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The Impossible

50 years in the future Bella and Edward are happily married and Bella is a vampire, but then Bella finds out she's pregnant. Now what will happen?

Okay this is my first fan fiction. Please go easy on me. Some constructive criticism might be nice though. Thanx hope you enjoy it!!!

8. Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Alice burst in to my room as did Carlisle, Edward and Rosalie.

“It…it’s time.”, I whispered.

“Already?”, asked Carlisle, “It’s only been 3 months.”

“I know but my water...er venom broke and I can feel it and any minute now I’m going to start having contractions! Are you going to deliver these babies or not?” I asked huffily…I had actually already had at least one contraction. Carlisle quickly led me to the room we had prepared for the birth. It actually went smoothly.

The first born was the boy that looked like me, Raleigh Wyatt Cullen. He was impatient like me. Next was the girl that looked like Rosalie, Alaina Lee Cullen. She was headstrong and also impatient like Rosalie. Next was the boy that looked like Alice, he seemed to be too hyper to stay inside me for too long, (especially when he had the chance to get out.) Isaiah Miles Hale. Lastly was the girl who looked like Edward, Arianna Kylie Cullen, she seemed calm and cool like her father.

They were all beautiful and their names were made official with the help of birth certificates. They were all carried to their own nurseries.

Oh yeah Esme forgot to mention to us that all of their rooms were connected. All of us, the whole family, went around and realized how wonderful life was with them in it. We had a family meeting after that.

“What will the babies drink do you think?”, asked Emmett.

“Well…no one can be sure but I would guess…blood.”, answered Carlisle.

“No.”, I disagreed.

“No?”, asked Edward, “Why no?”

“Straight blood would be too harsh for the babies’ stomachs. At least when they were inside me it was diluted a little.”

“Yeah I think Bella’s right.”, Rosalie agreed.

“I know she’s right.”, Alice laughed tapping her temple.

“Well if we can’t give the babies straight blood then what are we going to give them?”, asked Esme quietly.

“Blood and-”, I was cut off by Emmett.

“Chocolate?”, he grinned.

“Rose slap him please.”, Alice said but it had already been done.

“As I was saying before Emmett so rudely interrupted, we will give them a mix of blood and milk.”, I said matter of factly.

“Well we can try it.”, Carlisle said.

“And now’s our chance.”, said Alice about 10 seconds before we heard a baby cry. It turned out that all the babies ended up waking up. All were hungry. We mixed the store bought milk and freshly hunted animal blood in a bottle for each baby. It was warmed up and fed to them. They loved it.

“How did you know?”, asked Carlisle as us “children” sat down on the couch after the babies were finished eating...er, drinking.

“Maternal instinct?”, I suggested shrugging.

“That’s one hell of an instinct then Bella!”, Emmett said laughing loudly. Rosalie slapped Emmett again. He gave her a What did I do now? look. She looked at him disbelieving look and when he didn’t do anything she got angry.

“Children. Upstairs.”, she pointed to the ceiling, “Sleeping?”, she glared at him all the while gesturing. He smiled sheepishly and apologized quietly.

“So about that “instinct” Bella…”, Carlisle started as he put quotes around “instinct” in the air.

“Oh please don’t tell me I have another power? Who could I have absorbed it from? I know when I get a power. I can feel it, but I didn’t feel it this time.”, I complained a little.

“Well Bella…maybe you absorbed it from someone who has the power…just the power isn’t strong enough to make itself known.”, Jasper suggested. We were all quiet for a minute when I thought about who it could possibly be.

“Rosalie.”, I whispered looking at her. Realization dawned on everyone else’s faces too. We all looked at her.

“You mean…I-I have a power?”, she asked looking beyond happy.

“Yes I think so. Rosalie…have you had any…maternal feelings lately?”, that was Carlisle.

“Well besides the fact that I now have a daughter no-…actually yes I have! When Bella suggested the mixture of milk and blood…something inside me just told me it was right. And….now for instance. We can all hear the babies stirring? They will wake up…”, she paused and just as we heard the first whimper Rosalie said, “now.” We stared at Rosalie for a second and then were brought back to reality as we heard a second baby cry. After we had got the babies settled down again Rosalie turned to me. “Bella…what powers do you have?”

“Well lets see, do you want them all or the physical stuff or just the mental stuff?”

“Bella its all mental!”, Emmett laughed at his own joke I just shook my head.

“The mental.”, Rosalie replied completely ignoring Emmett.

“Well reading minds, shield, control over the mind, the one where I can access all your memories, the one where I can erase all your memories, the one where I can absorb people’s powers, the one that is exactly like Jane and Alec’s powers, oh there’s so many more let me think.”, I paused and closed my eyes thinking and what Rosalie was getting at suddenly came to mind. My eyes flew open in response, “OH! The power where I can enhance the abilities someone has! Rosalie you are a genius!”, I exclaimed. I stood up and started jumping around and smiling in happiness. I frowned at a sudden thought I had and I stopped jumping.

