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The Impossible

50 years in the future Bella and Edward are happily married and Bella is a vampire, but then Bella finds out she's pregnant. Now what will happen?

Okay this is my first fan fiction. Please go easy on me. Some constructive criticism might be nice though. Thanx hope you enjoy it!!!

7. Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Bella's POV

Rosalie had came in earlier saying she and Emmett were going to celebrate and we could join them if we wanted. Edward and I naturally complied. Mostly because it would be good to let Carlisle and Esme have some alone time and also because maybe I would get to bond with Rosalie. According to Edward, Rosalie had known down deep inside that she loved me all along. Alice and Jasper agreed to the celebration right away. I had no idea where we were going so originally I had put on just jeans and a nice shirt. But Alice was having none of that. After much hemming and hawing and looking into the future she finally decided on what I am wearing now. It's a dark blue dress that comes to about my knees. It had a V-neck and was the exact shade of blue that Edward liked on me. The straps start wide and thinned out a bit. The chest area was tight but loose. Then right under my bust-line the waist/hip area was extremely tight and bunched up. Right below, the bottom flared out and was slightly poofed up and bouncy almost. I loved it, it was elegant and beautiful and me. Alice said it was my style because it reminded her of me. Simple, which I pouted at, yet beautiful, elegant and something that Edward would love. Alice had to let a little bit of the bunched up waist area out though. Because of my stomach and me being pregnant and all. Alice paired it with black strappy sandals that had a small silvery jewel on it. Black and silver earrings to match. And finally my necklace which was the Cullen crest on a black chain. The perfect length( not a choker like Alice's) and not overpowering (like Rosalie's HUGE pendant.). I met Rosalie in the hall a minute later after Alice had run off to get dressed herself. Rosalie's dress was amazing. Hers was also knee-length and it was red (her signature color).It was an A-line V-neck cocktail dress. The top hugged her bust and pronounced it even more so than her usual clothes. Right under it the dress was flowy and poofy but not nearly as poofy as mine. She was wearing her Cullen Crest necklace and had black accessories. She had the same shoes as me. Bothe of our pairs were about 4 inches high. Then as we appraised one another's attire Alice came bounding out of her room in a black dress(also a signature color, which makes me guess mine is dark blue). Alice's dress was also A-line and you guessed it V-neck. Hers was slightly poofy but not as much as Rosalie's. It was bunched in the middle like mine and was similar but definitely not the same. All of our dresses were almost the same but not. And then I looked at her feet and yep again the same shoes and same accessories.

"Alice what's with the whole matchy-matchy outfits?", I asked.

"Well," Alice sighed "there was a sale for the shoes. The Cullen's Crest necklaces you don't even have to ask. The dresses were all sitting there in the shop window and only ones of their kind and I saw that we looked amazing in them and besides it goes with out location tonight.

"Earrings Alice?", Rosalie said pointing to her ears with one hand on her hip.

"Well...I just thought since everything else was matching...why not earrings?"

I burst out laughing at her explanation. I should have suspected as much. Alice was about to ask me why I was laughing but the boys had shown up. They all bowed simultaneously and took out hands and we all got into different cars. None of us knew where we were going...well Alice had a vague idea but that's it. She said something to do with water. But what was awaiting us was not what we expected. It had only been about an hour since Rose invited us to the celebration but already the boys had booked us a yacht and had bottles of wine (A.K.A. Cougar blood) waiting for us.


"Yes love?", Edward asked turning to me.

"It's...it's...perfect.", I breathed almost to breathless to say anything. Edward smiled.

"I'm glad you like it." I smiled up at him and kissed him passionately. His lips moved with mine for a minute until I could bear it almost no longer. If we had kept kissing I would have had no problem jumping Edward right there on the dock. Emmett and Rosalie were pretty much there. We were lucky they were still clothed. Jasper and Alice had shared a short passionate kiss and were embracing the other in silence. I coughed at Rosalie and Emmett and Emmett didn't move. Rosalie tried to pull away but Emmett wouldn't let her. Finally she slapped him and he reluctantly pulled away. They got up and I tapped Alice's shoulder. She and Jasper had been slightly swaying.

We all got into the boat proceeded to drink the "wine" and cruised around the bay. Eventually after a short dance session we were all sitting down talking when a silence enveloped us. Rosalie seemed to think about something for a second then started to talk.

"Have you guys thought of any names? For the babies?"

I looked to Edward. In fact we had. We had had a heated discussion about names just the other day.

"Alice and I have decided.", Jasper said grinning at Alice.

"Yeah. It took a while to agree but we both love this name for our boy: Isaiah Miles Hale." There was a chorus of agreement between all of us.

"I'll say our next." Rosalie said, " It was a tough choice but Emmett and I decided on: Alaina Lee Cullen." Alice and I agreed it was a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

"I'll say our boy's name. ", I said "This boy better like his name because Edward almost spent the night on the couch because of it. His name is : Raleigh Wyatt Cullen."

"Oh wow.", Alice said.

"Wonderful.", said Rosalie and the men were congratulating Edward. It was a good name.

"Our girl's name was even harder to choose.", said Edward, " I once again almost spent the night on the couch because of it . Our girl's name is: Arianna Kylie Cullen." Everyone liked that name a lot. The rest of the night was relaxing and it was after midnight before we got home. I was in mine and Edward's bathroom and had just taken off my dress and put on my favorite maternity pyjamas and screamed.

"Bella! What‘s wrong?!?!" , Alice called.

"ALICE!! I THINK MY WATER JUST BROKE!!!", I called back as I realized it was time.