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Il Cacciatore Del Vampiro

The Vampire Hunter Edward leaves Bella. She does not hear his voice. When he decides to return, what will he find?
k dudes. I have had like nine hundred somethin people read and only FOURTEEN PEOPLE REVIEWED. IN WHAT CRAZY WORLD IS THAT OKAY?!?!?!?!

I try to keep my stories happy so believe me when i say NO CHARACTERS DIE INTHIS STORY. I PROMISE. ONE COMES CLOSE, BUT DO NOT STOP READING!!!!!!!!

1. Lost and Found

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Il Cacciatore Del Vampiro

“Stupid bastard! Why!? Why did he just have to go and leave? Dammit! I was stupid to think I was good enough to be his.” I ranted angrily. I had just awakened from my zombie-like stage and I was pissed off. I was pacing around my room like a captive animal. I glared at everything, looking for some way to vent my anger and abandonment. My eyes fell on the rocking chair from my childhood, the very same chair that he sat in every night while he watched me sleep. The fury became too much. I balled my hands into fists and swung them as hard as I could at the chair. The wood splintered and snapped. I struck again and again, until the chair lay in unrecognizable pieces on the floor. I felt amazing, and I looked down at my hands. They were ripped and bleeding, and even though it hurt like hell, I was glad that I could feel something again. I stormed down the stairs and swiped my keys off the table. Charlie was not home yet and I needed something to do. I revved my truck to life and sped down the road, grinding my teeth at the protesting whine of the engine. I raced down the slick and rainy roads, looking for some distraction. I saw something that made my lips turn into a wicked grin. Two motorcycles. Perfect. I jumped out of the car and was out of breath when a kid not much younger than me opened the door. He looked surprised.

“Bella Swan?” he asked incredulously. I nodded. I remembered him now. He went to my school with his older brother.

“How much for the bikes?” I asked eagerly. He raised his eyebrows.

“Those pieces of crap? They hardly work. You can take them! We were only gonna drop them at the dump anyway.” He told me. He called his brother out, and the three of us managed to wrestle the bikes into the bed of my truck. I thanked them numerous times, and drove towards a place I had not been in the longest time. I pulled out my phone and dialed a familiar number.

“Chief Swan here.” The gruff voice of my father answered.

“Hey dad, it’s Bella.” I said into the phone. I was now on the reservation.

“Bells, are you okay, what’s the matter?” Charlie asked frantically. I sighed.

“I’m fine dad, I just wondered where Jacob Black’s house was.” I replied.

“Oh! Well in that case, as you turn into the reservation, drive to your left. There aren’t many houses there, so you should be able to find it fairly easily. The number is 1607. Got it?” Charlie instructed. I pulled into the driveway of Jacob Black’s house.

“Yeah, I’m already there. Thanks Char-I mean dad.” I snapped the phone shut. I slipped out of the truck and into the pouring rain. I jogged up to the door, slipping, but catching myself on the railing just as Jacob opened the door. He took in my appearance, and it must have been hilarious because he busted out laughing.

“Still as clumsy as ever, huh Bells.” He chuckled while helping me into his house. I grinned, feeling better than I had in a very long time.

“Jake, you’re a mechanic, right?” I asked him shyly. He grinned proudly.

“Only the best, why do you ask?” I laughed at his bragging.

“I may have acquired a couple of fixer uppers. What do you know about motorcycles?” I told him slyly. I swear, the look on his face said it all. He looked like a five year old at Christmas. He said nothing, only ginned wolfishly and grabbed my by the hand. We ran outside to inspect the bikes. His eyebrows rose at the sight.

“Damn, Bella! These could be worth something by the time we’re finished!” Jake cried. I raised my eyebrows skeptically. He did not seem to notice. “Drive around back, to the garage!” Jake told me, hopping into the truck with me. We got the bikes into the shed where Jake kept his Volkswagen Rabbit, and he deftly began to dismantle the bikes. I watched eagerly as he chucked some pieces and put others into a neat pile. In about half an hour, he was finished with the red bike, and began to move on to the black one. Jake started to take it apart when I interrupted.

“Jake, would it be cool if you, um……” I began. Jake cocked his head at me curiously. “Could you try to teach me?” I asked hopefully. Maybe something to do would help me with the internal pain I was feeling. He smiled at me.

“Of course, Bella! Another pair of hands would be awesome!” I smiled happily, and plopped myself cross-legged next to him. I found that I really understood it, and Jake was amazed at my progress. In roughly two hours, he pulled me to my feet and we walked to the truck. I drove back to the driveway, but the muddy tire tracks looked suspicious to me.

“Don’t worry Bella, Charlie won’t find out.” He told me reassuringly, guessing my fear. I smiled.

The days passed quickly and I was at Jake’s house every day. Jake was teaching me a lot about the bikes, and I met and befriended Quil and Embry. The four of us were often seen on the reservation together. Between all of us, the bikes were finished in no time. We gently laid our handiwork in the bed of my truck, and drove off somewhere we would not be seen or heard. Embry and Quil both had their own dirt bikes and they tutored us on riding the motorcycles. I fell off multiple times and earned myself a sprained wrist and a concussion. We all laughed as Jake drove me to the emergency room.

“Bella, can you ever do anything without injuring yourself?” Embry teased me on the way back to the reservation from the hospital. I sniffed and turned my nose up at him, earning chuckles from the three boys that I had gotten close to.

“For your information, I most definitely can.” I whined like a four year old. More laughter. “Alright, boys. I will make a bet with y’all.” I sneered in a face southern accent. They looked at me intently, ready for anything. “I will sign the four of us up for…….” I trailed off dramatically. “KARATE LESSONS!” I cried. The three boys that were almost my brothers gaped at me for a good thirty seconds before bursting into laughter. Jake had to pull the car over he was laughing that hard. I sat there, just scowling at the hyenas before me. “I’m serious!” I said, causing them to laugh harder. I looked out the window to wait for Jake, Quil, and Embry to stop laughing. I blinked in surprise and glee when I saw where we were. We were outside the sports complex. I was so happy, I jumped out of the car, abut I forgot that I had a concussion. I was really dizzy. I walked slowly to the doors. I signed the four of us up for karate lessons the following week. I walked out of the arena, proudly flaunting the entrance forms. I gently got into the car, and smacked the papers down on the dashboard.

“Ha.” I said. “Karate lessons start next week.” I stated. Quil and Jake scowled darkly and opened their wallets. Embry beamed holding out his palm. Jake and Quil slapped ten dollars each into Embry’s waiting palms. He grinned at me while Jake started the car muttering something inaudible. I raised an eyebrow at Embry.

“I never underestimated you, Bells. These two just didn’t think you had the guts to take karate. I bet them ten dollars each that you did. Quil said no way and Jake thought you would go in, but then you would back out at the last minute. I knew you would do it!” Embry proudly stated. I smiled at him, and sighed.

“I always knew you were my favorite!” I giggled. The boys drove me to my house, promising to be back first thing in the morning. After a hot shower and some Tylenol, I fell asleep in sweatpants and a ratty old t- shirt. When he left, I was utterly lost. Now, with my good friends, it was like I was found again.