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Edward and Bella Go Camping

Edward decides to take Bella camping. Silliness and clumsiness occur.
Disclaimer: I own an iPod. Stephenie Meyer is the lucky lady who owns Twilight. Not me.

This is my first fanfic guys, so please try and be nice. Or, you don't have to be nice, just as long as I get some feedback!

1. Chapter Uno

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“Edward?” “Hmmm?” I was lying in my bed, Edward next to me. Charlie had already left for work, even though it was a Saturday. Later, he would probably go fishing. That left the entire day untouched by anyone but Edward. “What are we doing today?” I asked sleepily. “Well, if I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it?” He said, making me laugh. “I didn’t know you were going to surprise me,” I said mischievously. He laughed smoothly at my mischievousness. “Yes, Alice saw what we were going to do last night. When I went to change, she told me.” I groaned inwardly. Darn that Alice. “How could she know before you made up your mind?” He grinned. “I was thinking about it while you slept. She just made all the plans.” “Plans?” Edward lightly touched the tip of my nose. “You shall see.” I sat up and stretched. “Human moment?” I asked hazily. He swept his hand in a gentlemanly fashion. “By all means.” ~*~ After getting ready and eating a quick breakfast, I was out the door with Edward by my side. He was going to drive, ironically, and was I going to sit like a patient adult until we got wherever we were going. Yes, that was really going to happen. “Please, please tell me where we are going?” I begged for the millionth time since I got up. “Nope.” “Ugh,” I mumbled incoherently. He probably heard me though. We drove for a while. That’s saying a lot, considering Edward was driving like a maniac, at about one hundred miles per hour. Eventually I couldn’t tell where we were, or what direction we were going. Everything started to look the same, all green and wet and stuff. I waited patiently the whole time. I mostly stared at Edward, thought about Edward, wondered where we were going, and stared at Edward. The rode was one lane most of the ride, with old signs directing different lakes, campsites. I started to get suspicious, wondering why in the world Edward would take me into the woods. After about an hour, Edward started to slow down to fifty miles. He parked on the side of an unmarked rode. He was out of the car and opening my door faster than I could have said, “Speedy Gonzales.” He took my hand and walked me to the edge of forest. There were no people as far as I could see. No cars, no tents, nothing. It was deserted. It was beautiful. There were trees everywhere; the sky was a light blue, though you could see little of it. Fog drifted slightly around us, and the sun was gone; covered by a blanket of white that was hovering around the green/brown mountains surrounding us. I just stared at Edward as he pulled me into the midst of the greenness. He was looking straight ahead at the foliage. When we broke through the clouds, I saw something I never hoped to see. “EDWARD!” I screamed, “WE’RE GOING CAMPING?!?”