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Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

You know what they say about southern girls that they have a charm about them. Well could one such girl charm a big bad wolf?


2. The Truth is in the Pudding

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Paul POV

"Sam I think you need to go, before she passes out," I told him.

"Okay, stop by the house when you change back." Sam said back.

I turned to look at the girl. She didn't look like she was really freaked out, maybe she tougher than she looks. I mean after all she is alone in the woods with two huge wolves and she didn't run for the hills.

Sam went back the same way he came and I slowly moved away from the girl not to spook her more.

Siddalee POV

"Well wolf I have had enough action and adventures for one day." I said patting the wolf on his head.

I looked around the woods to see what direction I came from. I was about to take off in one way when I felt a pushing on my legs. Obviously the wolf knew where I came from.

Maybe he really was watching me all this time.

"See ya around wolf" I said as we cleared the woods.


I checked to see if we had gotten any mail or packages before going inside. As I entered the house a calming scent greeted me. "What's the remedy today?" I asked walking into the kitchen.

"Oh, it’s ancient tranquility syrup," Aunt Toni told me as she stirred a huge pot.

"Well I'll take an extra tall glass of it," I said pulling up a chair.

"Why? Did you not like your hike Sidda?" Aunt Jet asked coming over to me.

"No, well the hike was fine; it was the wolf that was a little unnerving. I mean the thing was huge!" I told them taking the cup from Aunt Toni."

Wolf you say?" Aunt Toni asked me.

"Yeah, I first thought it was dumb, it just looked at me, then finally something in its head clicked and he moved." I said taking a drink.

My aunts looked at each other oddly then headed out to our indoor garden.

"It was just a wolf," I told them taking after them.

They huddled over a large old book on the one table. They flipped through the pages mumbling things to each other. Finally they arrived to their desired page, and once again exchanged a weird look at each other.

"What?" I asked very confused.

Paul POV

The girl went in her direction and I went in mine. Before I arrived home, I phased back and put on my shorts that I stashed on a nearby log. I needed to talk to Sam to understand what I had to do now.

Right as I entered my home I was pounced on. I was disoriented and didn't know who just attacked me. Finally I pinned down my opponent and saw it was Embry.

"What the hell Embry? That was not fair." I told him getting up off the ground.

"You dog you imprinted. What's she like?" Embry asked.

I recalled the images of the beauty, "She's perfect."

"Of course she is, you need to see her again." Embry said getting up.

"Well Sam should know what to do after all he was the first to imprint." I said to Embry.

I grabbed a shirt and shoes then we made our way to Sam and Emily's house.We arrived to their house in record time just by walking.

When we walked into the house we found Sam and Emily in the small kitchen. "Emily thinks she sort of knows the girl," Sam said looking at Emily.

"Her name is Siddalee Owens. She's spending her summer with her two aunts. They own the local remedy shop in the town. Her two aunts however have a bad rap around the town." Emily said.

"Why?" Embry asked grabbing a handful of cookies from a plate on the counter.

Emily got up from her chair and walked over to me. She placed her hands on my shoulders, "Because they are witches."

Siddalee POV

"Werewolf" Aunt Jet said pointing at the page in the book.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Werewolf Sidda, and you said it just looked at you right?" Aunt Toni asked.

"Yeah, for a good few minutes. Then it was like a light bulb went on." I told them looking at the page.

"He imprinted. Well you need to meet this boy. One way or another you will be together." Aunt Jet said taking back the book.

"Imprinted?" I asked worried.

"Its like love at first sight, just more intense. You are soul mates now." Aunt Toni said as she walked to me, "Now we have syrup to package"


I stocked the shelves with the fresh syrup and went into the back to dispose of the boxes.

I was about finished when the door bell chimed. I walked up front to greet our customers.

They were tall and all three had dark skin and black hair.

"Can I help you with anything?" I asked waking over to them.

"We are just looking thanks" One said as he turned around.

The other two just kept looking at the merchandise. I got a quick look at the ones eyes. They looked like the wolf's eyes.

It can't be possible.

They looked around for a few more minutes then left.

Paul POV

"That's her!" I said as we exited the store.

"Wow she is pretty Paul," Embry said taking another glance at her.

"I didn't even say hi, I'm an idiot." I said kicking a leaf.

"Well lets say hi," Embry said then he grabbed my arm and tugged me back into the store.

The girl looked up at us confued, "Forget something?"

"I'm Embry and this is Paul." Embry told her.

"Well I'm Siddalee, its nice to meet you." She said awkwardly.

"Did you just get in?" Embry asked her.

"Yeah, I'm visiting my aunts." She told us.

"Do you live in the south?" Embry asked abruptly.

"Yeah, Louisiana." She said.

She looked really confused at this,"Is there anything else you need? My social security number, blood sample?"

Huh, she spunky.

I laughed at her remark, and she shot me a quick glance. "Does he talk?"

"Yeah he's just shy around pretty girls" Embry said elbowing my ribs. I gave him a death stare and left.

"I hope to see you around." She said as we left for the second time.

When we got outside I slapped Embry upside the head and went off, "What was that about?"

"Well you need to meet her, what were you going to do just stalk her?" Embry said rubbing his head.

Sam just walked away shaking his head and muttering, "children".