans, he was able to live somewhat peacefully. Only somewhat, of course, because someplace deep in the back of his mind, she was always present. She was a vampire now. He knew this. He also now understood her better; how she had been the first day she had come to visit him after that leech had run away, leaving her deteriorating, empty, bruised, drained of all the life she had once possessed, in constant pain, and ruined.

Slowly, painfully, Jacob was capable of going out as a human again. It scared him at first, yet now, ten years later, it was possible for him to live rather peacefully. Actually, he could now face the idea of going back home.


Home. It seemed so far away now, all the way across a country and ten years different. Times had changed. Lives would have been brought forth, lost, and altered. Jacob didn’t like the idea of this new home which he was sure would greet him. What he truly wished for was show things used to be, but that was impossible. Ten years had passed! But it would be close enough. The forest would still be the same, and his house and pack couldn’t have changed too much. And so he began to run.

For the first time in years, he felt a shadow of happiness creep over him. He called out to his pack brothers. They did not respond. He realized he was still thousands of miles away. Night was falling, and the adrenaline rush had fallen hours ago. He needed to rest. He stopped at a hotel in a city somewhere in the state of Arizona. He walked in. the receptionist at the desk looked him over with irritation.

“Yeah?” she asked, blowing a bubble. Jacob wondered what he looked like. By the obvious disgust on the girl’s face, he must be very dirty.

“Um… I need a room for tonight,” he said. “For one.”

“Will that be credit card or cash?” she asked. It was, it seemed, rhetorical question, because suddenly Jacob realized he didn’t have any money, a change of clothes, or anything necessary to house in a hotel.

“Never mind,” he muttered and left.

Jacob stepped outside into the city. It was not very tall and sprawled out in all directions in front of him. He looked around and realized if he walked a little, he could safely change and get out of there. He was strong despite his strength. He walked into a small Mexican place. No one was in there. Jacob had never been one for Mexican food, and the smell nearly overpowered him. It was spicy and strong, with lots of beans and cheese. With a sudden jolt he remembered she was from Arizona. He wondered if she liked Mexican food, and if she ever cooked it. She had enjoyed cooking, before…

The man behind the counter looked up. He was short and robust, but Jacob knew he could easily have beat him up if it was necessary.

The man looked at Jacob and began to speak to him in Spanish.

¿Eh? ¿Usted desea un poco de alimento? Porque no alimentamos a cualquier persona que no tenga dinero.” The man said. Jacob didn’t speak Spanish well [two years at school ten years ago wasn’t going to help] but he got the general gist of it.

“Sorry…” Jacob muttered. He gave the man a look to kill and growled his wolf growl. The man stepped back a little, surprised.

Quiénes usted piensan usted es?” the man said. His voice was menacing and demanding. Jacob was angry. He hadn’t been this close to a fight in years. Ten years.

Jacob growled again.

“¿Hay un problema?” came a voice from the back of the kitchen.

“Never mind,” Jacob muttered darkly, before stepping out into the night. It was very dark now, and Jacob walked towards an empty street. He was exhausted and needed rest, but he couldn’t rest until he changed. In the deserted lane he transformed and began to run as quickly as his legs would carry him. He looked into the sky, and found the North Star. Jacob had always loved astronomy, even as a little kid. He remembered going outside every summer, the night before school started, with his dad. This was before his dad had been confined to a wheelchair, when he could still walk and play football and build cars. And every summer Billy would whisper the same thing into his only son’s ear, “Go on now, and make a wish on a star.” And every summer he would wish for the same thing. Every summer he would close his eyes and wish for next summer, when it was wet and green, and the water was cold, and him and his two best friends would sit around doing nothing all day, and Isabella Swan would visit her daddy, Chief Charlie Swan. Jacob felt dangerously human now. He closed his wolf eyes and pushed the thought away.

He was in the desert now, a beautiful and mournful place, surrounded by mountains and people and filled with cacti and animals. He curled up in a little ball and shut his eyes.

He felt a touch on the small of his back. Opening one eye, he sees a devastatingly beautiful girl standing in front of him. For a moment, he believes it is a vampire. But no, her eyes are a clear blue, the color of a sky that home never got. He stands up and becomes human.

“Jacob Black.” She states, “I have been looking for you.”

He stares at her. “Who are you?”

She waves her hand as though that were of no importance.

“Jacob,” her voice is soft and like water, flowing and crashing, swelling and evaporating, glacial and boiling. All at once. “Your love left you. She left you for an eternal waking, beauty, and her one true love.”

“I would’ve been true,” Jacob mumbles.

“She does not regret it, yet sometimes… sometimes, we do things that although we do not regret it, we wish it had happened differently.”

“What are you trying to say?” he asked.

“That she still loves you,” the girl responded.

“Well then why would she do this to me?” he roared, “How could she leave me for that thing? He’s a freak of nature!” The girl shrank back back, her eyes a guarded shade of grey. “Oh but I forgot! You’re probably in love with them too! Like everyone else, you’ll choose them over us!”

The girl looks sad, her eyes, now green, look downward. “I killed one.”

Jacob pauses. “You what?”

“I killed one! She was so beautiful; I didn’t know what to do! She came at me, and she bit me, and she was dead… she left a scar that sparkles…” she lifts her tiny arm u and shows it Jacob.

‘Do you know who it was?” Jacob inquires.

“No,” the girl looks off. “All I know is that I killed her. And that Bella loves you.”

The sound of her name catches him off guard. “What…” he begins, but the mysterious girl is gone.

He is a wolf. He is howling into the Arizonan night sky, which stretches on forever. He is crying into it, shouting her name out in the only way possible.

“Bella! Bella! Bella! I love you, Bella… Bella… Bella…”

Bella’s POV

“Bella…Bella…Bella. Bella! Isabella Marie Cullen!” Edward’s voice is still as perfect to me now as it was when I was human. I remember…

“Oh Edward…” I nearly sob. Even the most human vampires can’t cry. “Edward… Jacob’s in trouble.”