“What is it love?”, Edward asked touching my arm gently.

“I just did what Alice would do…” I frowned deeper at the disturbing thought.

“And that’s a bad thing?”, she asked putting her hands on her hips.

“Yes!”, I nodded matter-of-factly.

“Anyways Bella weren’t you going to enhance Rosalie’s powers?”, Alice asked.

“Yeah, I’d love to if I knew how! Why am I gifted with so many powers yet only know how to use half of them?”, my voice was muffled by the couch cushion I had just pushed my face into.

“Okay Bella I don’t really think it would be that hard. Just grasp onto it like you were going to use it and see what happens. You should know how to use it. Just try it.”, Carlisle said.

“Okay.”, I sighed and closed my eyes feeling around for the power. The usual powers I used reached out toward me but I dodged them. I had to travel deep inside my mind. Into a dark corner where those powers I never used were hidden. I reached out for it, grabbed it and opened my eyes suddenly knowing how to do it. “Okay”, I said again, “Let’s go outside”, I resisted the urge to add this could get messy because I didn’t want to frighten everyone. “Rosalie stand there in front of that tree.”, I pointed to a tree that was about 20 feet away from the front door where I was standing. She looked slightly afraid as she walked over. Rosalie stood there for a second, ran over to Emmett gave him a quick yet passionate kiss then ran back to her spot.

“Okay I’m ready.”, she said as she took a stance and closed her eyes. I outstretched my arms with my hands out palms towards Rosalie. I clenched my eyes shut. I took a deep breath and pushed the enhancing power out of my hands towards Rosalie. I heard her take a deep breath and hold it in. I felt that the power that I used was no longer needed and as I ,with my eyes still clenched shut, lowered my hands I heard gasps. I opened my eyes to see Rosalie crumpled on the ground. Had she fainted from it…or God no…please don’t tell me I killed her! We all ran over to Rosalie although Emmett got there first.

“Rose?”, he shook her shoulder softly ,”Hey Rose? Babe? Babe, you have to wake up.” Emmett was quietly dry sobbing. It didn’t seem as if she was going to. And then something happened that surprised us all.

“MOMMA!!!!”, we heard come through the upstairs window. It was Alaina. She had screamed for Rosalie. We were all shocked. And we even more shocked when Alaina who now looked like she was about 6 months old jumped out of the fourth story window and landed perfectly.

“Hey ‘Laina wait for us! She’s our Auntie too!”, we heard as Isaiah followed suit and soon we saw Arianna and Raleigh also jumping out of their windows and landing perfectly. All four of them came running over.

“It’s okay Daddy. This is what we were meant to do.”, said Arianna to Edward.

“Mommy we’ll fix Auntie Rosie for you. We know how much you love her.”, Isaiah smiled at Alice.

“Don’t worry Momma, like Arianna said it’s what we meant to do.”, Raleigh said to me putting a comforting hand on my knee.

“Daddy?”, Alaina asked Emmett.

“Yes Baby?”

“I’m not the only one left. You didn’t lose Momma forever. We’ll bring her back Daddy. She loves us too much to be able to leave this world.”, Alaina explained that and gave Emmett a big hug, “Oh yeah, by the way I read that in your mind.”, she smiled at him again as they turned to Rosalie. The four of them straightened her out. “Auntie Bella I almost forgot we need you too. Go to her head kneel down and put your hands on either side of her head. Please. Arianna you take her left arm and I’ll take her right. You boys take her legs. No we each know our word right?”, the other three nodded at her while I took my place at the head.

“Um…Alaina? I don’t know what I’m supposed to say.”, I was a bit confused.

“Yes you do.”, she said simply and all of a sudden I knew what I was supposed to say. Alaina motioned for me to start. This is what I said:

Save this woman

Save her heart

We can’t go on for eternity

Without her as a part

Save this woman

And save her soul

We need her

Or her death will take its toll

We need you to save her

We told you how

We need you to save her

And we need you to save her now!

I kept repeating that over and over while the girls repeated this:

She needs her arms to hug and hold

To comfort when we are afraid or cold

She’ll need them day or night

She needs them to work, and to work right!

They repeated that over and over while the boys repeated this:

She needs her legs to hunt and walk

Just as her mouth helps her talk

She’ll need them either day or night

And she’ll need them to work and work right!

After about five minutes we felt a jolt, or at least I did. I opened my eyes and saw Rosalie’s eyelids fluttering. The chanting had stopped and Rosalie opened her eyes fully.