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Il Cacciatore Del Vampiro

The Vampire Hunter Edward leaves Bella. She does not hear his voice. When he decides to return, what will he find?
k dudes. I have had like nine hundred somethin people read and only FOURTEEN PEOPLE REVIEWED. IN WHAT CRAZY WORLD IS THAT OKAY?!?!?!?!

I try to keep my stories happy so believe me when i say NO CHARACTERS DIE INTHIS STORY. I PROMISE. ONE COMES CLOSE, BUT DO NOT STOP READING!!!!!!!!

3. Pain

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Jake looked up at me with emotions playing across his face. Sadness. Fear. Anger. It could only be one thing. I ran over to the other side of the couch. Quil and Jake were sitting with a little bit of space between them I dove into that space and laid my head on Quil’s shoulder.

“I guess Embry will be hanging out with Sam’s gang now, huh?” Jake asked softly. I opened my eyes, and they were burning with hatred. It was hatred for Sam and his gang.

“No.” I whispered fiercely. “No. We will go tell Sam to go to hell, and get Embry, and come home.” The plan sounded crazy even to me, but I was doing it with teenage boys; who really cares? We all raced to the Rabbit and jumped in. I sat in the back while we raced for the reservation. No one spoke, this was too important. We drove past a few stores on the reservation. In front of a convenience store, we saw Sam and his cronies. Embry was not among them. I jumped out of the car, angrier than I had ever been. Quil and Jake followed as I stormed up to Sam.

“Sam, you son of a bitch, where is Embry?!” I shouted. One of Sam’s goons moved in front of me and started growling at me. He was shaking so uncontrollably I took a step back.

“Paul, cut it out!” Sam barked. He was calm, but his eyes held anxiety. “He’s not with you?” He asked worriedly.

“No! He’s not at school, his house, anywhere! We thought he was with you.” Jake said. Sam made eye contact with the other boys around him. They took off running, shoving past Jacob, Quil, and I. Sam looked at us, locking his eyes on Jake. I could feel Jacob shift uneasily behind me. I sighed, leading Quil and Jake back to the car. Why were we here, arguing with Sam, when we could be out searching for Embry? As we all piled into the Rabbit, I told Jacob to drive back to his house so that we could search on bikes. When we reached Embry’s house on our motorcycles, Quil, Jake, and I split up in the woods to look for Embry. There were quite a few people searching the forest for our lost friend. I hoped Charlie did not show up, he would be extremely mad to see that I was riding a motorcycle. I rode faster and farther than everyone else. I heard branches snap, so I got off the bike to search on foot. I moved carefully, so I wouldn’t fall or scare him away. The snapping noises got louder, and I moved slightly faster. Unfortunately, I tripped on a root and fell through a wall of bushes, coming face to face with the largest animal I had ever seen. At first I thought it was a bear because of its deep brown fur, but as I scrambled back, I discovered that it was, in fact, a wolf. I gasped, and it turned its massive head towards me. I caught myself staring directly into its eyes, and saw flashes of fear and recognition in the deep black pools. I froze as it moved towards me. It sniffed me, and did the most unexpected thing. It sat down and grinned. I don’t know how it managed to smile, but it was so strange that I bolted back to my bike. I sped as fast as I could towards Embry’s house, but the wolf managed to keep up and it followed me. It navigated easily through the trees, and I could not help but admire its grace. There was something familiar about the animal, but I could not put my finger on it. I glanced back over my shoulder, and shrieked when the wolf was right behind me. I saw Quil nearby, so I swerved and rode towards him. He saw me coming and sped up to match my pace.

“What the hell are you doing? Did you find Embry?” he shouted over the roar of the motorcycles.

“No, but I found a crazy wolf that won’t stop following me!” I yelled frantically. Quil looked behind us and yelled in shock when he saw the wolf following us. We rode towards the only person nearby. It just happened to be Sam. He was on foot and dressed only in a pair of cutoff denim shorts. He saw the animal following us, gasped and ran into the trees. We rode on for about a hundred yards, when another huge wolf, black this time, exploded from the trees. It shoved the brown wolf off the trail. Quil and I slowed down. We got off our bikes when we reached Jacob. I collapsed against a tree and slid down the trunk. Quil sat next to me. Jacob looked worried. I looked over at Quil.

“That was probably the most frightening thing I have ever experienced in my life. Ever.” I stated, panting. Quil nodded.

“What happened?” Jake cried. Quil explained the ordeal.

“Wow.” Was all Jake said, in awe of what happened. I nodded in agreement, reaching up for him to help me stand.

“Jake, I think you might be sick!” I exclaimed.

“No way!” Jake chuckled. I scowled at him.

“Quil, come feel his hand!” I demanded. Quil looked confused as he grasped Jacob’s hand.

“Feels fine to me.” Quil said, shrugging. I frowned and put my hand to Quil’s forehead. It was scorching.

“Holy crap! First you all grow like three feet, then you eat everything in sight, now you’re burning up. What next, are you going to turn into a giant hell hound or something?” I yelled. We all laughed at my little rant. All of a sudden, I heard Charlie’s voice.

“Dammit! If Charlie finds out that I have motorcycle, he will murder me!” I groaned. Quil smiled.

“Go home, Bells. We will get your bike back to Jake’s house.” He reassured me.

“Thanks,” I said, “Call me if you hear anything else about Embry.” As I left, Sam emerged from the trees. I climbed into the cruiser with Charlie, and smiled wearily at him. I decided not to tell him about my recent wildlife encounter.

