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Of Fire and Ice


Bella left Jacob, what else matters? When your sun has gone away and all thats left is you, a shell of being. If you could call it that. Then she appears, nothing else matters. And when something theatens her you will do everything in your power to save her. Anything. Even if it means sacifing your past. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Jacob/Azua Teen for future rating. Vampire tries to steal Jacob imprint. Bad idea. Owned by shiny fish.

1. Converge

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I sat on the side of the bank and sighed. "Oh my Bella, Bella, Bella," My voice spun though the wind nothing more than a whisper. He turned her into, into a filthy bloodsucker! I shouldn't have returned to Billy. My wolf self was so much easier to handle, no more damn human emotions to deal with. But I couldn't run away, not again. It had hurt Billy plenty, the only reason I had returned.


I dug into the rabbit I caught, relishing the taste of its pain. Trying to wipe out my own.

Jacob! A buzzing began to form in my head, Jacob! I knew that presence, Sam's. You must come home now!"

Why! I am perfectly happy without humans!

Billy needs you, he's not doing so well... Oh no, not poor Billy. I should have known.


Come now! So he was resorting to orders now, I stood up.

Not Billy...

Jacob- Billy needs you! You must come!

I let out a sign and began to run.

A large thump awoke me from my musings. I jerked upward trying to find the source of the sound. A miniature kayak, an auburn tinted floated down the river. It bumped into another rock, shaking. I laughed, expecting to find the owner scrambling down the waterway at top speed trying to catch up with it before it went over Fish-Trap Falls. I stepped into the cold water; and broke into a breast-stroke. The kayak began to pick up speed. The mist from the waterfall sprayed me, the sound was deafening. I hopped onto the back of the kayak, planning to pull it ashore; and almost slipped back in. There was a slim figure inside the boat, a sleeping young girl only about sixteen or seventeen. Her dirty blonde hair splayed around her face. Her russet skin gave way to a pair of perfect lips. I stared t her, not able to look away. I froze, realizing what had happened. I had imprinted.

A light spray awakened me. The falls! The kayak thumped into a bigger rock, the ringing echoed around the valley. Her eyes darted open. Her eyes! I couldn't stop staring at her eyes. They were a deep azure color, with a tint of sea green. They were like the ocean, beautiful and mysterious. She sat up and I quickly took control of my senses.

"We have to get out, now. Your kayak is approaching the waterfall."

She laughe, a rough tinkling sound. "Thanks for warning me. I never went down the falls asleep before." Her smile continued, confident. "You better get off soon thought, how far away are the falls?"


She turned around, "Crud!" She held her paddle firmly and shouted over the noise, ‘Hold on with your legs and get a good grip!" She laughed like a manic, and we plummeted over the falls.

Down, down, down we dropped, barely toughing the water. I screamed with joy as the adrenaline took over my body. The mist from the water soaked me to my core. The waterfall didn't look so big, why was it such a steep drop? The water was aproching rapidly. Could we hit it with so much force and survive? The kayak hit the water at an angle taking off downstream. The girl jumped out and firmly planted her hand on the side.

"Help," She grunted, struggling to keep the boat from floating away. I sprung out, easily stopping it. She pulled the kayak out of the water, fighting to keep it ashore. I gripped the back, hauling it up. She stepped back, examined the boat and wiped her brow. She turned to me, her face lit-up. "Thanks!" She had a bubbly tone, happy and carefree. I smiled for the first time in ages. "That was so awesome! I had never gone down those falls before! I mean, I've been down others but this one rocks! By the way my names Azua, Azua Stella. What's yours?" I blinked. She had said this in record time, barely pausing for a breath. Azua, what a pretty name.

"Uhh... Jacob Black?"

"Coolio! Are you related to James Bond? You know J.B, Jacob Black, James Bond. Sorry, I bet you hear that like, everyday."

I blinked again and tried to gather my thoughts. She smiled encoring at me, "Thank you so much! Do you live on the reservation?"

"Yep, do you live in Port Angles? I hadn't seen you around here before."

"No, I used to live in North Carolina. I came to live with my godparents. They live on the reservation, James and Cathy Haller? Do you know them?"


"Are you going to the Quithen School? What was its name?"

"Yea, something like that."

"Neat! What class are you in, Senior?


"Cool, so am I!"

"Maybe I'll see you again?"

"I hope so. You seem really nice." She sounded like she was telling the truth. I could feel the smile on my face. She tapped her wrist, "Crud, the watch shorted out. Do you have the time?"

"Sorry, no clue..."

"Well, I gotta go. Hope to see ya soon!" She called over her back as she hauled the kayak away.

"Wait, Azua!" But she was gone. "Azua... I mumbled to myself, "What a very nice name." I phased. It was time to go pay a vist to Mister James Heller.