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Love Surpasses Death

Edward has left and Bella is distraught. One day, she walks in front of a car and is hit. What will happen to our lovers? Will Edward return and try to save her or not?

It's a one shot. My first story published here. Hope you like it! 5/10/08- This is really sad. Over a hundred and twenty people have read it, but I only have 10 reviews from readers. I'm not going to continue it until my review numbers go up. I'm sorry.

1. Chapter 1

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Alice's POV

"Edward! You need to come back! We can only stay away so long with-!" I broke off, suddenly stiffening as my mind suddenly flooded with too many emotions and pictures for me to cope.

Edward continued glaring at the horizon, completely uncomprehending.

After a few minutes, the vision stopped and I looked at Edward, my eyes wide with shock.

"Now we have to go back! Bella's been hurt, badly."

He froze for a moment, and then looked at me, worried. "What do you mean she's been hurt? How? When?"

"She walked out in front of a car without looking… without caring… They didn't stop… She was hit… There was a lot of blood… I - I'm not even sure she survived." I looked down, not wanting to see his reaction. After a moment of silence, I looked up, my eyes widening at the anguish and regret in his face.

Edward moaned and sank to his knees, putting his face in his hands. "Oh, Bella, no… not this… I thought I was helping you by leaving…" He looked up at me, his normally stony expression collapsed into something unfamiliar. "Alice… we have to go back… if… if she didn't survive…" I was surprised as his voice cracked, "I'm not sure what… what I'll do…"

I sighed. "We need to leave now."

Edward nodded, his face once again hard, though his eyes were pained.

Bella's POV

I walked down the sidewalk, my head down, my vision impaired as I hid under my sweatshirt's hood. Not paying attention, I walked out into the street as I turned the corner, not bothering to look up as I heard a screech.

It didn't even dawn on me that I was going to die as I finally looked up and saw a car skidding toward me.

Suddenly, I felt an impact, then, after a few seconds, unbearable pain. I felt a warm wetness begin to quickly soak my clothes, vaguely aware of agonized screaming.

I heard a car door slam and someone walk out, cursing. A large amount of voices circled me, bombarding my senses with cussing, sobbing and worried speaking. Through the din, I made out a few words.

"It's Bella Swan! Somebody, call an ambulance! She's barely breathing, and she looks like she's lost a lot of blood!"

I managed a moan, and then gasped as my lungs burned. Darkness closing in, I felt my breathing begin to slow, my blood growing sluggish as I heard a loud, screaming siren coming closer as I gave in to the dark and pain.

Carlisle's POV

I looked up as a nurse walked toward me, her face grim and businesslike. I smiled slightly at her.

"What is it, Nurse Franklin?" I asked.

"You're needed in ER. We have a 17-year-old girl who has been hit by a car. She's severely injured. She's not expected to survive the night, if not the afternoon." she said, starting to walk. I walked at the same pace by her side.

I sighed. I hated it when teenagers died from such things as accidents.

"What's the girl's name?"

Nurse Franklin continued looking ahead as she replied briskly, "Isabella Swan."

The name hit me just as the car that had hit the poor girl. "Bella?"

The nurse glanced to my face, eyes cold and indifferent. "Yes, Bella. Chief Swan's daughter. You know her, don't you? Didn't your son date her for a while? The one who left?"

I only stared ahead, shocked. After a moment, I nodded, saying quietly, "Yes, he did… "

Nurse Franklin nodded. "Ah. If he still loves the girl, he should return." Falling silent, she quickened her pace as a page came over the speaker.

"Doctor Cullen needed in the ER immediately. Doctor Cullen, come to the ER."

I stiffened and walked faster, passing the nurse with a flurry of my white lab coat.


I barely managed not to groan as I saw her. She was far more broken than any of my family or Victoria could cause her to be. Bella's legs, ribcage and arms were crushed, not yet bandaged. Her face was mottled with pain and drying blood. Her eyes were tightly shut against the agonizing pain, which I knew she felt. I reached forward to touch her shoulder, needing to examine her for the extent of her injuries, though I knew they were life threatening.

As the tips of my fingers brushed against her skin, a terrible scream broke from her lips, causing her more pain as her crushed lungs shrieked for the air which could not enter them.

I turned away clutching the edge of the bed to remain standing. Unconsciously, I crushed the metal, not noticing the sickening crack. Finally, I allowed myself to sink to my knees.

