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A Shadow of the Midnight Sun

My take on Midnight Sun after reading Stephenie's first chapter...begining with the return from Alaska Chapter 15 posted!---- NEXT CHAPTER...PORT ANGELAS ---- Just a note: This story is getting increasingly difficult, but I will try to update regularly...Edward is just so complicated!

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me in any way, shape or form. They are Stephenie Meyer’s fantastic creations and I am only writing this for entertainment purposes, my own and yours if someone else is reading this. In addition, if there is any dialogue Bella is in earshot of, or involved in, it is all Mrs. Meyer’s genius and some of the internal dialogue may be taken from words that Edward will later say or paraphrase to Bella or another character.

14. More Time

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More Time

I planned to attend Spanish class, so I made my way to my car, thinking I could recover from this harrowing lunch period. I knew I would need to be ready for the fight that was sure to come after Rosalie got a hold of me so I began to mentally prepare. I put on some classical music, one of my favorites, listening closely to the melody I knew so well, letting it calm me. It occurred to me that another melody had been in my head since the last evening, I knew it was something new, and I knew exactly what was inspiring it. I would have to think on it more later, now I just wanted to relax.

Oh god, Bella! Should I try to carry her…Bella? I had left her only minutes ago. What could have happened? Did something go wrong in Biology? Had Newton done something to hurt her? If he had, it would be the last thing he did. I was moving quickly to his voice, if only I could hear her thoughts I would know she was okay. Why did I have to leave her? What could have happened that Mike would need to carry her? My mind was racing for the seconds it took me to find them, Bella with her head against the sidewalk and a worried Mike Newton pacing in front of her. I stopped at the far end of the building and then I smelled it. Fresh blood. I readied myself to flee but realized before I could that it was not her blood. The thirst was controllable, it couldn’t be hers, the blood in her veins taunted me while it flowed through her body, this exposed blood was of no consequence to me in the small amount that I could detect. I was confident it was not hers.

“Bella?” I called, still at the edge of the building. There was no response. What could have happened? Was she hurt? I would have to keep a close eye on her from here on out. “What’s wrong – is she hurt?” I asked the boy when I had made the long walk to them at a normal pace. What is he doing here? I can take care of this Cullen, go away! As if I would leave her! Stupid wretched child.

He still did not know how he was going totake care of her and now he was angry that I was butting in. It didn’t matter to me what he felt, I wanted to be sure she was okay. “I think she fainted. I don’t know what happened, she didn’t even stick her finger,” he said, still trying to decide what he needed to do.

Getting close to her now, relieved she was okay and that my senses were correct and she was not bleeding, “Bella, can you hear me?” She did not look well, she had less color than normal, the pink blush that I had enjoyed was no where in sight. She could have been one of us.

I heard her heartbeat quicken as I spoke. She was embarrassed; I could hear it in her voice when she answered, “No. Go Away.” I couldn’t help but laugh. She had fainted at the site of blood. How poetic.

I have to take care of this before he does…Mike’s thoughts were frantic. He was jealous. I knew how he felt. But it didn’t make any difference really; she was still mine even if I couldn’t have her. He explained that he was taking her to the nurse when she stopped and would not go. “I’ll take her,” I said, knowing he would never be able to force her. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t give her a choice. “You can go back to class,” I told him smugly.

The hatred for me in his thoughts was amusing. “No, I’m supposed to do it,” he pressed.

I scooped the beautiful creature into my arms. She protested but I had already begun making my way towards the nurse’s office, Newton making a small effort to stop me. I looked at her closely as we walked, unable to wipe the amusement of the situation from my face. She was so pale, “You look awful.”

I was holding her. It was too easy. It would be too easy to just carry her away, and then there would be no more temptation. Her scent was infiltrating my other senses, I had to focus. I was careful to hold her away from my body. I felt her warmth in my arms, I wanted to pull her closer, but too much contact would only make matters worse.

