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Il Cacciatore Del Vampiro

The Vampire Hunter Edward leaves Bella. She does not hear his voice. When he decides to return, what will he find?
k dudes. I have had like nine hundred somethin people read and only FOURTEEN PEOPLE REVIEWED. IN WHAT CRAZY WORLD IS THAT OKAY?!?!?!?!

I try to keep my stories happy so believe me when i say NO CHARACTERS DIE INTHIS STORY. I PROMISE. ONE COMES CLOSE, BUT DO NOT STOP READING!!!!!!!!

6. Finding Out

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Edward’s POV

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING BACK HERE, YOU SON OF A BITCH?” Charlie roared at me as I stood on his doorstep. I backed up a little. His thoughts were only of killing me and listening to what Bella told him. He wanted to kill me very badly, but he kept thinking of what Bella wanted. I tried to keep calm as Bella’s father raged at me. “YOU LEFT HER! YOU LEFT LIKE YOU CARED NOTHING ABOUT HER, YOU LITTLE WRETCH! HOW COULD YOU?! SHE WOULD HAVE GIVEN UP EVERYTHING FOR YOU, AND YOU THREW THAT AWAY. How could you?” Charlie asked dejectedly. I just stood there like an imbecile as he shut the door in my face. I sprinted at vampire speed to the window. Charlie slumped at the table, clutching a worn letter, one he had probably read many times. To my surprise he began to cry. “Why, Bella?” was all he said. He sounded like a very small child. I wondered what had happened to make him like that. I also wondered where Bella could be. I drove to the school, trying to find some image of her in someone’s mind.

I waited for hours, but no one, not even Mike Newton had an image of Bella in their mind. I began to worry. What could she have done? She could have dropped out of school, and gotten a job. She could have done many things. I began to take drastic measures. I sprinted along the La Push border, knowing there were werewolves there. I did not expect to see anyone I knew there. When a half dressed Jacob Black emerged from the trees, I began to worry. I had heard that he was Bella’s childhood friend; surely he would know where she was. As I approached, the forlorn, depressed look in his eyes turned to one of anger and hate.

“Cullen,” he spat. I looked him over; he had no intention to hurt me. Just in case, I stood well away from the border. I looked at him, and his only thoughts were ways to kill me with as much pain as possible. I exhaled nervously.

“Hello, Jacob. I was wondering where Bella was.” I asked him. His face contorted in rage and pain.

“Oh, I know exactly where she is.” He said venomously. “Do you have a pen? I will write down the address for you.” I sprinted to my car and pulled out a pen and one of Carslisle’s business cards. I handed them to him with a grateful smile. He scowled in return. He scrawled an address messily on the slip of paper.

“Thank you, Jacob. When was the last time you talked to her?” I asked. He frowned as pain flashed across his face.

“About three months ago. I visit her once a week though. Just go to that address and ask to see Bella Swan.” He instructed. I nodded I stuck my hand out for him to shake, but he just shook his head in disgust and ran into the forest. A few moments later, I heard an agonized howl.

“Why, Bella?” was Jacob’s thought. Eerily, it was the exact phrase that Charlie used. I ditched my car at the old house, and sprinted to the address on the card. I froze when I got there. It was the Forks cemetery.

“Do they really hire minors here?” I wondered aloud. I walked around until I found a matronly woman. Her entire being just radiated care and comfort.

“Are you here to visit someone, dear?” she asked. I nodded.

“Bella Swan, ma’am.” I replied, looking down. She nodded pityingly.

“That poor girl gets a few visitors now and then. A few Quileute boys visit at least once a week. Also a nice girl with brown hair, Angela, I think? All nice young people.” She came to a stop. I looked around. Before I could ask, she was walking away, muttering. “Why did she do that?” I resumed my search for her familiar brown eyes, but my attention was caught by a brand new marble angel. It looked remarkably like Bella. I looked around, but Bella was nowhere in sight. I moved closer to the angel, examining its face. It had the same eyes as Bella, same smile, although it was a sad smile. I looked around again to look for my angel, and then turned to read the words on the bottom. As soon as I did, I swear, my stone cold heart shattered into a billion shards.

Isabella Marie Swan 1990 – 2008

Beloved Daughter and Friend

I collapsed to the ground, sobbing on the grass, in the shade beneath that marble angel. I really was a monster. It was all my fault. Why? How could I ever lie to such an angel? I curled up into a pathetic little ball, sobs wrenching my torso. I ignored the disgusting stench of werewolf as Jacob Black approached me. He just stood there.

“She suffered more than you could ever imagine.” Jacob told me in a deadly quiet voice. His head was full of images of Bella lying on the ground, bleeding and broken. I grabbed my head, trying to block out the agonizing images. “She shot herself. She was attacked by a vampire.She was struck by lightning. And she still held on long enough to tell us that she loved you, even after all you put her through.” Jacob sighed, tears coming to his eyes. As he sat, leaning against the angel. “It was some of our fault too. We added to the pain she had when you left her. When Embry, Quil, and I phased for the first time, we had to stay away from her to protect her. It pushed her over the edge.” I stood up beginning to walk away. I looked back only once.

“Thank you Jacob.” I whispered. I ran. I ran back to the comfort of my family. I needed to get away from this place.