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A Shadow of the Midnight Sun

My take on Midnight Sun after reading Stephenie's first chapter...begining with the return from Alaska Chapter 15 posted!---- NEXT CHAPTER...PORT ANGELAS ---- Just a note: This story is getting increasingly difficult, but I will try to update regularly...Edward is just so complicated!

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me in any way, shape or form. They are Stephenie Meyer’s fantastic creations and I am only writing this for entertainment purposes, my own and yours if someone else is reading this. In addition, if there is any dialogue Bella is in earshot of, or involved in, it is all Mrs. Meyer’s genius and some of the internal dialogue may be taken from words that Edward will later say or paraphrase to Bella or another character.

8. Happy

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Let’s go out, Alice took me by the arm as I came in the front door and led me around the back of the house. The ice from the morning was turning to water and the clouds were holding but there was no rain.

I hesitated, but Alice was persistent. “What is it Alice, I don’t really feel like taking a hike today”

You don’t want to go in the house right now; you might want to wait for Carlisle…

She had a point, there would be no reasoning with just the three of them, I could hear there contemptuous thoughts on the lawn. Even Jasper was no longer taking pity on me; he had other ideas for the situation. I blocked them out quickly, I didn’t need to hear it now, I would get plenty later.

“Okay Alice, we are far enough from the house; the others cannot hear us,” I stopped in front of her once we were deep into the trees.

I want to show you something. I sighed loudly, still not in the mood for cryptic conversations. It is good, you will see, she added quickly. I didn’t say anything; she was the one who wanted to talk.

So, it is about Bella…My stomach would have fell with the thought of her name, if it actually could have. Alice looked at me with concern. You okay?

“I’m fine, – could you just show me what we came out here for,” I snapped.

“Yeah, fine,” she seemed to be stalling. “Um, Edward, I need you to remember, this is suppose to be a good thing.” I stood there in front of her becoming more and more irritated by the moment. She saw this and decided to go on.

I watched her as she seemed to be summoning up something in her head. I knew this meant she would be showing me a vision. A vision of Bella? Why would Alice have a vision of Bella…unless…no, I couldn’t see how I could…I should do it…all the problems would be over, it is what Rose, Emmett, and Jasper were going to suggest…but I couldn’t….I was shaking my head at the thought.

“Edward!” Alice brought me back to reality. “Are you going to read my vision or not, it is important!”

“Yeah, fine…okay…” I tried to focus. Reading Alice’s visions was sometimes jarring, much more vivid than the average though. I braced my mind for it…for whatever it was that Alice thought was good news.

Then it came…in flashes…Bella and I in my car…Bella and I in my meadow…Bella and I in a room that must be her bedroom…the sweet aroma of her blood… This was confusing; I pulled myself out of Alice’s mental picture. But she grabbed my arm and looked directly into my eyes. No, there is more she thought with urgency. I looked back at her, not ready to see what she wanted me to see.

It was nothing at first…Bella and I, I can’t tell where or when, we look happy…but there is something different – not with me, I look the same, of course – but Bella…she is very pale, more so than normal…still beautiful...the scent of her still present…but…

It hit me, hard. “NO!” I jump back from Alice’s touch as if she was causing the pain I felt. I glared at her, how had she thought this was good? This was bad.

“Edward, she doesn’t expose us…it will be okay…” She did not see the problem with her vision.

“But she is dead Alice!” my voice louder than I had meant it to be.

“No, Edward, she is one of us…you and her…you are in love…you are even mar–” A growl rose in my chest. She looked shocked and confused by my reaction. “Did I show you the wrong vision?” she was searching her mind to find it again, I spoke fast to stop her.

“You showed me the right vision Alice,” I scowled at her. “You don’t honestly think I would let that happen, do you?”

Still somewhat distressed by the way the conversation was going, Alice looked at me. Why wouldn’t you want this Edward, you would be happy?

“At what expense, Alice? Her life?” I shook my head.

It would be her choice, I saw it. It could change, she has to make the decision, but for now that seems to be the path.

“I would never give her that choice,” I told her matter-of-factly. “Besides, if those three have any say, her life will be over tonight, and since those predictions obviously happen in the future, you must be wrong.”

I don’t think so…I have been having them since that first day, even before you left. I had been so wrapped up in Jas I had pushed them back, but they have been there. She was sad now; she had thought I would take this differently. I just want you to be happy, like in my visions…

I shook my head, “This would not make me happy, going back to normal would make me happy,” I told her truthfully.

You have never been HAPPY Edward, you just exist. I see that you can be happy, why can’t you accept it?

“Alice, I am not going to talk about this.” I turned from her quickly and began walking toward the house.