“Put me back on the sidewalk,” she whimpered. I paid her no mind. Not only because I was going to force her to go to the nurse’s office, where I was sure she would not go on her own, but also I was enjoying this.

“So you faint at the sight of blood?” the sheer hilarity of it all was becoming too much to handle. “And not even your own blood?” I mused. I wouldn’t be able to handle the sight – smell – of her blood either, but there would much bigger consequences than a little fainting…

Ugh. What am I doing? I am a monster that thinks of little more than blood and she is a mortal who cannot even stand the sight of blood, yet even now, I feel like she belongs to me. I need her. The foolishness of it all! I knew the rational being I once was, not too long ago, before her, was still alive somewhere. I could feel it fighting to get through more and more, but something else – desire, and one not only for her blood – was eclipsing its every effort. What is wrong with me?

“Oh my!” Ms. Cope watched in awe as I brought Bella through the door. Lucky girl, she thought before even registering something might be wrong. She was immediately ashamed at her thought and truly concerned about the state the student was in.

I hurried to explain, “She fainted in Biology.” I swept past the receptionist who was opening the Nurse’s door. He holds her so gently and effortlessly, like the cover from a romance novel. Get a grip. He’s a student!

The nurse was just as surprised by our entrance as Ms. Cope, but her thoughts were only on Bella’s state. “She’s just a little faint, they’re blood typing in Biology,” I wanted to ease the small nurse’s mind as I placed Bella onto the bed. I moved across the room in order to remove myself from her always intoxicating smell. I knew it was something I could handle for the moment but I didn’t see why I should keep her in constant danger when not necessary. When was it ever necessary? Why couldn’t I just walk away? I could leave right now. At least leave her here with the nurse…or not.

I told him he should not do that anymore. Every semester! I should talk to the principal. “There’s always one.” She said after her internal tirade.

I tried to stifle the chuckle that came in response to her statement. I knew I had done it again. I had purposely brought her here because she protested. Why did I feel the need to torment her? I was not a grade school boy who teases someone because he likes her, that is not who I am…well, it is not who I was. She brought something out in me. More that I would have to reflect on at a later time. So many things to think about that all revolved around her. Nothing made sense anymore.

“Just lie down for a minute, honey; it’ll pass,” the nurse looked at her with pity in her eyes.

Bella sighed, “I know,” as she laid her head back on the small cot closing her eyes.

She heard something in the reply and chuckled to herself, “Does this happen a lot?”

“Sometimes,” she admitted. Poor thing. So sensitive. I had to force a cough to hide my laughter.

This reminded the nurse that I was in the room, “you can go back to class now.” …very handsome young man and so considerate.

“I’m supposed to stay with her,” I told her. Very sweet, he wants to make sure his girlfriend is okay, I guess it doesn’t hurt anything. My girlfriend…how very wrong she was. But, of course, part of me liked the thought.

When the nurse left the room to retrieve an ice pack for her, Bella whispered, still sounding weak, “You were right.”

This surprised me, had the stubborn girl just admitted that something I had said was right? I had to know which piece of information I had given her that was relevant to this moment, what she was conceding to. “I usually am – but about what in particular this time?”

She seemed to be working to breathe normally, “Ditching is healthy.”

I wished in that moment I had persuaded her to stay with me after lunch. I wish I had been able to prevent this, but how could I have foreseen it? I suppose Alice may have been able to tell me, but why would I have asked? But she was fine, so why am I still worried about it? No real lasting harm came to her.

I thought back to minutes before, sitting in my car, my mind completely enveloped by thoughts of her and the panic that I felt when I had heard the boys mind. The sheer terror that struck me the moment I thought something had run afoul. When had I ever been so prone to panic, to worry? I was in control of these things, nothing shook me, I was not a boy, I was a century old immortal and had left those types of reactions behind. But now, a silly human had begun to awaken something in me, made me act human…and as much as I didn’t like it, I couldn’t deny it anymore. I divulged my weakness to her aloud, the shame almost saturated my voice, “You scared me for a minute there, I thought Newton was dragging your dead body off to bury in the woods.”

