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Il Cacciatore Del Vampiro

The Vampire Hunter Edward leaves Bella. She does not hear his voice. When he decides to return, what will he find?
k dudes. I have had like nine hundred somethin people read and only FOURTEEN PEOPLE REVIEWED. IN WHAT CRAZY WORLD IS THAT OKAY?!?!?!?!

I try to keep my stories happy so believe me when i say NO CHARACTERS DIE INTHIS STORY. I PROMISE. ONE COMES CLOSE, BUT DO NOT STOP READING!!!!!!!!

2. Nightmare

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I sat up with a scream, and a chill hit my sweat-soaked body. I had dreamed again. About him. I looked at the clock; it read 3:20 am. I exhaled sharply and began to go back to sleep.

The next thing I knew, I was being harassed by three teenage boys. They had snuck as quietly as they could-which was not quietly at all- into my room, wrenched back the quilt, and Jake picked me up and carried me downstairs. He flipped me over his shoulder, so I beat against his back and I kicked my legs around.

“Dammit, Jacob! Put me down!” I shrieked. My voice was scratchy and dry because I just woke up. A look of mocking fear came over Quil’s face.

“Uh, guys, the banshee is angry! Maybe you should put her down.” He snickered, playing scared. Embry did the same. He hid behind Quil in horror as he took in my rugged appearance.

“Jake, maybe should put her down….NOW!” Embry shouted gleefully just as Jacob dumped me over the back of my couch. I laid there pouting for a moment, until I heard Charlie’s voice.

“Morning boys.” He said briskly.

“Morning Charlie” Jacob.

“Hey, Chief.” Embry.

“Good morning, sir.” The always respectable Quil. I sat up very inconspicuously, peeking over the edge of the couch. Jake and Embry sat at the table with Charlie. Quil was observing my horrifying pictures on the wall. I quietly rolled onto the floor, and crawled behind the coffee table. I was invisible from where the boys were sitting.

“Psst! Quil!” I whispered. He looked around, spotted me and grinned. I put a finger to my lips and waved him over. He dropped to the floor, a lot quieter than I had. “Okay, Quil. Here’s your chance to take Embry’s place as my favorite. We are going for a stealth attack I’ll go left, you go right. On the count of three knock them out of their chairs! Got it?” I muttered. Quil was successfully holding in laughter. He gave me a mock salute.

“Aye, Captain.” He whispered. We crawled on all fours to our separate sides of the couch. My dad and Jake and Embry were discussing the game that was on. I made eye contact with Quil.

“One…two…three” I murmured. We dove for the chairs, and successfully unseated our friends. They did not even know what hit them. Charlie roared with laughter. I did not blame him, we must have looked hilarious. I stood up with as much grace as I could manage, and brushed myself off.

“Well done, Quil. You are now my favorite. Sorry, Embry.” I said solemnly. I high fived Quil, and helped my other two friends to their feet. “I’m gonna go shower, I’ll be down in half an hour. Amuse yourselves, you’ll find a way. I’m sure there are some cartoons on or something.” I announced. At the foot of the stairs I turned and added jokingly “and if I catch you peeking, you will face my wrath!” I saw them laugh. Jake leapt over the back of the couch and Embry followed. Quil rolled on top of them, causing them to roughhouse for a moment before fighting for control of the remote. I walked carefully upstairs so I wouldn’t fall. The shower relaxed my muscles and the familiar scent of my strawberry shampoo relaxed me even more. I got out and towel dried my hair. I put on baggy ripped jeans, a tight royal blue t-shirt, and my worn sneakers. I grabbed my black hoodie and started down the stairs. I sat on the couch next to Embry.

“Holy crap, Embry do you ever stop growing?!” I asked incredulously. He grinned and ruffled my hair. “So, where to today my good sirs?” I asked. Jake looked up at me, smiling.

“Well, fair lady, now that we can all competently ride our bikes, we decided to ride them to play paintball on the rez.” He stated.

“Sounds great, guys! Hey how did you guys get here without my dad throwing a fit over the bikes?” I wondered. Jake grinned proudly. My jaw dropped. “No. Way. You finished the car!?!?” I screeched. I was ecstatic for him. I raced out to the porch to see his finished work. I looked slyly at Embry and Quil, and sighed dramatically. “Quil, I am dreadfully sorry. Jacob has dominated the ranks as my favorite. But guess what?”

