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With Her

Quil and Claire are married. When Claire becomes pregnant, what new difficulties will they face? In the series For Her. Sequel to Protect Her, Love Her, Hold Her, Keep Her, and From Her. In that order... I think.

Well, read the others first. I don't own this. By the way, sorry for the wait, but you took FOREVER with the reviews. thank pinkpoop/ alreadyinarithmancy and equuslover22 that this is posted at all. Love you guys!

9. Chapter 9

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“Oh, God!” Emily buried her head in Sam’s shoulder. I ran to Claire, holding her regardless of the bloody mess.

“Call a doctor.”

“I am a doctor…” she muttered.

“Get the car! We’re going to the hospital.”

I picked her up and carried her. My hands are covered in who-knows-what.

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“No. Not at all…” she sounded faint, distant, empty. I started the car and we rushed to the hospital.

The nurse took one look at Claire and rushed her into the emergency room. I was left to wait for her. It was the hardest half-hour of my life. I swore it was also the longest thirty minutes in the history of time. I practically wore a whole in the floor with pacing. I could almost feel the risk of phasing. My energy, my anger, rolled down my spine, but she needed me. My muscles clenched and tensed, but she needed me. My body spasmed, but she needed me. The heat burnt down my core and seared my limbs, but she needed me.

I groaned and grabbed a magazine. I hid my face behind it, not really reading, just hoping to eclipse the nervousness.

I knew what had happened. It was too late for some of my family, but I had to hope Claire would be okay. Claire had to be okay.

How could I survive without her?

“Quil Ateara? You can come in now.”

It was the second time I’ve been called in like this. I hoped this would be better news than the last time.

“Mr. Ateara.” I recognized the aging Dr. Gerandy. Wow, he was old. It surprised me, and I distracted myself with that. “You look the same as you did twenty years ago… but that’s besides the point. I’m not here as someone who knew you as a boy. I’m here as a doctor who has to give you some very bad news.”

“Claire! Claire, she has to be okay, she has to be! Please!” I was ashamed of the words that escaped me.

“I’m fine, Quil… but as you might have seen… the… the babies…”

“Babies?” I thought there was only one. What was I missing? Clearly, something important had happened. I had to know.
“From what she describes, I think Claire was pregnant with twins. The surgery to correct cervical incompetence was set for three weeks from now, where the cervix should have been expanded to the right size to fix surgically.” I knew all this. I wasn’t crazy about the idea of anaesthetizing Claire and sticking knives in her, but it was going to ensure the health of my children… or it was supposed to. “Unfortunately, she hadn’t taken the scan to see the two children,” my mistake. I’d skipped a few appointments to have her come look at the house with me. Apparently, there’d been more consequences than I’d thought. “And… they were too heavy. Essentially, the weight of the fetuses pulled through the weak muscles, and they… fell out.”