“Ha ha,” she thought I was kidding.

I shook my head. I wished I were; it would make more sense. “Honestly – I’ve seen corpses with better color. I was concerned I might have to avenge your murder.” She is fine. I kept repeating it in my head, rational or not. I cared.

“Poor Mike. I bet he’s mad,” was her only response.

I chuckled as I thought about the tirade about me swooping in like Batman to save the day, ruining everything. The curses he was throwing at me, “He absolutely loathes me.”

“You can’t know that,” she argued.

Damn, always talking out loud when I shouldn’t with her. But if she had seen the anger in his eyes she would know the truth too, it wasn’t like he hid it. “I saw it in his face – I could tell.” Not a lie.

She questioned me about finding them. “I was in my car, listening to a CD,” and thinking about you. It was enough of an explanation, never mind I could not see them from the lot, only hear him.

She seemed to be feeling better as the nurse placed the ice pack on her forehead. Ms. Cope came into the room suddenly, announcing the arrival of another patient. Bella moved from the cot quickly beside me to make room for the incoming student and then I smelled it again, the small amount of fresh blood. Nothing about it appealed to me, I just knew I needed to get Bella out of the room quickly; I did not want her to faint again so soon. “Oh no, go out to the office,” I whispered quickly. She looked at me in confusion, “Trust me – go.” And to my surprise, she went.

“You actually listened to me,” I couldn’t keep the astonishment from my voice.

She wrinkled her nose, as if she could smell something bad, “I smelled the blood.”

Smelled? “People can’t smell blood.” Vampires, yes; People, no, this much I knew.

“Well, I can – that’s what makes me sick. It smells like rust…and salt,” her face told me that she was thinking about it, her cheeks flushed. She had never clarified that it was the sight of blood. It was the smell? She could smell blood. But for her, it was disgust and revulsion that she received from it, not thirst and hunger. The irony of it all was becoming more and more bizarre. How was it that a girl with such odd traits would become the object of, someone like me, a blood lusting monster’s desire? Fate really had it in for her.

“What?” she asked me when I said nothing more.

I shook myself out of my head and dismissed it. “Nothing.”

Newton came into the room then, apparently delivering the latest victim from blood typing. He shot me a glare that would put fear into anyone else. “You look better,” he told her in a reproving voice. So now she is just hanging out with him in the office? Stupid Cullen. I hate him! I could have taken care of her, always freaking jumping in to be the hero. Dammit! I liked her first. I wished I could just let him have her, let him like her, but she was mine and I couldn’t let it happen. She deserved more than him. She deserved more than me too I knew. This irritating, stubborn, selfless…beautiful girl.

“So are you going this weekend?” I heard him ask. I began listening to their conversation again; my interest peaked about their plans. Were they going on a date? How had I missed that, I didn’t think she was interested in him. “To the beach?” he finished. Oh yes, I remembered something in many of our classmates thoughts about the beach. I remembered the anger that had flared when Newton had thought about Bella and him at the beach not too long ago. I was still trying to ignore her, but I remembered the hatred had bubbled up even then when he pictured kissing her while they sat on some beach. But I also knew that it wasn’t just the two of them, it was a group activity.

“We’re meeting at my dad’s store at then.” Don’t even think about it Cullen. I smirked at his nonverbal threat that he had tried to convey with a glare.

“I’ll be there,” her tone was not happy, I wondered if he could tell.

At least I will have a chance there, as long as he isn’t there…he better not show up. “I’ll see you in gym, then,” he was leaving the office, still hopeful she would call him back and want to talk to him.

“See you,” she said as he walked out of the small building. He was disappointed that she was not going to bound after him when she saw how hurt he was. I almost felt sorry for the guy. Almost.

