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Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

You know what they say about southern girls that they have a charm about them. Well could one such girl charm a big bad wolf?


3. Can't Get You Out Of My Head

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Siddalee POV

After my very eventful day in the woods and the store, it was time to call it a night. So I closed up the store and headed back home.

It couldn't have been the same eyes. It's not possible.

I walked up the sidewalk fighting with myself the entire time, "Could it? I mean I'm real after all."


As I walked up the path to the house I finally accepted today, "Okay, so he's a werewolf, whatever."

"Sidda?" Aunt Jet called from the kitchen, "Finally, you need to practice remember?"

"Ugh, fine let me change first," I agreed making my way up to my room.I just threw on some pajama pants and a tank top and grabbed a robe as I went back downstairs.

"What am I learning tonight?" I asked pulling on the robe.

"A glamour spell," Aunt Toni replied to me.

Paul POV

When we got back to Sam's house, Jacob, Quil, and Jared were waiting for us.

"Are you hungry boys?" Emily asked peaking around from the kitchen.

"Always" Embry howled, making his way into the kitchen.

"So tell us everything," Jared asked cleaning his second plate of food.

I quickly told them how I first met her and Embry told them how he introduced us.

This time I didn't smack him, I threw a pillow at his head.“Shut up, Embry!” I yelled at him, “it’s not like you have a girlfriend or anything close either.”

“Hey I was just saying you two make a cute couple,” Embry said throwing back the pillow.

“Yeah, they do make a cute couple like puppy love,” Quil laughed from the kitchen.

“You can shut it too, yeah so at least she’s my age and I don’t have to watch her grow up like a perv” I shouted at Quil.

Emily told me polite ways to run into the girl again, without looking like I was stalking her. I accepted all of their advice they told me.

I was fairly new at the entire dating scene, so I listened to every thing.

Siddalee POV

"Now concentrate on what you want to look like," Aunt Toni instructed me from the table.

I sat in font of a mirror with two candles on either side. I got a picture in my head of what I wanted to look like and then hovered my hands over the candles.

After about a minute I pulled my hands back and gently brushed them over my hair, changing the color as my hands went. Then I placed my hands over my eyes.

"Well?" Aunt Jet asked from her weaving loom.

I slowly removed my hands away from my new self, "Did it work?" I asked.

"Take a look for yourself" Aunt Toni said with a smile.

I looked into the mirror to see a girl with blonde hair and green eyes, "Cool".

"Now to reverse every thing, just repeat the steps," Aunt Toni told me.

Don't get me wrong, I love my long black hair and bright blue eyes. But if I ever wanted to reinvent myself this was so much easier and cheaper.

I played with the spell a few more times, seeing what I would look like as a brunette and red head, then eventually changing back to my regular self.

Paul POV

Everyone was getting tired from the day, so we all made our way to our houses.

I just could not get Siddalee out of my head, so I took off for the woods.

Maybe if I walk around I can clear my head.

I took my same route I took this morning just because. Of course I didn't need a flashlight because of my nigh vision, and I just walked around like it was daylight.

I made my way to where I first met Siddalee and sat down on a log. Every thing was going to sleep, except for the fireflies and crickets that were just waking.If it was possible, it was more peaceful at night in the woods than in the morning.

Siddalee POV

I finished practicing for the night and snuck out the back out to the woods. I wanted to spend as much time out there as I could before I had to go back to flatland.

I just let my feet guide me. I didn't take a flashlight with me I realized after I was deep in the woods.

I finally knew where I was when my foot splashed in the stream from this morning.

Just like before I wasn't alone, "Can't a girl get one spot to herself?" I asked walking up to the figure on the log.

"What are you doing out here?" Paul asked standing up from the log.

"Just taking a night stroll. What are you doing out here?" I asked back.

"Its dangerous out here at night." Paul said walking up to me.

"Are you afraid of the boogie man, or things that go bump in the night?" I asked with a smirk on my face.

"No! But it--" Paul started.

"It should be fine for both of us. I mean you are a werewolf and I'm a witch after all." I commented taking a step closer.

He bent his head down, trying to think of a come back, but just replied with, "True".

Paul POV

She got me there, I felt sorry for anyone who crosses paths with us.

She sat down on the log and made a motion for me to join her. I sat on the log but kept a distance in between us.

If I could I would have sat as close as I could to her, smoother her almost. But I didn’t want to endanger my chances with her.

"What's it like being a witch?" I asked her, taking in how the moon light lit up her beautiful face.

"What's it like being a werewolf?" She asked back.

"Touché" I laughed back, "but really?"

"It's so much fun, but also hard. Because you have to keep it to yourself." Siddalee said.

"Let me just ask, so I know. If I piss you off, your won't turn me into a frog will you?" I asked leaning away from her.

"No, we try not to toy with others lives. But some times we slip and have some fun." She laughed.

Siddalee POV

"Okay, my turn. So werewolf" I asked nudging his arm.

Geese he's rock solid, but still soft.

"Well we have to keep it hush-hush also, but it's cool," Paul stated, "we can't really get hurt and the running is so good."

"Now let me ask this. When you get caught in the rain or after taking a shower, do you smell like wet dog?" I asked with an ear to ear smile.

"No, but I wouldn't know. You would have to check the next time." Paul laughed back.

This should not be so hard, he seems pretty okay.

"Is there anything you hate about being a wolf?" I asked.

"Yeah, I go through a ton of clothes," Paul said.

"How about you? Do you hate anything?" Paul asked in return.

"No, not really. I mean were pretty good since there are no more witch hunts." I smirked.

Paul POV

I didn't know how to react to her comment so I made something up quick.

"It's getting late, you should be getting back." I said getting up from the log.

"Oh, come on it's still early." she moaned, getting up also.

She turned to walk in her direction back home the stopped, "What, you're not going to walk with me this time?"

"If you want me to I can." I said dumb founded.

I closed the gap in between us in two quick steps, and we were off.

We came to the clearing once again like this morning, "Well see you around wo--Paul" She said.

I watched her walk up to her house and thought, God this is easier than I thought.

I waited to leave until she was inside the house all the way. I turned to leave when a light turned on, on the second floor of the house. I jogged quickly back into the woods, so it didn’t look like I was a peaking tom or something.

A figure came to the window and opened it.It was Siddalee, she opened the window and leaned out, taking in the cool air.

I must keep in mind where her room is at, so I won’t mistake her aunts room’s that would be awkward. I have to be the luckiest guy ever.

And then I was off back into the woods they way I came. Everything had to stop for the night and the next adventure waited for me in the morning.