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The Impossible

50 years in the future Bella and Edward are happily married and Bella is a vampire, but then Bella finds out she's pregnant. Now what will happen?

Okay this is my first fan fiction. Please go easy on me. Some constructive criticism might be nice though. Thanx hope you enjoy it!!!

1. Finding out

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I leaned my head against the cold porcelain of the tub .

“I thought us vampires weren’t supposed to get sick. It’s been fifty years and this is just happening now. And guess what else Edward? I’m gaining weight! I mean I was never really concerned when I was a human but I’m not supposed to even have to worry because I’m a vampire! What is going on?”

“I don’t know love. And seriously you’re gaining weight? How much?” he asked flushing the remnants of the cougar I had for lunch last week down the toilet.

“Well last week I was 120.50 pounds and earlier I weighed myself and I was 120.75 pounds! And can you explain why I just threw up?” I said defiantly.

He chuckled “You’re worried because you gained 0.25 pounds? It’s probably just the weight from your clothes. And as for that cougar I don’t know…maybe it had the stomach flu!” he laughed again.

“Oh hardy har har har! Very funny Edward!” I scowled; I can’t believe he thought this was funny!

“Maybe we should go see Carlisle. Just to be safe, knowing you you probably contracted some extremely rare vampire disease!” he laughed again.

I sighed as we made our way from the bathroom to Carlisle’s office at vampire speed .I was just about to knock when Carlisle’s voice rang softly through the door.

“Come in. What can I do for you?” He asked smiling as we walked in.

“Bella seems to have contracted some imaginary vampire disease.” He smiled, he obviously found this amusing.

“I got sick and, even though it’s only 0.25 pounds ,I gained weight.” I explained .Carlisle looked confused. Several emotions ran through his face: confusion…confusion…and more confusion but finally that doctor/fatherly ‘you’ll be alright’ look. It was odd.

“Well come in and lay down Bella.” Carlisle gestured to the couch in his office.

“Explain anything that was odd…or unusual. Things that don’t normally happen.”

“Where to start? Well I got sick just now and you know I gained weight. Umm… last week when we went hunting I specifically wanted cougar. If I had had to wait another day I probably would’ve thrown a fit and I was thirstier than ever. That one cougar almost wasn’t enough! That’s about it…” I explained. They stared at me, then each other then turned back to me. “What?” I was confused.

“Bella hold out your arm.” Carlisle instructed. I stuck it out thoroughly confused. Carlisle grabbed his bag, he pulled out a syringe. Uh-oh. I was still freaked out by needles. Carlisle stuck the needle in my arm as I looked away. Edward was at my side holding my hand in an instant. The blood pumped out. That was another still human thing about me, my heart was still beating. Carlisle ran off to get my blood tested while Edward patched up my arm. Carlisle was back in two minutes. Edward and I had sat silently, alertly waiting for Carlisle to return. As Carlisle flew through the door Edward jumped up “What is it?”

“Umm…B-Bella y-you are…..” Carlisle was stuttering, never a good sign. “You are” he took a deep breath and started again “Bella you are pregnant.”