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Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

You know what they say about southern girls that they have a charm about them. Well could one such girl charm a big bad wolf?


1. Red and the Wolf

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Siddalee's POV

I woke up early, still trying to get adjusted to the time change. No one else would be awake at this hour I mean the sun was not even out yet.

Perfect timing for a hike.

I made my way down the stairs in the kitchen when the last step let out a loud creak.

I forgot about that one.

My aunts never bothered fixing it, they said there were more important things to worry about than an old step.

I was about out of the kitchen when one called out, "Sidda take a jacket!"

"Okay!" I yelled up the stair case, picking up my red jacket off the chair.

"You don't have to yell Sidda." Aunt Jet said peaking around the corner.

I made my way down the path and into the woods, I always like spending my time in the woods when I visited my aunts. Where my family lives in Louisiana it is just flat with some moss covered trees and that’s it.

I dodged fallen trees and came upon a tiny stream. I sat down and ran my fingers in the cool water, just listening to the nature all around me.

Paul's POV

I always like running in the morning, the dew on the grass, animals waking up from their slumber everything was peaceful. I ran along the same route that I took everyday.

I knew all the logs and dips in the land, I knew when to run faster and when to slow down. I was about finished when I caught a sent I never knew before.

I followed it up a stream to where someone was hunched over. The body was small so it had to be a female. I stepped closer smashing a twig she turned to face what made the sound.

When I locked eyes with her something clicked. It felt like an anvil fell out of the sky and hit my head. She was beautiful, her black hair peaking out from under her red hood, and she had the most gorgeous bright blue eyes.

Did I imprint?

Siddalee POV

I quickly turned to see what made the sound when I locked eyes with a huge silver wolf. It stopped and looked at me oddly, like it knew me.

I stood up slowly not to scare it and make the thing charge at me. I finally got my nerves settled and was able to breathe again.

"So Little Red Riding Hood finally confronted the Big Bad Wolf" I said taking a step towards it. "More like the Big Timid Wolf"

He cocked his head to the side like he understood what I was saying.

"What? You’re not bad, it’s not in your eyes." I said taking another step towards him.

He must have finally realized that I was talking to him because he stepped a slow step towards me. I got close enough to him as I wanted and stopped in my tracks when I heard another noise from behind me.

Paul POV

I did I imprinted.

She made a joke at my behalf, I would have said some rude remark back to her if I was in my human form but I could not remember how to talk. I finally felt like something was fulfilled in me.

I felt completely calm with her being so close to me in my wolf form. I usually tired to avoid people when I was a wolf, because I had so much anger when I was a wolf but not now.

She stopped where she was and looked deep into my eyes like she was trying to see my soul. There was something weird about her, something just didn't sit right. At least she wasn't a bloodsucker or I would have known when I first smelt her.

Another twig cracked behind her and she turned quickly around to see what made the new noise. Nothing was claiming to make the noise and silence was the only thing now.

She scanned the woods all around her and she took a quick step closer to me.

Siddalee POV

I looked deep into the woods to see what made a new twig crack. I saw nothing and felt frightened, so I took a step closer to the wolf.

For some reason I felt completely safe being around him. He looked like he would battle anything for me and it assured my frightened self.

Still silence was the only thing with us in the woods. Time felt like it stood still and then a shadow emerged from the woods.

Another huge wolf emerged from the woods, this one was the same size as the one next to me. I noticed when the wolf first passed the clearing of the woods, the one at my side blocked me with his body.

Paul POV

I was on pins and needles waiting to see what or who was in the woods with us. I heard another tiny step as it came closer, and I moved in front of the girl.

"Paul? Are you there?" a voice called in my head.

"Yeah. Yeah who is there?" I asked back.I saw in the corner of my eye as the girl made another step closer into me.

"Its Sam you moron!" Sam replied back in my head.

"I knew you were out here running this morning and I wanted to see why." he said with a sharp tone.

Sam made his way out of the clearing and in front of us and I dipped my head down in the direction of the beauty next to me."Oh! Wait did you imprint?" Sam asked.

"I must have, I mean just look at her how couldn’t I have" I told him back.