“Gym,” she murmured unhappily.

Now she didn’t want to go to class! “I can take care of that.” And I can get some more time with her. I scolded myself for the thrill these silly ideas brought me. Being the last person to be seen with her, I just continued to make things dangerous for us. “Go sit down and look pale.” She once again listened to my instruction, she must really hate gym.

“Ms. Cope?” I brought her attention to me. Too young, too young, she chanted in her mind.


I explained to her that Bella had gym next hour and I did not believe that she was up to it, so I was offering to take her home, I used my most alluring voice, it was easy, like luring prey to slaughter. “Do you need to be excused, too, Edward?” I laughed to myself, she was very easy, good thing that all I wanted was permission. Beautiful and thoughtful, lucky girl to get his attention...All of these people were very mistaken. Bella was a very unfortunate girl to have my attention. I told her that I was fine without an excuse. She flipped through some paperwork, making notes and then leaned around and spoke to Bella, who was sitting in the small orange chair looking like she might slip out of consciousness any moment. “Okay, it’s all taken care of. You feel better Bella.” How could she not…

With that I turned to Bella with a smile on my face, “Can you walk, or do you want me to carry you again?” I teased.

Her voice was cold, teasing her was enjoyable, “I’ll walk.”

I am sure the amusement was written on my face because she scowled at me as we walked out into the rain. “Thanks, it was almost worth getting sick to miss Gym,” she said a small smile on her face. I believed that was the first real thank you I had received from her, I knew that was partially my fault, but still it was nice.

I stood outside the office with her, the rain steadily falling on us, the moisture making her scent intensify slightly. I stared straight ahead, trying to fight the need for her blood building in my system. It seemed odd that it was so strong here in the open, but I had been preoccupied before, it was just her and I now and it knew it. “Anytime.”

We were walking toward the parking lot now; I was still focusing ahead, trying to squash the craving. “So are you going? This Saturday, I mean?” she asked with what sounded like hope in her voice. Me, with the other students, a group outing? Was she kidding? She had to see how the others reacted to me and my family. I knew she was very observant; she had to have seen we were not exactly included in the high school crowd. It had to be hope.

“Where are all you going, exactly?” I had a feeling I knew, but wanted to be sure.

“Down to La Push, to First Beach,” that sealed the deal, I definitely could not go.

La Push was off limits; the ridiculous treaty. “I really don’t think I was invited,” I said, giving her a small smile of regret. I did regret that I could not go, to think of the trouble she could get into at a beach by herself.

“I just invited you,” she said slightly exasperated. She was asking me to go with her. This made my heart jump. But alas, I knew I could not go, not even if she begged, I doubt Carlisle would approve of me starting a war with the Quileutes over a trip to a beach.

“Let’s you and I not push poor Mike any further this week. We don’t want him to snap,” this actually could be marked up as another reason to go with them on Saturday, but I knew better. It was just very entertaining for me to hear the threats in his mind that he would never dare to speak, the jealousy was quite funny from this side, especially when I knew that it made no difference, she was with me. No, I would not think that, I still had to convince her to not be with me, she was not mine, no matter what I wanted. I would keep trying to convince myself of that. Trying.

“Mike-schmike,” she said. She made this conviction I was trying to build very difficult when she gave hints of wanting me in the same way I wanted her. But I would continue to remind myself of the other part of me, the monster; it wanted her too and it wouldn’t be pleasant when it finally gets its way if I kept this up.

As we made it to the parking lot she began to leave my side, I assumed heading toward her truck. I grabbed her jacket and pulled her back to me. “Where do you think you are going?” Did she seriously think after her incident I was letting her drive herself? I may have been amused by the whole thing, but it didn’t change the fact she had just fainted. And with her track record…she would never make it.

“I’m going home,” she sounded genuinely confused by my anger.

