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When I Could Dream

Edward's POV


2. Dr. Cullen

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"You're skin doesn't feel cool to me," she responded, her face confused until fear and realization lit it. My stomach sank. She raised her left hand also, and it was trembling as well. She pressed it to my forehead, before she broke into sobs.

I grabbed her and wrapped my arms around her, burying my head into her shoulder to hide the small tears brimming my eyes. How I wish I couldn't cry. Such a weakness. She sobbed into me, then collapsed. She fell into my chest and I scooped her up, striding out of the room.

We were both dying. No one survived it, or very little did. Like my father, we had it. The Spanish Influenza.

I set her gently in the car and shut the door. I made my way around the front, opening the door angrily. How could my father do this to my mother? I knew, deep down it couldn't be helped, but he had already put us through the pain of HIS death. We had watched him in pain as if it were our own, and now it WAS our own.

"You can't drive," my mother protested weakly.

"Father taught me," I snapped fiercely.

Elizabeth Mason's POV

My son. He was even more beautiful when livid. There was such passion, whereas, the sensible Edward was always controlled, where you could see the passion brewing, but you couldn't quite experience it. He was terribly territorial, and the passion I am talking about, of course, is the protectiveness. I could imagine him lethal. Easily, when that passion existed.

"It's not his fault, Edward," I said, practically seeing the thought bubble above his head.

"Of course it is, Mother!" Edward whirled to me, eyes flashing brightly. His hair was disheveled as ever, and his face was very pale. Was it the flu, or was it fear? He was a very good liar, after all.

"I know you're scared, Edward."

His eyes were still on mine, I realized, and I yelled, "Edward, eyes on the road!"

"We're not going to crash," he chuckled darkly, but turned to the road, but not before I saw the desperation in his eyes.

Edward's POV

"I'm not scared, Mother," I lied easily. I was good at it, but then again, she knew that. I could practically hear the words as if she spoke them out loud.

He's so scared. He was always a good liar. I saw his eyes before he looked away.

She made a noise in the back of her throat, and turned to stare out the window. I would never tell her, but I was flooring it. This car was pathetic. It couldn't go nearly fast enough.

He never even had someone to love.

I frowned at my mother. Of course, those weren't her real thoughts, but it was along those lines. She was probably also vowing to keep me alive at all costs. Of course. That was my mother.

We arrived at the hospital, and I ushered her through the doors.

The secretary eyes my, almost appreciatively. I swear if knew that woman was thinking I would vomit. My stomach writhed, as if to prove my point, or maybe it was the flu.

"We have fevers, we think it may be the Spanish Influ----"

"I'll take them Ellen," A gorgeous doctor walked around the corner, raising an eyebrow at the practically drooling woman.

"S--Sure, Dr. Cullen."

Good, I thought. Dr. Cullen was the best doctor there was, and, this woman was sort of creeping me out. I could practically hear her... Such a waste, she looked at me like she was missing out on a movie or something.

I hurriedly ushered, or dragged my mother after Dr. Cullen.

Minutes later, he confirmed it. We had the Spanish Influenza.

And though, being a doctor, he was very reassuring, I could hear it clearly, as if he was speaking it.

We weren't going to leave this hospital. At least, not without a heartbeat.

How right I was.