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Jane and Alec

This is sort of what I imagined Jane and Alec's transformation was like. please review! :)

This takes place in Europe, around 1600 A.D.

1. Chapter 1

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I awoke from a nearly sleepless night, I sat up in my box of a bedroom. I wondered where my brother Alec was, then I realized that he was probably fixing breakfast for Christine.

Christine was our cruel aunt who had so graciously taken us in when our parents died. Instead of treating us like her niece and nephew, or even people for that matter, she acted like we were her servants. Wait no, servants get paid. She treated us like slaves, making us work from sunrise until sunset, and then some.

I stretched and yawned, knowing I would have to face her sooner or later. I stood up from my bed, if you could even call the hay filled rag I slept on a bed, and headed for the kitchen.

As I entered the kitchen, Alec was serving her an enormous breakfast. "Well, look what ungrateful little wench finally decided to get up." she sneered as I entered. "Go clean out the fireplace, I want it shining. Go NOW!" she screeched. I hurried off to get my filthy cleaning bucket and a rag and got down on my hands and knees to start cleaning.

As I scrubbed, Aniela, Christine's spoiled only child, enter the living room. Calling me by my infamous nickname, she sneered, "Well if it isn't Jane the Pain. What are you doing?" I didn't reply. I just scrubbed harder. I knew she hated it when I didn't respond to her.

Frustrated, she kicked over my water filled bucket and hissed, "Next time you'll answer when I ask you a question." Just then, Alec walked in carrying his tattered broom. He gave me a worried look. He knew my lack patience with Aniela, he also knew it got me into trouble sometimes. As I leaned over to pick up my cleaning rag, Aniela kicked me in the stomach, hard. I winced in pain as I doubled over, hissing a stream of profanities.

"What did you say to me?" Aniela said through clenched teeth. I stood up bringing myself to my full height, which was still a head shorter than her. I gave her an icy glare, and stalked off.

"MOTHER!" she hollered pushing past Alec and up the stairs. Alec supported my elbow and slowly sat me down. "Are you alright?" he asked. I nodded slowly. "You really shouldn't have done that." he muttered. "I know." I whispered. "Come on." he said, helping me up, and we walked off slowly to finish our never ending list of chores.

That morning, as Alec and I entered the kitchen, we heard Aniela whisper far too loudly, "See mother? she's a witch! She tried to put a curse on me!" Christine's mouth slowly formed into a wicked smile. Something's up I thought as I saw her face, and with a sick sinking feeling, I saw the whip in her hand. I was extremely petite and rather fragile, despite the fact I was nearly worked to death each day, and I couldn't be beaten severely and expected to work. That very may kill me. As she raised the whip, her face was anything but merciful. "NO!" Alec shouted at them. His face so intense and vicious that it sent them into shock for a moment.

I was also shocked by my brother's action. He was the one who never lost his temper. Once Christine had gotten over it, she smiled even more wickedly. "Well, if your going to be witches together, you can burn together."

In the prison cell where we awaited our doom, Alec said, "I'm so sorry. This was my fault. If it weren't for me, we might be alive in an hour." I just stared out the window, surprisingly serene for someone who was about to die.

The executioner entered. "We're ready." he said, eyeing us pitifully. Christine had no doubt threatened him when he turned down her demand to have two thirteen year old "witches" burned at the stake. We followed him out of the cell and toward the stake in the middle of the town.

As we stood, tied to the stake, the executioner came forward with the torch, tears of pity in his eyes. He reluctantly lit the bottom of the twigs we stood on. When I felt the fire burn my feet, I could not hold in my scream of pain. My face twisting in agony.

As the fire danced at my feet, a streak of black swooped in and snatched us from the fire and took off running at and inhuman speed. I felt a granite bar around my still bruised waist and then saw his face. He had impossibly ivory white skin with lilac circles under his eyes, and his long flowing hair was the inky black.

When he finally stopped in a deserted alley he set us down, Alec was unconcious. "Are you alright?" He asked in a muscical voice. Both concern and relief showed on his face. "Yes." I rasped. He smiled. Then with a more serious look on his face, he leaned over and to my horror and surprise, he bit unconsious Alec. Alec twitched and and he uttered a low moan. Then the man turned to me, His eyes tried to reassure me, but I was still frightened. Then he leaned over and bit me as well. That's when the fire began.

When I awoke, I heard Alec talking at an inhuman speed to the man. I sprang up, feeling refreshed and stronger. Something had changed. Then the man told me his name (Aro) and what I had become.

A Vampire.