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The Impossible

50 years in the future Bella and Edward are happily married and Bella is a vampire, but then Bella finds out she's pregnant. Now what will happen?

Okay this is my first fan fiction. Please go easy on me. Some constructive criticism might be nice though. Thanx hope you enjoy it!!!

5. Volterra, Shopping and Misbehaviour

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It had been about a week after Aro had visited and Alice was itching for a shopping spree. Finally she got her excuse. Aro had called and told us the guard was getting impatient and anxious. I had no idea how he got our number…maybe he was stalking us…creepy. Anyway since we had nothing better to do besides wait for the babies we went. The plane ride was long, boring and uncomfortable besides Edward’s hand wrapped around resting on my stomach protectively.

Now as a vampire not much can surprise me but I was surprised when we landed in Florence and I saw limousines waiting for us! Aro had really outdone himself this time. Edward, Jasper, Alice, Felix(who was escorting us) and I were in one car. Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett were in the other car along with Demetri who was escorting them. This trip was long and boring too. Even though all of us wanted to go faster then 80 miles an hour we couldn’t because a lot of tourists decided that today would be the perfect day to explore the rich Italian countryside. So needless to say we were very bored. Jasper had it the worst though. I could see the frustration and boredom eminent. Then I had a funny thought and giggled audibly. Edward looked at me questioningly so I pt my thoughts in his head.

If Jasper gets any more bored or frustrated I think he might spontaneously combust.

Edward laughed which made both cars look at him.

“Bella was just thinking that if Jasper got any more frustrated or bored he might spontaneously combust.”, Edward laughed again at the end of that sentence. Everybody else laughed too even Demetri and Felix. Well everyone except Jasper he only scowled and muttered something under his breath that sounded like “most likely”.

“Come on Jazzy. You know you want to laugh. Admit it.”, Alice laughed pleadingly. Jasper only smiled. Alice nudged Jasper, ”Jazzy laugh. You and I both know it was funny.”, at this Jasper burst out laughing. Unknowingly he sent out waves of humor making us laugh, which sent waves of humor to him which made him laugh which made us laugh and so on in a never-ending circle.

“We’re here!”, Felix finally announced.

“Welcome friends!”, Aro said, ”I’m glad you’re in such a good mood. Some of the guard is out doing business.” He then led us inside motioning for Felix and Demetri to grab our bags the follow us. Aro led us down so may hallways I lost count at twenty-three. Eventually we came to a set of doors next to the door that led to the feeding room. I suppressed a shudder. Even as a vampire the thought of human blood horrified me. “You can choose whichever room you want.” and then he walked away. I steered Edward to the room farthest away from the feeding room. I flopped down on the bed and sighed.

“What is it love?”, Edward asked.

“I’m thirsty.”, I said bluntly.

“Already? We hunted not too long ago.”, he said.

“I know but I think it’s this whole being pregnant thing. I mean I am eating for five.”, I laughed as the itchiness at my throat increased to a slight burn.

“Well I suppose you’re right. Let’s see what Aro put in the mini-fridge for us. He said he put something in there because the humans are roaming the trails in the forest. Hmm… let’s see there’s mountain lion, bear, elk and lynx. So which one?”, Edward said.

“Umm… well mountain lions are good, bears are okay…elk are not so much but I’ve never had lynx before. Umm…I’ll try lynx.”, I said with curiosity. Edward poured me a glass of it. I sipped slowly at first but ended up gulping it down. I smiled, “I think I found a favorite.” Edward smiled and was about to say something but Alice burst into the room.

“Bella we’re going shopping! And don’t even try to refuse because you know you’ll end up coming anyway.”, Alice chirped in her sing-songy voice. I sighed and followed her through downtown Volterra. We went through store after store the men acting as shopping carts. Then we bought 8 extra suitcases. I still wasn’t sure if we would have enough room. Though thankfully after a last minute stop in a small maternity store Alice said I could go back. So Edward and I went back. Once again I flopped down on the bed exhausted. Edward lay down beside me and started rubbing my belly.

“Edward?”, I asked.

“Hmm?”, he mumbled he had been singing a new lullaby (made for them) to the babies.

“Can you hear the babies thoughts?”, I asked.

“Well, yes. Why?”, he asked me interested now.

“Um…what are they thinking?”, I was very curious.

“Well, the one that looks like Alice is very curious as to what’s outside of the big red blob he’s in. The one that looks like Rosalie is wondering if and when she’ll ever get out of there. The one that looks like you was thinking how hard it must be to carry all four of them and the one that looks like me is wondering what I was just humming. She’s interested in music.”, he laughed a little.

“Just like her dad.”, I whispered stroking Edward’s face, “Is there anything else?”

“Well they all have this underlying, subconscious adoration and love for you.”, he whispered. I was about to respond but someone knocked on the door. It was Carlisle. We had a few minutes to get to the feeding room. Everybody was there. I quickly changed into a nicer shirt and pulled Edward out the door with me.

We had got into the feeding room when I almost fell but Edward caught me. He looked at me concerned but I just shrugged it off. It was just a lot of powers to absorb at once. Aro introduced me quickly.

“Um…hi. I’m Bella as you all might have guessed. Um…do you guys have any questions?”, I asked nervously. At first no one said anything but then someone in the back raised their hand. “Yes?”, I asked.

“Well, we all heard you fall out there. Why should we trust a vampire who can barely stand on her own two feet?”, he asked a smirk in his voice. There were a few murmured agreements before I started to talk.

“Because I could kill you with a flick of my wrist if I wanted to.”, I said menacingly. I could tell he was going to be trouble.

“Prove it.”, he said challengingly,” I’m not scared of you.” I only smiled in response thinking “Oh, aren‘t you?”. Then I moved my hand and cut off his sense of smell. He only looked slightly alarmed. I then cut off his sense of feeling. He couldn’t feel a thing. To him it was like he was floating space. Then I cut off his sight. “What did you do to me?”, he asked terrified.

“With one more flick of my wrist I can cut off your hearing and then slowly and painfully kill you. Are you afraid now?”, I asked venom in my voice glaring at him. He nodded. I gave him back all his senses, ”Anyone else?” No one said anything. They just looked at me warily not moving a muscle as if afraid that moving would make me angry at them, “Good” and then I walked away.

“Sorry about him. That was Alasdair. He’s quite a bit of a trouble maker.” I only waved off Aro’s comment and once again flopped down on the bed. This was completely exhausting. No wonder Aro, Marcus and Caius looked like they were a billion years old(Which they probably were).