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Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

You know what they say about southern girls that they have a charm about them. Well could one such girl charm a big bad wolf?


4. A Little History Never Hurt Anyone

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Siddalee POV

I woke up this morning with a huge smile on my face. The only thing that kept running through my mind was Paul.

God I hope I see him today.

As I floated down the stairs, I could not stop replaying last night over and over in my head, as if it were a movie.

Like yesterday I made my way back into the woods, of course I would go to our spot.

Our spot. I have a special spot, yeah for me.

I got all the way to 'our spot' and noticed a figure curled up along 'our log'.


I walked up closer and picked up a stick to poke it with."Paul?" I asked poking it.

"mmmm...." It groaned and rolled over.

"Paul, wake up." I poked him again.

Paul POV

I must have been dreaming because I heard Siddalee's sweet voice calling for me.

"Paul" she called.

I reluctantly opened my eyes, and saw my dream must have been real, because there stood Siddalee.

The sun was pouring around her body and she shinned like my personal angel.

"Hey" I yawned leaning up.

"Did you sleep out here all night?" She asked.

I looked around to see where I was and figured I was still in the woods from the night before."Yeah, I guess I did." I told her.

"Why?" she asked crossing her arms over her chest.

"I don't know, I just did wolf thing I guess. What's with the stick?" I asked her fully awake now.

"Oh, I didn't know who you were at first so I grabbed it to poke you." she said dropping the massive stick, "You didn't feel it?"

"Nope, not a thing." I told her standing up.

"Well then you must be hungry?" she asked.

I got up and followed her back to her house. She was very kind to offer me breakfast.

"I hope you have enough, I eat a lot." I laughed and rubbed my empty stomach.

"Oh we can always whip up some more." She said with a wink.

Siddalee POV

"Aunt Jet, Aunt Toni?" I called for them walking into the house.

"We're in the kitchen Sidda" Aunt Jet said.

We made our way back to the kitchen and were almost there when the broom fell down.

"Do we have company?" Aunt Toni asked.

"Yeah," I told them walking into the kitchen Paul following me.

"Well welcome to our home Paul." Aunt Toni continued.

"Um, thanks" Paul said."I offered him breakfast." I said walking over to the stove, "What would you like?"

"Oh anything is fine," Paul said.

"Paul, please have a seat." Aunt Jet said pulling a chair from the table.

"So are you two going out, or did you just pick him up in the woods on one of your hikes?" Aunt Jet asked with a sly smile.

"Oh well I saw him, he followed me home and well can I keep him please. He's just so cute isn't he?" I said walking over to Paul and picking a leaf out of his hair.

Paul just sat in the chair and didn't know what to do or say. He just slightly shifted in his seat.

Paul POV

I felt only two emotions sitting in her kitchen, happiness that I was with her and curiosity.

I was in the Owens’ house, for god’s sake.

I thought about all the rumors that people talked about the Owens’ and what happened in the house, human sacrifices, curses, spells, hexes.

“So Paul,” Aunt Jet started, “What’s a good young boy like you doing when he isn’t running around being a wolf?”

I almost chocked on my cereal when she said wolf.

“What like you thought we didn’t know you are a werewolf?” Aunt Toni asked with a sound of hurt in her voice.

“Honey we know these things, being witches after all.” She told him.

“Well, I thought all witches wore tall black hats and rode brooms.” I called back to them.

“Sorry to bust your bubble, but our brooms are in the shop. We are using the vacums instead” Aunt Jet said getting up from the table.

Siddalee POV

Aunt Jet walked over to me, “I like him, and he’s spunky”

“He sure is, I’ll keep him around for a while” I smiled at Paul.

“Alright have you had enough fun for one day with Paul, Aunt Toni,” I said grabbing Paul by the hand and leading upstairs.

I walked Paul into our private upstairs library and sat on the couch.“I mentioned last night about the witch trials, right?” I asked shyly.

“Yeah, but you didn’t go into depth about it.” Paul said looking at all the old books along the wall.

“Well, do you want to know about it?” I asked walking up to Paul.

“Sure, learning more history never hurt anyone,” he said with a smile.

“Well, my two aunts were charged with witchcraft. But were never prosecuted because they put a confusion spell on everyone and escaped.” I said grabbing a book from the shelf.

I flipped through the book to get the right page. I arrived to my page and called Paul to sit next to me.

“The spell only lasted enough time for them to escape Ipswich, so they hid in the deep woods until dark to travel farther out of the town. They lived briefly in Louisiana with other members of our family, and then they moved up here.” I said pointing to the list of dates in the book.

Paul looked confused but was starting to understand what I was saying, “So you mean you are a real witch?”

“Yup” I answered him.

“I though you meant like Sabrina the teenage witch, snap your fingers and BAM!” Paul said snapping his fingers.

“Well, we don’t snap our fingers, but we think it and it happens” I told him tapping my head, “and I’m not like Samantha on Bewitched and wiggle my noise.”

“Yeah but still BAM!” he shouted.

“Yeah BAM!” I said shaking my head.

“But why are your aunts so young looking if they are so old?” Paul asked puzzled.

“Well they can’t really age until they find their true love” I said “but they will one day.”

Paul POV

After learning about Siddalee’s family history I thought it was only fair to tell her about how I’m a wolf.

“Since you said your history, you should hear mine.” I told her.“

It’s only fair” She smiled.

“Well the reason I’m a wolf is because a few years ago there was this family that lived in Forks” I started.

“This should not be a shock to you since we both exist, but they were vampires.”

“Not something that surprises me,” Siddalee said laughing.

“There is a gene in my tribe, that if they or any other vampires are living on the same land that we are then we become a werewolf.” I told her.

“What so if they never lived here, then you would never be a werewolf” she asked.

“Yeah. And since they recently moved away just about all the youngsters in La Push are werewolves, guys and girls” I answered.

“I get it. So you are like me in a way and not in a way, I was destined to be a witch but you were a 50/50 shot” she nodded her head.

"Well now that our history lessons are finished, what would you like to do?" I asked.

"I really don't care as long as I out of the house." Siddalee said returning the book to it's rightfull place on the shelf.

"OOOO! I know, I want to meet your friends!" She practically yelled, "Please?"