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Bella's last human moments are spent with precious goodbyes, and partings.


1. Goodbye

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Your last words, caught trembling.
Decisions, make decisions for your fate.
Your choice is the chance that you have to take.
Burn, stop. your time is up.
You've found all of the answers
so take a breath and end this chapter.
I'll bring the fire if you bring the water.


It lingered as empty as an impossible wish between them.

Her heart trembled, tears screamed to come out, to wash the sorrow on her face. She held them back, struggling.

The sorrow burned her soul like a searing flame and her glass heart broke a little. Painfully

I'll miss you.

She said. Or maybe it was a promise

made to keep the memories between them?

Even she's not sure. All she knows is,

This is killing her. This good-bye.

Another crack ran though her heart, like thin fingers. Like delicate spider webs.

Another crystal tear trembled, a flawless sphere, and caught the light. Glistening like fireflies.

Another aching flame licked her shattering soul. Singes everything she knew, everything she loves, everyone she needed.


The pain danced - growing. Growing


You'll always be with me. Forever.

You're a part of me - the piece of my heart - is yours. It always was. And it's breaking...


Star-studded tears ran down her cheeks, shameless now.

I love you.

She took a step back. The words poured out of her mouth like the restrained tears, burning and painful. Loving and necessary. Absolute.

I'll miss you.

A crack burst across her heart.

I'll always remember.

A blaze caressed her soul, cradling it in a smoldering comfort.

And she turned, her feet pounding across the earth. There was no time. There was only sorrow. Only sadness. But no regret. No. No regrets. And no pain. Stars twinkled overhead. This was her end. This was her beginning. Her ever after.

Stumbling, tripping, crying. It blurred - like a bad photograph, it blurred.

She stopped. Pristine tears softened her sorrowed face. She was leaving everything she loved behind. Everything. She was gaining everything that she ever dreamed of. No. Not everything she dreamed of. She gain everything. Every happiness, everything. So much, oh, so much it almost hurt. But this was a good pain. Not the sorrow from the goodbye. Goodbye... Face turned up to the stars, the moon, her eyes, once empty, were full of life. Even after her heart ceased to beat, her blood ceased to flow, now everything was right. Perfect.

I'll miss you, too.

Except this. She would miss this. If only one thing, she would miss this.

She turned and they held each other in one last embrace, pounding with goodbyes. Beating with lost chances. With love. With broken hope. With dreams. They held each other in one last embrace before their paths - never again to cross - led them away.

Face to the grave, will the hero be saved?
Saved by the same hands, the same hands that frame life.
Hero be safe from the killer you made.
Saved by the same hands, the same hands that frame life.