“What?” The three of the asked in unison. I grinned and yelled one word.

“SHOTGUN!” Jake laughed and Quil and Embry groaned. On our way to paintball I was a little afraid that people would recognize us on the bikes, but Jake reassured me. I was on Embry’s team for paintball, and I must say we pulled off some pretty sweet ninja moves and still came out looking like a Monet painting. I ran up to congratulate my partner on our victory, but as I shook his hand, I noticed something.

“Whoa, Embry, you are hot!” I cried, worried for my friend. He laughed.

“Why, yes I am Bella thank you for finally noticing.” He replied. I rolled my eyes.

“No, I think you should see a doctor or something, you’re burning up.” I said anxiously. He looked at me like I was a silly child.

“Bella, I feel fine. Your hands are just freezing.” He told me simply. I stopped pressing the matter and looked at my hands. If anything I felt warmer than usual. It was sunny today and I had worn a tank top. On the way home, a strange look came over Embry’s face. As we got to the reservation and dropped us all off at Jake’s house, he stated that he was going home.

“I think I might be coming down with something. I feel a little……weird.” Embry stated. We all told him to get well soon as we traipsed off to the garage. We rode our motorcycles out of the woods and up around the cliffs. I was becoming quite good and I could win two out of four races with Jacob. He whined and told me that it was because I weighed half as much as he did. I laughed. Quil and I could beat each other occasionally, but we were pretty evenly matched. We neared the top of the cliffs, and a group of huge teenagers stood there. Jake and Quil slowed down cautiously, but I sped towards them. Just then, one of the boys ran and threw himself off the cliff. I shrieked, jumping off the bike. I ran towards the young men and ripped my helmet off.

“WHAT THE HELL?! WHY DIDN’T YOU STOP HIM!? SOMEBODY CALL 911!” I screamed. The boys looked me over as Jacob and Quil came up behind me. One of the boys spoke up.

“Oh, that? Paul doesn’t need a hospital. He needs anger management maybe, but not a hospital. We’re only cliff diving.” He said as another one of the boys leapt off the cliff. Jake and Quil each had a hand on my shoulder. Their eyes were wary, if not fearful.

“C’mon, Bells, let’s go.” Jake said urgently. Quil nodded. They handed me my helmet and got on their bikes. I followed them and when we stopped I walked towards them.

“Who were they?” I asked quietly, “Why are you afraid of them?” Quil looked down as Jake regarded me sadly.

“That’s the La Push gang. They call themselves ‘Protectors’.” Jake told me softly. I was impressed; I didn’t know that La Push had its own gang. “One by one, Sam picks a kid from the rez and watches them like a hawk. Then they go missing for a few days, and come back as part of Sam’s gang. Lately he has been watching somebody new. Embry.” Jake said. He looked up at me; his beautiful dark eyes were sad and afraid. “He’s even looked in my direction a few times. I don’t want to be next.” Jake said. Quil was standing by him comfortingly. Without thinking, I ran to Jacob and wrapped my arms around his massive torso. He stiffened in surprise, only to envelop me in his own arms a moment later. I pulled away from him and hugged Quil too.

“You won’t be.” I told my friends firmly as I released Quil. “You just need to avoid them at all costs.” They were clearly scared. “How about we stay at my house tomorrow?” They nodded, smiling at me.

After Jacob drove me home that night I had the most awful dream. I was walking through the eerily green forest, but Sam was following me. All of a sudden, Jacob erupted from the trees.

“Bella, Bella! You have to help me! He’s gonna-” Jacob said frantically. He was cut off when an enormous black wolf stepped from the shadows. Sam was nowhere to be found. The wolf lunged at Jacob.

I woke up panting in fear. The clock read 6:30. I sighed and got ready for school. Every day I faced the torture of Jessica, Lauren, and Mike. Angela was the only understanding one, apart from Jake, Embry and Quil. I only wore dull colors now, wanting to blend in with my surroundings. Eventually, it had worked. People stopped trying to talk to me or invite me places. The only thing I looked forward to at the end of the day was feeling the brotherly love of my three friends: Jake, Embry and Quil.

Upon my return home from school, I saw a red Volkswagen in the driveway and happily rushed inside. Inside I saw two forms on the couch. Embry was not present.