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Not Meant to Be

This is full of Edward angst, though not direct. I Finally got chapter 3 up!! this will only be one more chappie, two at most. srry

I own nothing but Luke

3. Lover's Utopia

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The Clan had been traveling for a week or so. I was truly one of them now. Luke and I had become the closet of the group. I was discovering many new things about Clan life, and the family I was now the official "daughter" of.

Tara was the "mom". She worried, she nagged, she acted exactly like a mother. She had the ability to see the truth. Illusions, tricks, deceptions, and lies stood no chance. A very motherly quality. She looked like a toned down super model. Her eyes were large and clear. Long black lashes curved up, not quite curled. A pencil thin brow arched over each gold orb. Her bow lips were a constant shade of watermelon pink, due to the application of large quantities lipstick. Loose blonde tresses curled ever so slightly around her face. The rest of her hair was bone straight.

Alex was the "dad". The leader and the decision maker. He could sense certain things; other vampires, and random stuff about people. His black hair had a faint curl. He wore wire-rimmed glasses, and was thoroughly British, accent included. Otherwise, my "father" was unremarkable.

The person I loved most in the coven was Luke, slightly shy, drop dead gorgeous, and funny. His hair was light brown, soft, short, and straight. He was muscular and thin. He tended to wear a really boring ensemble, consisting of slightly baggy jeans, a tee shirt, and an unbuttoned button-up shirt. But Luke could make it look designer.


<>Luke and I walked side-by-side, hands brushing once ever while. Tara and Alex were back at the motel. I had taken off for my nightly walk, and Luke had tagged along <>

<> "Bella?" His voice tore me from my thoughts.



"Do…do you still love him? The boy from your other coven?" he asked. I smiled softly. Boys.

"No. Not like that, anyway. Like a brother, yes. Like a boyfriend, no." I looked at him. "Why?

<>"Because…I…well, I-" I cut him off. <>"I know. Me, too." He took my hand, and looked me straight in the eye. Then, faster than I could blink, he pulled me to him. The second our lips pressed together, a huge electric charge seemed to run through our bodies. My arms snaked around his shoulders. One of his hands found the back of my neck, while the other rested on the small of my back. My lips opened slightly, and that was enough invitation. I could feel his tongue, pressing against mine. There is nothing like that sensation. The feeling of ecstasy that comes from the first kiss of two lovers. He pressed me to him, and I pulled myself closer. Our tongues explored each other's mouths. The kiss became urgent, faster, harder. When we broke apart, my lips were tender and swollen. His eyes glowed pale gold in the moonlight.

"You're beautiful," he whispered.

Tara's POV

I could see the two, walking together. It was amazing how good a view of the proceedings was afforded by the room's wall-to-wall window. My husband, Alex, sat beside me, reading. I watched the duo. They stopped, and faced each other. One of the silver gilded figures reached out to take the others hand. I looked more closely, and saw Luke holding Bella's hand.

A word about Bella. She is my pride and joy. The minute she began to travel with us, she became our daughter. Her long, straight brown hair, soft, round face, and giant eyes make her the most adorable child one could ever wish for. Now, back to the matters at hand.

The fact that all I could see of Bella was the back of her head made keeping up hard. Then, Luke pulled her into a kiss.

"Ha! I win. Ten dollars, dear. Pay up." Alex peered up over the edge of his book.

"Fine." He handed me a crisp note. "You do realize how utterly immature betting on this kind of thing is, don't you?" he asked. I nodded. Damn, that silly accent was so sexy, sometimes.

I went back to watching Luke and Isabella. They made a pretty picture, two sweethearts, gilded in silver.

"They look just like lovers, don't they?" I asked. Alex peered over the top of his book, and nodded shortly. The controlled response was so British, I burst out laughing.


Bella's POV

The world seemed to be made for us, and us alone. The night sounds seemed to create a barrier between us and the outside reality.

We stood, peacefully, at rest. My head lay on his chest. He held me, and, every once in a while, I felt his lips brush the top of my head, laying kisses on my hair. I no longer felt that something was missing. We were a picture of two lovers, in the moonlight of their own utopia.