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The Fires of Jealousy

Someone likes Bella a little too much for Edward's taste.

This is my first story from Edward's POV. It centers mostly around the emotion of jealousy, like the title suggests. Advice and constructive criticism are always welcome!

3. A phone call cannot disturb her peace

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The morning passed by as usual.

I let Bella go through her daily routine and settled to watch her eat her cereal in silence, not wanting to disturb her slightly groggy self. The shower had done her little good; her eyelids still hung down wearily, and by her slow heartbeat I could judge that she was a lot more tired than she let me see. I couldn’t find the reason for her fatigue – the night had passed without any commotion, and Bella had slept safe and sound in my arms as usual. Even her sleep talking hadn’t been at its usual level.

Perhaps that was the reason. She had only muttered my name a few times, after which she’d quieted for the night. Maybe her dreams helped her sleep deeper.

I would never know. There were many things I knew about the world and its workings, but sleeping was not one aspect I was well acquainted with. When it came to slumber, I had no personal experience to compare with.

The otherwise peaceful morning was interrupted suddenly by a loud ring. The phone on the kitchen counter was vibrating furiously, demanding the attention of my greatest treasure. The shrill noise seemed to snap Bella out of her dreamy state for the moment, and she stood up quickly to answer it.

“The Swan residence.”

I smiled. The words sounded so formal, coming out of Bella's mouth.


When nobody answered for a few seconds, both Bella and I started to get uneasy. She was about to put the phone down, thinking, like me, that it was simply an immature prank of some sort, when suddenly a low voice was audible from the other end. “Is this Isabella Swan?”

My still heart jumped to my throat when I heard the unknown man pronounce my fiancée’s full name. I focused harder on the call, prepared to grab the phone away from Bella if he got threatening.

“Y-yes. Who am I speaking to?”

Ton admirateur, ma belle.

I was very, very close to seizing the phone and shouting at the man to let it drop. But, thinking it juvenile, I simply froze on the spot, and concentrated on keeping my features composed.

I shouldn’t be this possessive; it was neither healthy nor fair towards Bella. If she wanted to hang up on this man, she would do it. Not me.

However tempting the idea may be.

“Wait… so you sent me that flower?” It had taken Bella a few moments to gather her thoughts together, but the slight blush that adorned her cheeks now was a sign that she had finally arranged her feelings.

“Did you like it? La fleur?”

Bella glanced at me, a questioning look in her eyes. I could tell she was gauging my expression, and focused to keep my face under control. I nodded in encouragement, secretly hoping Bella would blow the man off right there and then.

“It was… it was nice. But you have to understand, I –”

Tu es toujours beau, ma cherie. La lune dans le ciel.

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak French –”

“It doesn’t matter. I will teach you.”

“No, please listen. I don’t even know who you –”

“Ah, you soon will. Bientôt.”

That was the last straw.

Earning a gasp from Bella, I snatched the phone away from her trembling hand, and growled in it, “Your time is up. Au revoir.”

I hung up on the obnoxious man before he had any time to react.

Taking a deep breath, I turned back to Bella, only to find her staring at me wide-eyed. She raised her eyebrows when she met my gaze. “What was that for?”

“He was getting rude,” I answered, trying to sound innocent and untroubled “He didn’t even let you finish your sentence.”

Of course I didn’t fool her.

“Edward? What’s wrong?”

I wanted to take a step forward and scoop Bella in my arms, but knowing she would notice my tensed muscle immediately if I did, I kept still. “Nothing is wrong. I thought the man was behaving very disrespectfully, that’s all. I overreacted. I apologize.”

I couldn’t stop Bella, though, as she came forward to envelop me in her arms. “No, there’s more than that. You’re not… you’re not jealous, are you? Because you know you have no reason to be.”

I wished I could deny it, and tell her what a ridiculous observation that was.

But I couldn’t.

So I stayed silent instead, and wrapped my own arms gently around Bella's neck. She shook her head against my chest. “You shouldn’t be jealous. That man is just confused. And a little scary, I might add.”