She was right behind me, her mood changing now to match mine. I just wanted you to know why I would be taking your side today so we wouldn’t waste time with the questions.

I stopped and turned around to look her in the face. “Alice, if that vision is the reason you are on my side, you are unquestionably not.”

She stuck her tongue out me in rebuttal. I rolled my eyes and headed back to the house. Carlisle had just arrived.


I had been at the house for a couple of hours, staying near Carlisle so that this wouldn’t start until he was ready. The continuous flow of venomous thoughts from the entire house…even Alice, though she maintained she was on my side…told me this would be bad.

Carlisle called everyone down sooner than I had imagined. Let’s get this taken care of he thought when he saw the horror on my face. We are all adults, they will be reasonable. I wish I could believe this, but I knew better, I could hear them, practically ready to tear me to shreds.

Everyone gathered in the dining room, family meetings being the only time we used this room, normally only for show in case of a guest, I stood on the far end of the room, not making eye contact with any of them.

Carlisle started, “So everyone knows why we are here. We need to decide what we should do, if we should do anything, about this situation.”

Easy enough, we get rid of the girl while we still can…Emmett had been picturing ways to make Bella’s death look like an accident all afternoon.

Only one solution if we want to stay here…Jasper wasn’t as excited by the prospect of killing this human as he might have been, but it was still the only resolution he had.

I have better things to do that talk about that stupid girl…Rosalie twisting her mouth in the nastiest grin she could manage. Aloud she remarked, “He has to get rid of her or leave, but since there are seven of us and we don’t want to leave, and only one of her for now, it would be easy enough to get rid of her.”

“I agree,” Jasper seconded her thought, adding a guilty shrug towards me.

“I’ll help…” Emmett chimed in, malevolence in his snarl.

I stepped forward now, the anger in my voice uncontrollable. “This is NOT your decision to make,” I told them. “She isn’t an old dog that will be forgotten, there are dangers in killing her too.” I wasn’t concerned with these dangers but could not tell them the truth.

“Man, you are the one who decided her fate when you sprinted across the parking lot to save her,” Emmett’s tone matched mine. “Don’t blame us that you have to do this. If she goes blabbing to those children at that school…or her dad…we will be the ones that are in danger, all because you can’t control yourself around some useless human!” Rosalie smirked at me, enjoying Emmett’s tirade. Growls filled the room as I ready myself to spring at Emmett.

“Now, boys, calm down,” Carlisle interceded calmly. “This is of course Edward’s mess to clean up, but according to Alice it isn’t a problem. I don’t see any need in killing this poor girl or us moving on right now.” He looked over at me.

“Maybe if I left, she would forget about me and what I did.” I could live with that.

Emmett and Rosalie were not happy with this idea. Still too dangerous…it is ridiculous to keep her alive.

”Esme?” I looked at my mother.

A sad smile on her face, she thought, do whatever you need to do; I just want you to be happy and wish you would stay here with us. I nodded slowly.

Alice stood up from her chair. I glared at her in warning. Whatever Edward, this is silly. “Listen, I see it all, it works out.” She told everyone.

“Oh, well Alice says it all works out, and we all know how right she always is,” Emmett’s voice full of sarcasm now.

Jasper jumped up in Alice’s defense, putting himself between her and Emmett. She pushed him back into his chair, “Don’t get involved, you obviously feel the same way…” He flinched at the anger in her voice.

It was time to end this. “Okay,” I raised my voice to be heard over the growls between Alice and Emmett, Jasper still ready to spring if Emmett made a move. “I am NOT going to kill her and I am not going to leave…I will watch and see what she does, if I get the slightest hint she is going to expose us I will change my plan.”

Emmett and Rosalie rolled their eyes in unison. “Yeah, because doing nothing worked so well before,” Rosalie shot back at me.

“I will keep my distance, give her no reason to look at me, any of us, and more than she has to. She will go on with her life and us with ours.”

“We trust you Edward,” Carlisle smiled. I didn’t think he spoke for everyone.

We dispersed from the room. Rosalie and Emmett left the house immediately not looking back at any of us. Jasper followed an angry Alice to their room, not saying a word but looking sorry for having taken a side against his wife. Esme gave me a hug, nodding her approval at my decision and Carlisle continued to sit at the table eyeing me with interest.

What are you going to do? He asked.

“Just as I said, I will keep a watch for any suspicious thoughts about us, I always do, and I will stay as far as possible from her.”

He nodded, “Sounds good, just let us know if we should worry,” He has not sign of concern in his voice.

Seemed like a plan to me, one that everyone could eventually be happy with.