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Forks' Twins

Two twins move to Forks after meeting the Cullens' they learn about the secret world of vampires and werewolves. All thanks to Jacob Black.

Ok I got the inspiration from High School by Superchick.

1. Chapter 1

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Jessica's POV

New girls, twins. I had no clue of who they were or where they'd moved from, but they were the juiciest news since Bella. I'd noticed them both in Civics. Ms. Visalia had made them get up in front of the class and introduce themselves.

"Umm... My name is Krisma Johnson and I hate talking in front of people," The girl wearing darker colors said in a trembling voice.

"My name is Krysta Johnson, my sister and I are inseparable twins!" Said the other girl with tan streaks going through her deep brown hair. I like her style I thought to myself, maybe I'll let her sit with us, but defiantly not her sister. Ugh. Krisma's style scared me, her being dressed all in black with the saying 'If looks could kill you'd be dead right now' on her shirt. Her sister, was wearing a purple and black striped skirt with a purple shirt and black/purple hand things. Ya know glove like things. Any ways then she was wearing black tennis shoes and black/purple striped socks that went up to about her knees.

Krisma and Krysta sat down right across from me. And for the entire class period they stared off in different directions, nodding to each other and occasionally having small giggle fits. Creeps. I thought to myself as I walked towards the door.

"Hey Krysta!" I called, as I walked to lunch. Krysta looked around her eyes landing on me, she looked lost."I was wondering Krysta, if you would like to sit with me at lunch today. We definitely have an empty seat," I offered smiling.

"Yeah, uh-huh, no. You see Jessica is it?" I nodded. At least she could get a name right "I can't go anywhere with out my twin we are so mentally connected, it's crazy," Krysta said in a kind yet still distracted tone. She gave me a sweet smile and drifted back towards her sister.

"Whateve’," I said flipping my hair over my shoulder and sauntered off.

After I'd gotten my lunch I saw Krisma arguing with Edward in a low voice while Bella, Alice and Krysta were discussing dresses, and what Bella would look best in, or at least that's what it sounded like. The Cullen's I thought to myself how did they get included with them. They don't even seem intimidated by them! Every once in awhile Krisma would share a look with Krysta and they'd both do something in sync.

"Hey, Jess whadda ya lookin' at?" Mike asked and then he whistled.

"Wow that dark haired chick in black, man she is hot!" He exclaimed in awe. I gave him an icy glare. It didn't faze him. I turned back to the Cullen's table. I saw Krisma say something and everyone burst into giggles. I'll just have to get the scope from Bella later, I thought grudgingly. I walked straight by the Cullen's table and got nothing but a extremely dirty look from Krisma which I took as her being a snob.