This stubborn girl was dangerously close to being the most infuriating person I had every met – yet still the most interesting, I had to admit. She wasn’t stupid, I knew she wasn’t, but I was beginning to think she may be very dense. “Didn’t you hear me promise to take you safely home? Do you think I’m going to let you drive in your condition?” I used the word promise for her benefit. I began dragging her towards my car, not bothering to be gentle.

“What condition? And what about my truck?” she argued.

Always arguing, I knew it was too good to be true that she would continue to be agreeable. I had liked it when she listened to me in the office those few times. Besides, was she so eager to leave me so soon? I knew I wasn’t.

“I’ll have Alice drop it off after school,” I told her. Alice would be thrilled about having to drive Bella’s truck, I chuckled to myself.

“Let go!” she complained as I towed her to my car. I stopped in front of the passenger’s side door and contemplated opening it and physically placing her inside the vehicle but instead I just let her go and she fell into the door. “You are so pushy!” she muttered.

“It’s open.” I told her as I made my way around the car. She continued to protest not opening the door. I rolled the window down, leaning over, “Get in, Bella,” I demanded. “I’ll just drag you back,” I told her when she hesitated, looking like she may try to make a dash for it. It might be fun to catch her, my mind mused, though whether it was the depraved monster or the adolescent boy I could not tell.

She gave in and got in the car, still moaning about it being unnecessary for me to take her home. She was angry. I didn’t care. It was still amusing and in reality, I was worried about her. I was determined to protect her, if only from herself this time.

She was very wet from the rain due to her stubborn display outside the car and her scent hit me like an oncoming truck. She was so close, in my car, me and her, all alone. I turned the heater up for her, both so she would not catch a chill and hoping the dry warm air would dull the fragrance.

“Clair de Lune?” she asked, shock clear in her voice.

She was referring to the music that had resumed when I started the car. She listened to classical music? “You know Debussy?” There was so much to know about her, everything new I found out only made me want to know her more. Not even my siblings knew this music, yet they had lived in times when they were much more likely to have heard it.

“Not well, my mother plays a lot of classical music around the house – I only know my favorites.”

“It’s one of my favorites, too.” What were the chances? Here she was, a human girl who I shared interests with and who I wanted desperately. Could it be more than blood? She made me laugh, she made me smile, she made me feel. I didn’t understand why this small similarity, the liking of a single piece of music, between us meant so much to me. I stopped myself again, for what seemed like the hundredth time today. She also made me thirsty, she made me crazy, she was human and it was all very wrong.

I needed to know more about her and her life.

“What is your mother like?” I asked her. She seemed to be close to her, when she spoke of her it was with happiness and love, maybe I could understand her better if I could understand something that makes her happy. I knew she was not happy here, in Forks. I was watching for her reaction to the question, wondering if she would be reticent with her answer.

She looked at me as if trying to understand the context of my question. I only wanted an answer, anything to understand her…

“She looks a lot like me, but she is prettier,” she began. I highly doubted it; I had never seen someone so beautiful as this girl sitting next to me, though I now knew she had no idea. As if explaining why she wasn’t as good of a person as her mother she continued, “I have too much Charlie in me. She’s more outgoing than I am, and braver. She’s irresponsible and slightly eccentric, and she’s a very unpredictable cook. She’s my best friend.”

With every word she said I heard only reverence in her voice. Teenagers didn’t speak about their mothers like this. This was the description an adult gives about a parent once they understand them or walk in their shoes, not of a high school student. What was it about this girl? Everything about her screamed perfect; she was mature, beautiful, and selfless. “How old are you, Bella?” I knew the answer, but needed her to say it; I just couldn’t believe that someone like her was so young.

“I’m seventeen.”

How could she only be seventeen? I was almost one hundred years her senior but sometimes not even I was as mature as she seemed to be. “You don’t seem seventeen,” I told her; still trying to make myself accept it. She began to laugh at something. “What?” I ask, wondering what could be so amusing.