I woke up late the next morning and drove to La Push. Neither Jake, nor Quil was home. I began to worry. The last person I had seen them with was Sam. I spent the rest of the day looking for my friends. I began feeling the hole in my chest, left from his departure, ripple. It had somewhat healed when I began spending time with Jake, Quil, and Embry. I clutched my stomach in pain. I managed to drive home. I curled up and sobbed for about an hour in my bed. I felt myself slipping, slipping back into numbness.

Four days later, I had still not seen any of the boys. I went to the karate class, and it felt good to vent my anger and frustration. I had a knack for the martial arts, the instructor had told me. I felt a little better after the lesson and decided to pay a visit to La Push again. I traveled the familiar streets, anxious to see if my friends were back. I climbed out of the truck and knocked on the door. To my unexplainable joy, Jacob answered the door, followed by Quil and Embry. A single tear of happiness fell down my face as I moved to give Jake a hug. But the tear was followed by another tear. A tear of sadness, as he pushed me away. I saw pity in their eyes.

“I’m so sorry Bella. I can’t be around you anymore. We all can’t.” Quil said softly. I was in emotional turmoil. I was crying even harder as I felt the rain fall outside. I felt angrier than I had ever felt as thunder and lightning crashed outside. I felt the black cloud of abandonment like the black clouds covering the sky. The anger made its way to the top of my feelings. I glared at them murderously, and in unison they stepped back. I moved forward and pulled my fist back. I perfectly executed one of the punches the karate instructors taught me. I had practiced this one countless times, and I could break through a wall. I know because while I was practicing, I accidentally broke through the wall of my bedroom. I watched as Jacob stumbled backwards. He stood, arms rippling and shaking. I turned on my heel and walked out the door. I moved to my truck, sobbing as I drove to my house. I walked in the door and saw Charlie’s gun hanging there. I smiled my first real smile in a long time as an idea struck me. I did not have to suffer like this. I would not suffer anymore. I snatched the gun as I heard Charlie say my name. I drove to the one place that I needed to see. I got out of the truck and walked until I thought I was lost. I stumbled through a patch of ferns and smiled again. Even through the raging thunderstorm, the meadow was gorgeous. I walked to the center and pulled the pistol out of my jacket. I heard a ghostly laugh as I put the barrel to my chest. I pulled the trigger and felt a short blast of pain. I gasped as I saw the most beautiful face in the clouds. I crumpled to the ground as I saw Edward’s smiling face look down at me. My view was blocked by another beautiful face, but not one I wanted to see. Laurent stood poised at my neck. I dimly felt his teeth sink into me, pulling at my life. A lone bolt of lightning erupted from the clouds, followed by a roar of pain. A tingling, blissful sensation jolted through my body. The beautiful lightning was followed by fire. Lots of fire. My very veins were on fire, but I did not care. Yet another face interrupted my vision. Three faces, actually. Jake, Quil, and Embry.

“Bella, no, Bella! Why did you do this to yourself?” cried Embry. Quil held my head in his lap. Jake sobbed, resting his head on my chest. Their hands were covered in my blood. Weakly I tried to comfort them. I put one hand on Jake and the other on Embry. Quil gently stoked my hair, his tears mixing with my own. I was glad to have them here. They dulled the cold fire in my veins. I had a final request.

“W-why did y-you l-leave m-me?” I croaked, stuttering through the pain. They looked guiltily up at Sam, who had just appeared out of nowhere. He nodded, pity in his gaze.

“You can tell her boys. If she were becoming- one of them- she would be screaming bloody murder. Go ahead.” Sam told them. The truth was, I felt like screaming. My veins were filled with lava and turning into ice. I would have screamed if I had never felt such pain before, but I had. When Edward left me, I was in so much pain I thought I would die. I gazed intently at the boys. Jacob squeezed my hand softly, and took a deep breath.

“Remember the hell hound theory you had in the woods?” Jacob asked me. I nodded. I tried to smile but it turned into a grimace of pain. Quil stroked my hair and Embry brought my hand to his lips like a brother would have. The rain fell gentler now, and it was soothing. Jacob continued his explanation. “You were right on the dot. We are all werewolves. Sam, Paul, Jared, Quil, Embry, and I are all werewolves. We phase when we lose control of our emotions at first, but then we can begin to control it. Our entire existence is to kill vampires, it’s the reason we live for. You have heard of love at first sight, yes?” He prompted. The bullet hole in my chest was nothing compared to the one left by Edward. It rippled as if it threatened to tear me apart. I nodded through the pain. “Well, werewolves find their soul mates through a process called ‘imprinting’. We see the girl of our dreams and gravity moves. So far, only Jared and Sam have imprinted.” Jake told me. All of a sudden, I felt immensely tired. I pulled the boys closer so that they could hear what I needed to tell them.

“Jake, Embry, Quil, I love you like my brothers. Never think that this was your fault. I promise you, it wasn’t. I was just tired of being a zombie. I didn’t like to be numb. I had to fix the pain. I just want you to know that I will always love you.” I shifted slightly in Quil’s lap. “Sam, I am really sorry that I hated you. I didn’t know the whole story. I wanted to protect my friends.” I was crying silently now, we all were, even Sam and Paul. “Jake, give the bike to Charlie. Tell him that it was a motorcycle accident and that I am sorry.” I took a deep breath. This was it. I thought I was going to die. “If the Cullens ever come back, ask them why. Ask them why they left. And Edward. He said he loved me. He defied the laws of nature to be with me. Then he just left. He told me that he did not love me and that I was not good for him. Tell him……tell him that I still love him. Please. I love you all like my own family…..” Then I lost consciousness. I felt my heart stop beating, but I knew I was not dead. I tried to sleep for a while. I felt the cool rain on my skin. I drifted.