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Not Meant to Be

This is full of Edward angst, though not direct. I Finally got chapter 3 up!! this will only be one more chappie, two at most. srry

I own nothing but Luke

2. Meaningless

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I made it to Ottawa in under an hour. Now I found myself alone, with no friends, no resources, and no heart to continue running. I headed out to the woods, to meditate until I could figure out what to do. Where to go. The trees towered around me, but under their thin, leafless branches I felt exposed. I found myself wishing for the close, dripping forests of Forks. Stop it! I told myself. I couldn't go back. Things would just get more and more awkward until I ran away again.

I considered my options. I could go to Denali, but the Cullen's would probably check there first. Where would they never dream I'd go? To someone that wanted me dead.

A/N; No. She's not going to Victoria. Signing off.

The only place I could go and certainly be safe was with the Volturi. As much as the idea disgusted me, I was not stupid enough to think there was another option. Plus, Aro had pretty much guaranteed me a place. But I'd have to wait to see what my power was first. That was the only glitch. But I had to keep moving. Tonight I would make a run for the northern part of Montana. I'd have to figure out my route from there.

With my plan set firmly in stone, I stood, only just realizing how dark it was. Meditating had taken a long time. The softest breeze brushed past my face. It was time to start leaving my old life behind.


The sky was still dark as I crossed a road in a city, with no idea where I was. What if I'd overshot Montana? Would I ever make my way back to Forks? Questions spun through my mind, muddling me, and sucking me into my thoughts. I barely even noticed as I crashed into a hard body, and fell to the ground. But it did jostle me enough to make me look up, dazed. I found myself looking at inhumanly handsome face, with a pair of gold eyes. Gold. Another vampire, a good one.

"Are you okay?" he asked. His voice was beautiful, soft and rich, like velvet. Inside, I was stammering and dazed. However, I didn't let this phase what he saw.

"Yeah. I'm just…surprised." I took his proffered hand, and he pulled me to my feet. "I didn't expect to meet another vegetarian vampire here."

"I didn't either. I mean, other than my family. So, you don't have a family?" I mutely shook my head.

"Well, actually, I…did. I ran away. We lived in Washington. They changed me, but…there were complications. I did what was best for us all." My voice shook.

"Not what was best for all of you. That made you a wreck. You ripped yourself in half." His eyes almost literally melted, just like Edward's had. Cut it out! I internally yelled at myself. I had to let my old life go. "When I leave somewhere, I usually go with my family." His joke wasn't actually funny, but I still smiled.

"Speaking of, my family is leaving again. Do you want to travel with us?" He smiled, and the sunny face reminded me of someone. I was filled with a warmth that I'd only ever felt when Jacob looked at me, then smiled.

"Sure. I'm sorry, don't mean to be rude, but who are you? And what do you call your clan? Maybe I've heard of it. Oh by the way, I'm Bella Swan, formerly Cullen." I needed a name with which to label the face that was now seared into my memory.

"I'm Luke. I'm in the Carneaous Clan. You probably haven't heard of us. We travel too much. None of us has ever gotten in touch with the Volturi, or any other clans. We tend to stay low pro." Which didn't bother me. I began to see a new option emerge. "If you're coming, we need to get going now, Tara and Alex are getting impatient." He grabbed my arm, and pulled me off in the same direction he'd been going before our little collision. The air rushed past my face briefly, and then we had stopped. Standing in front of a store were two youngish people. They were beautiful, and looked fairly shocked at the sight of me.

"Um, Luke, who is this?" The female, probably Tara, looked the most shocked.

"Bella Swan. I ran into her. Can she travel with us for a bit? She doesn't have a clan anymore." Tara's eyes softened instantly.

"Of course. We'd be glad to have you, dear." The last part was directed at me.

"Thank you. I'm sorry if it's an inconvenience." I didn't think it was, but it seemed polite to apologize.

"Not at all. It'll be nice for Luke to have someone to talk to other than me or Tara." Alex spoke now. His voice was musical and slightly familiar. It mocked Carlisle's. If I could have, I would have blushed. "We're going to Maine for now. We travel a lot. Luke says you lived in Washington State. Was that with you former clan, or as a human?"

"Both," his casual question picked viciously at my resolve not to burst into dry sobs.

"Luke, Bella, we have to go now!" Tara whispered frantically. "I think that's one of the Volturi. We have to get out of here!" I whipped around, forcing myself not to fall into defensive crouch. One quick look around confirmed Tara's fears.

"That's Felix and Demitri. I wonder what they're doing here." My words shocked Luke and Tara into silence. Alex only nodded serenely. Felix turned in response to my words. His eyes lit up at the sight of me. Crap. He strode over confidently,

"Is this really Bella? Yes, I suppose so. I must say, you were nothing special as a human, but now…" he trailed off suggestively.

"Don't even think about it, Felix. You're disgusting." I shuddered at the thought of what he was no doubt thinking. To my surprise, I saw a flare of color at my side. Luke had stepped forward, his eyes dangerous. I felt a deep tugging inside me, telling me not to let him go closer, to protect him. I wasn't that stupid. What shocked me was that Luke was surrounded by a bright, red light. And, boy, was he angry.

"Don't touch her." He snarled low enough that any nearby humans wouldn't have heard a thing. The words filled me with warmth again. Only warmer warmth. I knew the word I was searching for. I knew the feeling from a different lifetime. Twice. The word was love. I loved him. I had no time to be alone with my startling revelation, as Felix was still there, and Demitri had evidently chosen to grace us with his presence. He walked over.

"Can this really be? Bella Swan, you certainly are quite a stunner now. This simplifies matters. Now we don't have to go all the way to Forks. Speaking of which, where's your precious Edward? I want a snap at him." Demitri would be very disappointed.

"Edward's still in Forks. Your bad luck, Demitri."

"Um…excuse me, but Bella, do you know these people?" Alex's reasonable voice spoke from behind me. He sounded mildly confused.

"Yeah, from another life, you might say. We aren't exactly friends. They're here to make sure I've been changed. It's kinda complicated." That probably didn't help much. I hated Demitri. Not just because he revealed the place I came from, but also because he had spoken freely of Edward. In front of this clan. Edward was a secret I would have carried for eternity, and he had spilled it as easily as if it were just a glass of water, without a care.

"Well, undoubtedly you have been changed, which leaves one more order of business. Aro would like to know if you would like to take up the offer of employment." As if.

"Hmm…How about telling Aro that I said 'no thanks'." I turned and walked away, gesturing for Luke, Alex, and Tara to follow.

As soon as we were safely down the nearest alley, I stopped. Alex cleared his throat.

"I believe an explanation is in order. I, personally, would like to know how you know the Volturi." I sighed and sat on the ground. The other three sat facing me.

"Well, I'll tell you the short version. When I was human, I met a vampire, and fell in love with him. Then he left so I wouldn't be in danger anymore. I was cliff diving one day, and his sister thought I was dead, so he went to the Volturi to get himself killed. I went to stop him, and then the Volturi made him promise to turn me because I knew far too much. He changed me, but the venom changed something fundamental. I didn't love him anymore. So I ran. And then I ran into Luke." The short, painless, completely empty of feeling version. Luke's nimbus had turned an interesting pinkish color. The look on his face was somewhere between horror and deep satisfaction. I wanted to reach for his hand, to comfort him, but I held myself back.

"And now, we need to get going," said Tara. We all stood. Alex led us out of the alley. The sun was starting to rise on the horizon. We ran, heading for Maine and the east coast.