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Not Meant to Be

This is full of Edward angst, though not direct. I Finally got chapter 3 up!! this will only be one more chappie, two at most. srry

I own nothing but Luke

1. Waking Up

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The boiling had gone, flushed from my veins by the ice that was death. My senses were sharper, my body stronger. But something more fundamental had changed. Something deep and passionate had removed itself, leaving no trace, no scar. I was at a loss to know what the missing entity was. Then I realized I was starting to think in big long words that would have made Mike Newton's head ache. Just thinking the word "big" made me feel calmer. I stared up at the ceiling, my eyes fixed on a tiny crack, when the soundless sound of the door's oiled hinges alerted me to someone else's presence. I sat up, faster than even a vampire could blink.

Whoa. How did I know that? Some little corner of my mind screamed, "Well if you'd just shut up I would tell you!" The rest of my brain shut up and listened. The bossy part started talking again. "You know because (A) you've been dating a vampire for about two years now, (B) Because you knew more about the vampirical race than probably some vampires when you were human, and (C) Because you now belong to the blood drinking race." Double whoa. I didn't have long to stew in my realizations, because there was a beautiful, completely familiar boy standing in the doorway.

Edward. Something inside my deepest heart felt that there was something very, very wrong. That I should be feeling something…passionate. But I felt nothing more than a sisterly warmth towards him. So it surprised me when he strode across the room and scooped me up, into his arms, and kissed me. It made me uncomfortable, so I pushed him away.

"Bella?" He asked in disbelief. What? Had I disappeared or something?

"Edward, why are you hugging me like that? It feels sort of…awkward" His arms went limp, as though he had been hit very hard over the head with a very large weight.

"Um, Bella, are you okay? You don't usually act this…withdrawn." I pushed myself free of his arms, then answered.

"Well, yeah. Just that you sorta…kissed me. Usually brothers and sisters…you should have gotten my point by now. Why are you looking all aghast?" Edward looked as though he had swallowed a beaker of hydrochloric acid. Not really the most endearing face ever.

"Bella, you're not my sister, you're my girlfriend. I love you, remember?" No. I don't remember.

"Edward, I don't know what you're talking about. I-I don't feel that way about you. I mean, I love you like a brother kind of love, but not romantically." It was all perfectly true, no matter how winded the news made him look. No matter how quickly those strange topaz eyes went from melting to hard, cold, and freezing. "I love you, I suppose, but I'm not in love with you."

"Who are you, and what have you done with Isabella Marie Swan? What have you done with her?"

"Duct tape in my closet." He raised an eyebrow. "Just kidding. What are you talking about? I am Isabella Marie Swan! And I don't love you — like that, anyway." Our awkward little chat was interrupted by Alice, who burst through the door, then stopped abruptly."

"Is everything okay?" she asked, "I thought, and I'm sure this isn't true, that Bella just said she…doesn't love you, and has no idea what you're is talking about. I don’t mean to but in, but I was just the teeniest bit shocked."

"Well, that's it in a nutshell." I answered, because Edward looked too shell-shocked to form a coherent response. Alice grabbed his arm and pulled him to the corner.

I heard her say, "You should probably go talk to Carlisle. Now. I'll stay with Bella." I decided to speak up.

"You do realize that I can hear every word you're saying over there? Even when you're speed talking, or whispering so quietly no human could ever hear. I'm not human anymore." Alice mouthed the words "Oh, yeah. Oops." to herself. Edward rolled his eyes at her reaction, and strode out of the room, probably to talk to Carlisle about my…change of feeling. Alice walked over and sat on the daybed that I had been lying on for my transformation.

"Bella, is this true? You really don't love him anymore?" she was whispering again, her lips barely moving.

"I don't know why. I just woke up from my transformation, and it felt like something was missing. Not there, but also irrelevant. I'm guessing that that was my love for Edward. Maybe we weren't meant to be together forever." Alice looked shocked that I was taking such a cool view of matters.

"But…it worked for Esme and Carlisle! Why on earth…." She trailed off. "Wait here. I have to look something up." She dashed from the room. I knew I had to leave. The window was open, so I simply walked over to it, and climbed out. I fell softly onto the grass, and took off running. In minutes, I was across the Canadian border.