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Headset (or Ambivalent Redemption)


Jessica is much more deep and complex than anyone ever thought- Edward included. It just takes a little nudge- like maybe one of her good friends getting married?- for Jessica to realize just what it is that she wants from life and not what she’s supposed to want. This song is Headset by Avril Lavigne. I recommend listening to it while reading. If you want. It's your choice. I'm not trying to pressure you or anything…

All of this belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I'm just playing with her super-coolio nice and expensive toys. I promise to put them all back when I'm done. …Maybe…

1. Chapter 1

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It was official to everyone. Jessica Stanley had lost her mind. She had gone completely berserk and now somebody was going to pay. Big time. It had all started with Bella Swan becoming Bella Cullen. Jessica had watched with an ambiguous fascination as Bella walked down the isle like the swan she was leaving behind. She looked like a little angel- sweet and innocent- in the wedding garb. But there was no doubt in Jessica’s mind as to whether or not Bella actually deserved to be donning the white chiffon gown.

Bella looked up at Edward- god-like Edward Cullen, with complete love and adoration, astutely unaware of the glares and open hatred present. Even to Jessica, who could admittedly be petty at times, it seemed rude and a sin to mar such a glorious day. Don’t get her wrong, she was still jealous of Bella, but who wouldn’t have been? Even Lauren was- despite her vigorous arguments to the contrary.

See? Jessica was smart enough to use big words. Boys just didn’t like smart girls. Jessica’s older sister, Tiffany, had found that out the hard way. Jessica had been sure to not make that mistake again.

As Bella became Mrs. Edward Cullen, Jessica felt her heart explode with happiness- something that did surprise her slightly. She found that she actually like being happy for Bella- even if she now was Bella Cullen. That had been what lead to Jessica’s revelation.

Jessica wanted what Bella had. No. Not a god impersonating a man- though that wouldn’t be turned down if the universe were to offer one to her. No. Jessica wanted- craved- needed more than oxygen freedom. Freedom to go somewhere. To do something. She wanted to get out.

After the wedding, Jessica thought she was suffocating. The world slowly began to spin faster and faster and faster and faster, drawing in closer around her, pushing her against the invisible walls holding her back. She tried to break free of its grasp. Every escape attempt was thwarted and the walls only decreased her range. Still she tried and she tried.

Nothing ever worked.

She would drive around Forks for hours aimlessly, looking for an escape. For anything, really. But the dreary little town held nothing of interest, only imprisoned her and countless others too dull to realize that their lives were slowly slipping away.

For you see, Jessica had had another revelation. They were all dying. No. She was not trying to be morose or gothic, not dramatic certainly. She was simply stating the truth. Each simple townsfolk of Forks, Washington was dying and there was nothing that could be done to stop it. You don’t believe her? She can prove it.

Right now, as you read this, you spent four seconds. Those are four seconds you will never get back. Gone forever, no more chances to use them, no do-overs. No nothing. They were gone. Used up. And she, just like you, had better things to do than sit around in Forks for the rest of her life. She had to get out before she wasted away into nothingness. Forks was like that. It sucked away people’s very souls, leaving empty brainless shells, almost like zombies. Except, since she had had no scarring experiences, Jessica did not believe in zombies, demons or personal misfortune, except for that of being born in Forks.

Forks was worse than Oklahoma. Lauren didn’t even know where Oklahoma was- but then again, who knew? Who cared?

Coming back from work one day, Jessica zeroed in on a road that she had never paid any attention to before. Interstate 34. Why oh why oh why had she not seen it- really seen it for what it was before? It was her redemption, her salvation. Without thinking- not that she needed to for her mind was made up- she rushed home. Without so much as a hello or a how do you do to her family, she ran up the stairs two at a time to pack. She moved silently and swiftly- her parents did not have a chance of hearing her.

Tiptoeing back down with her two suitcases, she opened the door and got into her car. With glee, she turned the ignition and revved the car. Both of the parental units came rushing out only to see Jessica speed off forever. She was never coming back to Forks again.

All the way down Main Street, people watched wide-eyed as Jessica Stanley finally lost her mind. She went way past the speed limit, nearly to the point impossible for the police to catch her- not that Charlie would try. He still couldn’t believe that Bella was married much less the news that would come in the days after Jessica’s departure. She would not know of Bella’s death until years later.

Then, all she knew was the open road. Fearless and courageous, also lacking the monetary means to support herself for long- all traits of typical teenagers, Jessica drove off into the night- for yes, it was almost ten-thirty p.m.

“It’s a hundred miles to Chicago, we have a full tank of gas, it’s dark and we’re wearing shades. Let’s go!”