Oh, God… she can't survive, no matter what I do… Edward will hate me when I finds out I cannot save her. The fool for leaving. Didn't he know what it would do to her? I thought, eyes closed.

Just then, I heard furious shouting and clattering.

"Let me see her! She's my daughter!" I heard, recognizing Chief Swan's voice. "Bella! Bella!" I could almost see him fighting the nurses, his face purple with indignation.

Suddenly, he managed to run into the room, stopping short as he saw his daughter.

Charlie's POV

I stared. Longer, longer, and longer I just stared at her. She was trashed. Demolished. Broken beyond repair, and I knew that. I knew she wouldn't survive. I saw it every time some stupid kid got in an accident. But never did I think my own Bella would look like that… The blood. The gore. Bones peeking out from beneath her flesh. Her chest was deflated, I could see. Her lungs were so flattened that she couldn't breathe without the oxygen pouring into her nostrils through its tubes.

I turned on the doctor - that Cullen, I noted with distain - demanding, "What are you going to do for her? She's dying!"

Carlisle nodded grimly, standing once more. "I know she is, Chief." He sighed heavily. "She's not going to make it, no matter what we do. It's not possible. People don't survive these kinds of injuries, no matter how old they are or how much is done to save them. They just don't. I'm so sorry."

I growled. "It's that dang boy of your's! He's the reason she's like this! If he hadn't left, she'd be alive, not on death's door!"

The Cullen only sighed. "Chief… Charlie, please. Don't blame him. He's only a teenager. I couldn't do anything to stop him, and Bella couldn't, either."

I glared at him. "I will never forgive him or you if she dies."

Edward's POV

I burst into the hospital, running to the emergency In Desk. "I'm Edward Cullen. I'm looking for Isabella Swan. She was admitted in the past hour. She was hit by a car. Severe injuries." I was frantic, looking nothing like myself. My hair was tangled and windswept, my eyes filled with anguish and frenzy.

The nurse behind the desk looked up lazily, but straightened as she saw me. "I'm so sorry, sir. I really am. But I can't let you in to see her. She's in critical condition. Not expected to survive the night, sadly." Oh, my God. Is he gorgeous…I might need a room - private - in the ER just for me and Mr. Beautiful here. And why would he want to see that frump? She's nowhere near good enough for him. You can't tell me he loves her.

The nurse's thoughts only caused me to become more deranged, though I kept it hidden as well as I could. I smiled coolly. "Ah. Well, seems I'll just have to get back there myself. Thank you very much, ma'am."

Dazzled by my smile, cold as it was, the girl nodded slightly and pushed a button. "No need, Mr. Cullen. Here you go… go right in…"

I flashed another smile, striding towards the door while Alice, Jasper and Emmett stayed behind.


I strode into the ER, going to the room Alice said she would be in. I shoved the door aside, stiffening with horror as a loud noise entered my mind; one that I feared.

The monitor was beeping. Her heart had stopped and she wasn't breathing anymore.

I lurched forward, groaning, "Bella!"

Charlie's head had jerked up at my entrance, his eyes then widening as he heard the monitor's screeching call.

I gave an agonized moan. "Don't leave, Bella! Don't! You cannot go! You can't!"

My worst fears were now reality. I had known she would die young. Only in a different way. Not in this terrible, horrifying way that chilled my already frozen body to my core.

Bella's body stayed motionless as two nurses raced into the room with paddles, pushing us away. They applied the shock to her, her entire frame jerking as it tried to restart. Her heart didn't start up again. Once again, they two tried to restart her heart. This time… it didn't.

Backing away, I bellowed, "Bella! Do not leave me! You have no idea how this hurts me!" All the people in the room flinched, almost ashamed to hear such a revelation of pure pain.

Distantly, I heard Charlie yelling, Carlisle trying to do something to restart her heart and bring her back.

I knew they wouldn't be able to.

And I would be gone soon enough, too. I was going to meet my sweet, dear Bella.

Bella's POV

I felt my heart slow as footsteps thundered into the room I was in. I heard his voice… saw his face. But I knew it wasn't real. I was dying. And hallucinating. I would have laughed if I could. But… that face. It looked so like his. Maybe… maybe it was an angel, come to take me away. Wait… how could an angel be so… sexy? I didn't think they were.

