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Of Fire and Ice


Bella left Jacob, what else matters? When your sun has gone away and all thats left is you, a shell of being. If you could call it that. Then she appears, nothing else matters. And when something theatens her you will do everything in your power to save her. Anything. Even if it means sacifing your past. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Jacob/Azua Teen for future rating. Vampire tries to steal Jacob imprint. Bad idea. Owned by shiny fish.

2. Reson

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I curled up in a ball and let the sorrow pour over me. I had imprinted. The pack would be ecstatic; they wanted me to imprint so much. I wasn't done getting over Bella. How could she have picked the leech lover over me! He would kill her! I felt another presence my mind, Leah. I could feel her shock as she went over my memories. Then I felt her joy.

Excellent! I told you so, Leah smug voice echoed in my head. Though I'm not quite sure it would be better.

What would be better? Usually Leah and I would be fighting by now, but seeing Azua just made me happy.

That you would get over that leech lover. It was getting rather annoying to feel so sad all the time. I hope I don't dream about this new girl, still.

That stung. That stung and she knew it. I quivered slightly.

Auhhh, is poor baby still not over little Bella?

Go away!

How pitiful...

Go cry over Sam or something. That was below the belt, and I knew it. Sam wasn't going to be too happy with me. I cringed; I really didn't want to hear what Leah was thinking at the moment. Before she could come up with a resort I was human again. I bit my lip, Bella... Leah was right, I was pitiful. I didn't want to love Azua, my heart was still chasing after Bella.

"Damn you Edward! Damn you Azua!" I yelled it into the open sky with all the force I could manage.

"What I do?" A nervous tinkling voice sounded behind me. I cursed inside my head, "Nothing, sorry. Different Azua."

"Oh," I turned around slowly. Her wide eyes peered at me, unraveling me. In her hand was a pair of strappy high heels. I gasped; her force hit me just like yesterday. "I'm sorry about creeping up on you! I thought only I knew about this place." She gestured to the small cave, tone apologetic.

"No, it's fine really."

"Then, um, I better go."

"No don't!" I felt like punching myself, I tried to yell at her to leave. It didn't work.

"No, I have to go."


"Do you think I wear this everyday?" She gestured to her pink strapless dress. I may have stared at it longer than necessary, "I have a wedding to go to."

"Oh? Who's?" I filched, memories over taking me.

"Do you know a Bella Swan?"


The Rabbit thudded on. "Thanks for giving me a ride," Her cheerful voice was impossible to ignore.

"It's fine. Just let me stop at my place."

"Why?" I had too get ready; I wasn't going to just stand there while Bella was wed to a parasite.

"You don't expect me to go in jeans, do you?


"I'm sorry," She grinned, guilty. "I forgot your name again. James Block, was it?"

"It's fine," She blushed a deep scarlet. "Jacob Black, actually. Close enough."

"Jacob Black!" I stiffened, "The Jacob Black! I've always wanted too meet you!" Her excitement leaked through her voice.

"Have you mistaken me with some movie star?" I laughed, it was so absurd.

"No, umm..." She scratched the back of her neck hesitantly. "Look, I'm going to start at the beginning. Okay?"

"Sure" She smiled again.

"Good! Well you see, Bells and I are cousins. Well not really cousins, but close enough friends to call ourselves cousins."

"Really? I've never heard her mention you." I could have slapped myself, I was feeling really rude today.

"Understand able." She giggle, "I only see her about once a year."

"Then how are you cousins- friends?

"We are what you might call pen-pals," I had heard of that before. "We tell each other anything and everything!" Her voice was proud, my eyes widened. Had she told her about my ‘little' problem? If so, we wasn't she running away screaming?

"How come you only see Bell- Bella only once a year?" I could feel my tone beginning to shake. It hurt even to speak of her.

"I just moved here, actually." Her tan skin turn slightly darker, blushing. "My parents wanted to sail around the world. I wanted to stop homeschooling, so-"

"Homeschooling? Like your mom as a teacher?" I blushed, she probably would think I was a retard or something.

"Yea! Well I wanted to go o a regular school before collage." She beamed at me, her mouth couldn't stay out of a smile for a moment. "You know, to get a feel for it. I've spent my entire life homeschooling, sailing."

I felt the sudden urge to go sail, to float in the ocean with Azua until civilization was behind us. To start my life over. "So I came to La Push for my last high school year." I jerked awake from my fantasies. "Well, how do you know me?" I felt a flush of pleasure go through my very core.

"As I told you, Bella told me all about you." She leaned over in her seat a gave me a quick hug. "Thank you so much!"

I blinked, this was becoming more confusing by the second. "For what? Not that I complain, or anything."

Azua tinkling laugh sounded throughout the entire car, "For keeping her alive." Her tone grew more somber. "She scared me so much. When Edmund-"


She glared at me, "Whatever." Her voice was cold and hard. "When Edward left her- well you have to understand that we are close. We were always together, no matter what! She just stop talking to me. I would e-mail her every day, coming back with nothing! After three months of this I came down here! I found her, dead! She was nothing! A zombie!"

I shrunk away from the rage in her voice. Azua pitch softened. "Then you came. Her e-mail had more life, more existence. You were her best friend, you healed her. I am forever in your dept." She bit her lip. "I was so scared." She looked up at me, eyes wide. "That she might kill herself."