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With Her

Quil and Claire are married. When Claire becomes pregnant, what new difficulties will they face? In the series For Her. Sequel to Protect Her, Love Her, Hold Her, Keep Her, and From Her. In that order... I think.

Well, read the others first. I don't own this. By the way, sorry for the wait, but you took FOREVER with the reviews. thank pinkpoop/ alreadyinarithmancy and equuslover22 that this is posted at all. Love you guys!

10. Chapter 10

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“They’re dead.”

“I’m very sorry,” the doctor said, his voice breaking. He did seem genuinely concerned.

Claire’s voice was so empty. “My babies… are dead.” I rubbed her back, and she sniffed back the tears.

“Will Claire be okay?” I asked. I prayed it would be the answer I needed. I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t stand it if Claire was… anything but okay. She couldn’t be hurt in any way.

“Oh, yes. She’ll be fine. However, if she gets pregnant again, we’ll need more frequent check-ups, and she’ll absolutely have to get the surgery.”

“Of course. But she’s all right?”

“Yes, son. Don’t worry about her.”

I breathed for the first time in an hour. Claire wouldn’t die. Claire would be safe. Claire would be fine. I felt my lungs fill with sweet air, the room stopping spinning, the earth once again beneath my feet.

Claire, however, didn’t look fine. Her face was pale, with an undertone of green and yellow. I heard her whisper, entirely to myself, “It’s because… because… because of him.”

I hugged her. “Don’t, Claire. It is because of him, but there isn’t anything you could do. And everything will be fine, you’ll be safe.”

“But it isn’t fine… the kids… I…”

She still wasn’t crying. I was proud of her, because she was so brave, taking this so well, or as well as it could be taken. “Claire, honey, don’t worry. Don’t be sad.”

“How can I not be?”

“You have a point.”

She laughed, totally without humor. There was no joy or happiness in her voice. And there was nothing I could do to comfort her. At least she was safe. At least there was that.

I would mourn in private, on my own, sometime when she didn’t need me. Right now I was too busy trying to bring her back. I couldn’t even see Claire in all the grief.

“Can we go back to Emily’s?” she asked.

“Are you sure you want to… I mean, it’s probably not pretty.”

“But it’s my babies. I want to say good-bye.”

I held her closer. “Of course, Claire. Dr. Gerandy, can we go?”

He sighed. “Sure. I’m really sorry. Now, Claire, I need you to come back in two weeks so I can make sure you’re fine. If there wasn’t any pain…”


“I’m pretty certain in the diagnosis, and if I’m right, you’re perfecctly safe. However, if not… Just be here on Monday the 26th at four.”

She nodded. “Can Quil come?”

“Of course. Now you’re free to go.”

Claire and I walked out of his office. She clung to my hand desperately, and I was absolutely terrified. What if Dr. Gerandy was wrong? What if Claire wasn’t safe?

I couldn’t let anything happen to her. Anything. If it did… I couldn’t even think like that. I couldn’t.

I would die too. I needed her to live.

She started to cry silently, and I felt like joining in.