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The Impossible

50 years in the future Bella and Edward are happily married and Bella is a vampire, but then Bella finds out she's pregnant. Now what will happen?

Okay this is my first fan fiction. Please go easy on me. Some constructive criticism might be nice though. Thanx hope you enjoy it!!!

6. Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Alice’s POV

I sighed….life was great. First I’m a vampire and get to live forever then I find my soul mate….and now I get a kid! I smiled.

“What are you smiling about darlin’ ?” asked Jasper.

“Oh nothing Jasper….just thinking how wonderful my life is with you in it…and soon the baby…but mostly you…” I grinned. He grinned back.

“My life with you….has been amazing so far…I can’t wait to see how much better it’s going to get.” Jasper looked at me and I could see love in his eyes.

“You’re the best most wonderful husband I could ever ask for.”

“It’s my job…and I love it.”

“Jazzy I love you…now….and forever.”, I smiled.

“I’ll always love you too darlin’…” I smiled as Jasper the love of my existence leaned forward and kissed me.

Rosalie’s POV

“Emmett?”, I asked.

“Yeah babe?”, he paused the video game he was playing and turned to me.

“Um… you know how now we’re getting a child to take care of and now my dream’s come true?”

“Uh…yeah…what about it?” Emmett asked turning his whole body to me now and stroking my leg softly.

“Well whenever I would daydream about it and hope for it…well I always wanted us to celebrate…”, I said as I ducked my head out of embarrassment.

“You want us to celebrate?”, Emmett asked pulling my face up to meet his. He kissed me softly then spoke again “You don’t have to be embarrassed, I wanted to celebrate too. You can just ask me. You can ask me anything I won’t ever laugh at you. I love you too much.” I smiled in response. “You know that right?” I nodded.

“Yeah…I guess that’s one reason why I love you too.” I bit my lip and kissed him again. “Now about that celebration. Why don’t we take Alice and Jasper and Bella and Edward…it will also give Carlisle and Esme some alone time…”

“You are the best wife ever! I‘m glad you‘re finally getting along with Bella.”, Emmett said swinging me around hugging me.

“Well she is my sister and besides she is helping me fulfill my existence long dream. What else can I say…..I always loved her deep inside.”

“I knew it!” Emmett laughed.

“I love you.” we said simultaneously.

Bella’s POV

I listened quietly to the music as I read. Edward was sitting a few feet away at the piano writing the song for the babies. I loved it already. “Oh!”, I exclaimed as I felt a small nudge in my stomach. Edward was at my side the moment I made a sound.

“What is it love?” he asked alarmed.

“A baby kicked.” I said softly “I think he or she liked the music.”

“Where?” Edward asked

“Right here.” I said putting his hand on the right side of my stomach. The baby kicked again. “I think that’s your cue to keep playing.” I giggled.

“It seems so…” Edward smiled at me. I kissed him lightly. The baby kicked again except this time another baby kicked too.

“Get going and play before all four of them ambush me.” I said as I playfully shoved him in the direction of the piano.

“I love you…” Edward said as he kissed me again.

Esme’s POV

I hummed quietly to myself as I worked. While we were in Volterra I got a construction crew to add four new rooms to the house. All on the third floor where there was some unused space. I was currently painting the room of the girl that looked like Edward. This one was the last one. All we had to do was move furniture into them. The first three of them were easy to pick. The babies were very smart as far as infants go and already knew what they liked besides this girl.

The girl like Rosalie had wanted faeries. So I painted it a light pink with faeries all over the walls and excerpts from faerie poems and faeries stories and books. All the accents were gold and a darker pink.

The boy that looked like Alice already knew that he liked animals. His room was oddly painted. One wall was a light green and another an ice blue. Another wall was a deep sea blue and the last wall was a sandy color. The ocean was on the sea blue colored wall and on the ice blue one there were penguins and polar bears and other arctic creatures. On the green wall there were a mass of insects and animals of the forest. The sand colored wall held lions and hyenas and other animals of the Savannah.

The boy that looked like Bella had known what he wanted from the start. He liked traveling. He wanted to see the world, but since he was still too young to actually do that I wanted to let him do it in the safety and comfort of his own home. He had a sea at sunset and Paris at night (complete with the Eiffel tower). When he turned off the light the lights in Paris came on. So it glowed in the dark. Another wall held the seven wonders of the world and the last wall held us…a picture of his family. So no matter how far away he went he knew he could always come home.

I smiled as I felt Carlisle wrap his arms around me.

“It looks amazing.”

“Thank you but I don’t know what to do with the last girl’s room.”

“Edward said she liked music.”

“Yes…yes I think I‘ll do that….hmmm….red and black are the perfect colors…music notes on the walls. Oh Carlisle you truly are perfect.”

“Far from it my dear. But I have you…maybe you’re starting to rub off on me.”

He smiled and kissed me. “The children are going out to celebrate. It was Rosalie’s idea to go…it was even her idea to invite Alice and Jasper and Bella and Edward.”

“These children are bringing us all together aren’t they?”

“Yes I believe they are…now that the children are going out to celebrate……maybe we should celebrate too. Maybe a week at Isle Esme. Just for us.”

“Of course but after I finish this child’s room.”

“Whatever you wish.”

“I love you Carlisle…I don’t know how I ever lived without you.”

“I never did truly live before I met you…”

“You know exactly what to say to make a woman fall in love with you…”

“Yes but you’re the only woman I’ll ever love.”