My breathing shortened, almost non-existent. My eyes slipped closed as my head lolled. I was giving into death. Welcoming it. Let it take me. It could have me. If Edward wouldn’t have me, I'd give myself to the only thing I knew would. Death. The simple word that so many people fear with a passion, as if it killed with its name alone. How ironic.

And what an oxymoron that I had a concept of irony as I died, but I hadn't when I was living, truly living. Huh.

I slipped into a strange, almost sleep-like trance, unable to move or talk. Barely even think. I was aware of nurses running into the room, trying to restart my still heart. They tried again.

Edward - the Edward-angel - roared something else; I couldn't truly make out what was being said.

Then, finally, blissful, restful dark welcomed me into its embrace, death pulling me to its bosom like an Italian grandmother. The pain faded into nothing, just as I did.

My last thoughts were to Edward, wherever he was.

Goodbye, my love… I always loved you and never stopped… please still love me, even though I'm dead… Forgive me… please, forgive m - …

Edward's POV

She had died. I knew she had. I was mortified. Horrified. I couldn't believe it. I turned and ran back down the hallway I had come from, barely keeping from exceeding a normal human pace.

I ran, and ran, and ran. I burst into the ER waiting room, where my brothers and sister was waiting.

Alice stared, knowing what had happened. She was stricken. Emmet looked sick. Jasper was calm, though he eyes betrayed his true feelings of grief and dismay even as he tried to soothe me.

Alice stepped forward, "Edward…" I brushed past her. Emmet grabbed for me. I yanked away angrily. Jasper didn't move, letting me be. I angrily strode out of the hospital, getting into our car and driving away, quickly, furiously. I didn't know where I was going, not that I cared. I just wanted to get away from that room filled with the scent of her blood and rapidly cooling body. Her still heart. Her lifeless body. The arms that would never again hug me. The lips that would never again touch mine with such passion. The body that would never be mine. The eyes that would never look at me with love again.

Finally, I stopped the car and clutched the steering wheel, shaking with non-existent sobs. "She can't… be… dead…"

Then I smelled something. A dog. Jacob.


I stepped out of the car after composing myself. I looked the dog in the eye and said simply, "Kill me."

Jacob's POV

He looked at me straight on. "Kill me."

I stared. "What the heck! What do you mean, kill you? I thought you left!"

He stiffened. "I did. But I came back. Bella needed me." I saw the pain it caused him to say her name. I also noticed that he said she 'needed him'. Past tense. She didn't need him anymore.


Edward glared at me, speaking through clenched teeth, "She died."

His words smacked me in the face like a slap. "WHAT!"

He growled this time. "She died. She was killed."

It was my turn to growl. I launched myself at him as my clothes turned to shreds, morphing into my werewolf self. I was more than happy to oblige his death.


Forks Post

Forks, Washington. May 19th

Accidents cause deaths of two local teens this month

This month, two different accidents have been the death of two local teenagers. The first victim this month was Isabella Marie Swan, 17, daughter of Chief Swan of the local police squad. She died only hours after being hit by a speeding car. Witnesses claim she walked out in front of the vehicle without looking.

The second to die this month was Edward Mason Cullen, 17, son of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, a doctor at our local hospital where Ms. Swan died and his wife.

The two were connected very closely, having dated for over a year before Mr. Cullen disappeared suddenly, leaving Forks. He returned after his ex-girlfriend was hit by the car that caused her death. He died later the night that she did. Assumedly, he had been grief-stricken and had not paid attention, a mistake that caused his own sudden death.

The two were seniors in the graduating class this year at Forks High.

One of our reporters spoke to Mr. Cullen's sister, Alice, regarding the recent deaths. "I can't believe the two of them died like this. I though both would have lived so much longer."

Mr. Cullen' and Ms. Swan's funerals will be held at the Baptist church in town on May 21st in memorial of their love. Everyone is welcome.



Edward Mason Cullen

Beloved son of Carlisle and Esme Cullen.

Survived by brothers Jasper and Emmet; sisters Alice and Rosalie.

We will miss you forever.

Rest in Heaven, Edward.

Isabella Marie Swan

Loved daughter of Chief Charlie Swan.

Your untimely death with be mourned.

We all have loved you and will miss you always.

Sleep well, Bella.


Love lasts beyond death's painful kiss.

Lovers will never part once they embrace within death's cool shadow.

None can separate the ties of love and its emotion when one does love another.

Goodbye, Bella and Edward. Rest happily together, forever.