She was still smiling at her thoughts. “My mom always says I was born thirty-five years old and that I get more middle-aged every year.” She seemed resigned as she added, “Well, someone has to be the adult.” I wasn’t sure if I should feel mournful of her lost youth or happy about it. Without the circumstances that made her who she was she would not be here, now, with me. “You don’t seem much like a junior in high school yourself,” she said bringing me from my thoughts.

She had no idea.

“So why did your mother marry Phil?” I asked, changing the subject. I was still trying to understand the relationship between Bella and her mother. It sounded like she was everything to Bella, but yet her mother has chosen someone over her. I couldn’t imagine something being better than this girl. Having her consumed my every thought. Mine and the monster’s, I reminded myself.

She did not answer right away. It was frustrating, with anyone else I would know their honest answer immediately, but with her, I always had to wonder what she was not saying. After a short time she answered, “My mother...she’s very young for her age. I think Phil makes her feel younger. At any rate, she’s crazy about him.” There was an understanding in the answer, no grudges were held, she had just accepted it. But I wondered aloud if she approved of the marriage. With out a thought she shrugged and answered, “Does it matter? I want her to be happy...and he is who she wants.” She never wavered on her altruism; this was the same answer she had given me on that first day. She just wanted every one to be happy no matter what it meant had to happen to her and her happiness.

“That’s very generous,” to say the least, “I wonder...” I held my tongue. I wondered if her mom just wanted her happiness. I wondered if that is where she got it from. I wanted to know if she might approve of me...

“What?” she asked when I did not continue.

I had to answer her when she looked at me. I didn’t want to keep anything from her, “Would she extend the same courtesy to you do you think? No matter who your choice was?” I searched her eyes, trying to find any hint of understanding what I was asking.

Her eyes met mine and she did not answer immediately. When she did answer she sounded off balance, “I think so, but she is the parent, after all. It’s a little different.”

The sound of her voice told me that she may have understood, it sounded like I had scared her. “No one too scary then,” I said to lighten the tension.

It worked, she had a beautiful shy smile on her face, “What do you mean by scary? Multiple facial piercings and extensive tattoos?” She was mocking me.

“That’s one definition, I suppose.” How about a blood thirsty vampire?

The smile was still in place when she asked, “What’s your definition?” This one I would not answer.

Instead I asked another question, something I needed to know. “Do you think I could be scary?” Everyone else thought that we were strange and avoided us because their instincts told them we were scary, but Bella had not reacted this way. But surely there was something in her that screamed at the danger she placed herself in when I was with her.

“Hmm...I think you could be if you wanted to,” at least she saw that much or I had convinced her of that much perhaps.

“Are you frightened of me now?” It suddenly occurred to me that I had forced her into my car, into my presence, forced her to make herself vulnerable to me. This was something I had not wanted to do, I did not want her to be fearful.

“No,” she said, a slight stammer in her voice. She was even too stubborn to admit when she was afraid. I couldn’t keep the smile off of my face when I thought of how strong willed she was, it overpowered every other instinct in her, it could be dangerous, but now it was a rather interesting characteristic.

“So, now are you going to tell me about your family? It’s got to be much more interesting than mine,” she was eager to change the subject.

This made me nervous, but it was only fair since I had asked her such intimate questions of her mother. Our story was complete, there were no holes. I answered her questions, leaving out how long ago my parents had passed and telling her how wonderful my adopted parents were when she asked.

“You’re very lucky,” she told me after I had spoken of Carlisle and Esme.

“I know I am,” I confirmed. They were more than I deserved and guilt swept over me. What was I doing to them now? Because of my selfishness I was putting them in danger. Bella sat with me, alone, the monster was fighting and while I was keeping it at bay, how much longer would the interest I had to know her keep the devil from taking over? And then the wonderful parents that had taken me into their home would be forced to protect me, I didn’t want to be the one who messed our lives up in Forks.

