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Forks' Twins

Two twins move to Forks after meeting the Cullens' they learn about the secret world of vampires and werewolves. All thanks to Jacob Black.

Ok I got the inspiration from High School by Superchick.

2. Chapter 2

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Krisma’s POV

Forks sucked. Not only had I been dragged here from sunny L.A. but right before we left my dumb ass boyfriend had to come over to my house and break up with me. Damn, love sucks just as much as moving. At least Krysta was there. Krysta and I are identical twins. We have extreme telepathy. Ya know when twins can here each other’s thoughts. It’s weird but, then again, what’s normal? Any ways so on the way up to Forks, the town the Sun forgot, I did nothing but cry. My family reached Forks on Sunday. We had to go to school Monday, but I never saw any point in going. I am an extremely talented song artist and Krysta is an extremely talented singer. We could make big bucks, but no we had to go to school. Whateve’.

I usually don’t where black that often but, today was an exception, I also wore my fav’ shirt with the saying "If looks could kill you’d be dead right now." I thought it was funny. I looked at myself in the full glass mirror. " You look pretty damn good," I whispered to myself. I shrugged and stalked out of my room. Krysta was just drifting out of her room when our mom called "Girls, if you don’t hurry you’ll be late for school,"

"Ok," Krysta called. I just rolled my eyes. I don’t need to be told when is a good time to leave for school or anything else really. I thought to myself.

Oh yeah and how far would you get then huh space cadet? Krysta inquired telepathically.

Oh I’d find a way I replied. Krysta just rolled her eyes and walked downstairs. I followed and soon found myself sliding into my car. Weird… I thought. What Krysta asked. I don’t remember locking the door, I told her. I did it. She replied. I nodded. Krysta smiled.

On the way to school since I was in a shitty mood, I listened to my loud scary rock. As Krysta called it. But she was listening to the same thing so who cared? When we got to the school (which in this town took 2minutes.) we drifted around until we saw the office building. Here we go, I thought. Good thing we remembered our jackets huh? Krysta said dreamily, as the rain poured down. I nodded as we walked into the office. A red-haired receptionist behind the desk gave me a weird look before giving us our schedules.

"Yes," I said Krysta had English the same period I had math! We could (thankfully) switch classes.

"You know we probably shouldn’t switch classes the first day," Krysta said regretfully. I nodded, as we ran to our different classes. Me, I got to go to the most wonderful class ever! Math. Krysta on the other hand got lucky and got to go to English. I was just on reason #87 that math was the worst subject ever, when I noticed this guy. He wasn’t a normal guy. That much was true, his eyes were golden and he looked like a marble statue. I was a surprised human when he came and sat next to me. I gave him a weird look as he grinned like an idiot. Man, and people call me weird! I thought. That weird guy, STARTED LAUGHING!!!!!!!! It was so weird, so as a test I thought, can you hear me? The creep nodded. So you can hear me right now? He nodded again. What’s your name and what the heck are you? The next thing I knew a piece of paper was being slipped to me. My name is Edward. What are you? My name is Krisma and I have an identical twin and we have telepathy, I wrote. He nodded. Apparently that didn’t bug him. For the rest of the period I acted like he didn’t exist. He still creeped me out. When the bell rang I quickly glanced at my schedule and walked off to find the gym. Most of the morning went by quickly the dinky piece of paper the secretary gave me was signed by each teacher so far. Then came Civics, my last class before lunch. This class I had with Krysta! This was going to be fun. As we walked into the classroom, the first thing I noticed was the curly dark haired girl. She seemed to be the gossip queen. Great another gossip girl. I thought bitterly. Chill out Krisma, she may be nice. Krysta scolded. I rolled my eyes and strode up to the teacher, who’s name was Ms. Visalia. She signed our slips, and then make us introduce ourselves. As usual people ignored me and paid more attention to my much prettier sister, Krysta. I hated the teacher, I would’ve hated her anyway, just because of the subject she taught. After spending the entire class period "talking" to Krysta I knew everything that had happened from her point of veiw in the past few hours. Who to avoid and why, and who was pretty decent. Apparently this girl named Alice Cullen invited us to sit with her and her family today at lunch. I told her about Edward Cullen, the creep. Man he was WEIRD! Finally the bell rang.

On our way to lunch the girl I swore was a gossip queen asked Krysta to sit with her. I didn't hear Krysta's answer but I could tell you the gossip queen hated it. "Gossip queen?" I asked "Yup," Krysta said grimly. Why do they always go after the new kids? I wondered.

Lunch was...eventful. Emmett, Alice, and Edward Cullen, Jasper and Roseline Hale and Bella Swan, were all the nicest people in the entire town of Forks. My sister and Alice fussed over Bella who was apparently marrying Edward this summer. Ironic. I argued with Edward. Edward seemed to belive that the best band ever was some band I'd never even heard of! I told him that he was so wrong it was funny. After lunch we all went our own ways. Maybe Forks wouldn't be so bad after all!