Laughing once again at Bella's rare use of the word, I relaxed slightly. I couldn’t deny the truth in her words.

“I was starting to get a little uncomfortable. Thanks for hanging up for me. Hopefully, this nonsense will stop at that one phone call. Even if I didn’t intimidate him enough, your growl surely did.”

“I’m sorry.” I felt foolish now. My own behavior had been just as appalling as the Admirateur’s. “I should have known better. It was your phone call; I had no right to end it for you.”

“I’m glad that you did.” I couldn’t ignore the warm feeling that spread through my chest whenever Bella hugged me. Her hold may not physically be able to stop me from leaving, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t as firm and unbreakable as anything.

I slid my hands to Bella's head and knotted my fingers in her hair. The soft strands caressed my cold skin, and the scent drifting from them intoxicated me completely.

Bella seemed to be going through the same emotions, for she leaned closer to me and tightened her grip around my waist. But through the tender way she held me I could sense something else – other thoughts were going through her mind, just like they were in mine. If I was any good at guessing Bella's thoughts – and I’d had practice – I knew she must be replaying the short conversation she’d just had on the phone.

It was not the first time in our relationship that I wished I could read her thoughts. The knowledge of what was truly going through her head would make everything so much simpler, even easy, if I could fully trust that I’d expelled all seeds of discomfort or fear from my love. But how things stood, I could only guess and hope that I’d hit the right spot.

Bella was sometimes awfully protective about her inner workings. I had to pull every bit of information right out of her.

Pulling back slightly to gain better access to her lips, I lowered my head to Bella's level and kissed her once. I knew that I’d have a better chance of finding out what she was really thinking if I had her dazzled first.

The effect was just what I’d expected it to be. Bella's lips moved with mine for the moment, and once I pulled away she followed them, trying to make the kiss last longer. Her heartbeat sped up for the moment, and her breathing stopped completely – if she didn’t restart her lungs soon, I’d have to remind her to do so – and her eyes locked mine in their hold.

Usually, Bella closed her eyes when we kissed, so the sudden eye contact took me off guard. I didn’t have the time – or strength – to rearrange my facial features before she’d seen what she needed.

“You’re anxious?” she asked in a small voice, and I could tell we were both on the same mission. She was trying to read my mind, too.

I played with Bella's fingers as I answered. “I’m anxious about you. Are you all right? Did that man scare you with his… frankness?”

“No,” Bella answered, a little too quickly for my taste.

“Did I scare you with my reaction?” The thought horrified me, and I noticed that I’d once again given my opponent a new advantage. With my menacing growl at the end of the phone call, I’d practically admitted to being hopelessly overprotective and domineering.

Bella shook her head. “No, no. You didn’t.”

I didn’t buy it.

“I’m sorry I scared you, yet again,” I apologized in my most gentle tone, trying to convince Bella that I could keep my possessiveness under control “I have no reason to be jealous. I’m an utter fool. Forgive me.”

“Don’t be silly!” Bella's smile was only half-hearted as she stroked my face.

I’m sure my smile wasn’t any more convincing. “But did that man scare you? Because I promise that not one insane admirer will get so much as a mile near you, if you don’t want him to. You’ll never have to speak to him again if that’s what you wish.”

I couldn’t deny my own longing that she would do just that, that she would tell me to not let the man anywhere near her. I’d be more than happy to submit.

But Bella only shook her head before burying it against my chest again. “You don’t have to do anything. Yes, I think the man is creepy, but no, I’m not terrified. I’ve had worse. Besides, I’m sure he’ll forget me sooner or later. After hearing your voice on the phone, he probably won’t dare to contact me anymore.”

If only I could be as hopeful.

But I had seen into too many minds during the last century to have confidence in her words. An obsession was something that clung to your every cell and never let go, not even after severe persuasion from the family around you. I knew what a strong hold obsession had – Bella was my obsession, and I wasn’t ready to let her go. Ever.

It would be foolish to compare my affection to Bella with a short-lived craze some anonymous, human man had over her.

But even a fracture of my passion for Bella could cause this man to be dangerously persistent.