“And your brother and sister?” she asked, jolting me from my lament. I had completely blocked them from my thoughts until she had said this and I glanced at the clock, realizing we had been sitting in the car for sometime now and my siblings would be waiting. I relayed my thoughts to her, reluctantly having to say goodbye.

She looked at me, again I thought I saw a small amount of disappointment in her eyes, “Oh, sorry, I guess you have to go.”

I smiled at her, knowing exactly how she felt if it was disappointment I saw. “And you probably want your truck back before Chief Swan gets home, so you don’t have to tell him about the Biology incident,” I knew she wouldn’t like anyone to worry about her.

“I am sure he’s already heard. There are no secrets in Forks,” she sounded resigned by this fact. I laughed at this, but knew she was right. And everyone would know about my part in the situation as well. I chided myself again for being so careless, what if I had not been able to control it?

I was hunting tomorrow, so I bid her a good weekend, “Have fun at the beach...good weather for sunbathing,” I teased watching the pouring rain, though I knew the weather would be nice courtesy of my resident psychic.

“Won’t I see you tomorrow?” I definitely heard hope in her voice that time.

Elated by this, I thought about canceling my plans but knew that wasn’t an option, I needed to hunt. “No. Emmett and I are starting the weekend early.”

“What are you going to do?” she seemed to be stalling.

“We’re going to be hiking in the Goat Rocks Wilderness, just south of Rainier,” I knew to anyone else that would sound odd, but I didn’t figure her to know the area well enough to know that it would be a dangerous place for humans.

“Oh, well, have fun,” the disappointment under her feigned happiness was once again thrilling. I tried to hide my smile but this day had went entirely too well.

“Will you do something for me this weekend?” I asked, I was serious but knew my request would change her mood. I stared at her, hoping to make her understand my sincere concern, perhaps also trying to break into her mind unsuccessfully again. She nodded. “Don’t be offended,” I knew it was pointless to say it, but I should try. “but you seem to be one of those people who just attract accidents like a magnet. So...” Ah, I figured she would be mad anyway, so I may as well tease her anyway. “try not to fall into the ocean or get run over or anything, all right?” I smiled at her now, not wanting to scare her with the intensity that I felt.

I was correct about the mood. Her eyes were fierce as she pushed the door open. “I’ll see what I can do,” she retorted as she slammed the door as hard as she could and began stomping her way towards the house. I still couldn’t understand the joy I received when I tortured her, but I knew it was very sophomoric. I was acting like Emmett!

I was almost back to the school and I heard the voices of my siblings. They knew what had happened and they knew my part in it as well, and Rosalie was not happy. I waved her threats off, it had been a long day, I wanted some time with my thoughts before I had to deal with her.

I pulled up and parked, jumping from the car immediately. I walked over to Alice with a smile. Oh no! I’ll take them home and you do it. You are the one who insisted on taking her.

“But Alice, Emmett and I need to go; you can drop it off and run home,” I pleaded. Emmett would be unpleasant enough without having to wait on me, no matter how short a time it would be. “I thought you were happy about this.

I can be happy about you and Bella without having to drive that...she nodded towards the heap of a truck.I laughed but gave her another beseeching smile. You owe me! And she was off towards the truck, grumbling in her mind about being seen in it. I turned to see the other three glaring at me Rosalie becoming more hateful as she watched Alice get into Bella truck, confirming the rumors. Saying nothing, I walked back to the car and waited for them to join me.

Alice is overjoyed you know? I still think you are being very irresponsible, Jasper was next to me. I gave him a knowing look but he knew not to say anything aloud in our present company. Your emotions are very confusing though, I am glad you will be out for a few days. He gave me an apologetic smile but I understood.

I had a lot to think about, I knew it. Jasper was right, but I couldn’t stop myself, not when it came to her. The longing to know her, the need to be near her was overpowering any logic I had. The thirst to taste her was a consideration as well, that never left my thoughts.

Three days without seeing her...this would be a long weekend.