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New Life

Bella is bitten by James during the Cullen's baseball game. Edward and Bella's life together after her change.

Well, I am new to this and this is my first time posting and I am very anxious to see how this turns out. I hope everyone enjoys!

1. Waking

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 501   Review this Chapter

They emerged from the forest edge one by one…

Three things happen while Carlisle is speaking. One, the light breeze ruffles my hair. Two, Edward stiffens. And three, James whips his head around, locking his deep burgundy eyes with mine.

Before I can blink, both Edward and James are in a crouch. James’s eyes are still on my face and my eyes snap shut when the single most terrifying sound rips from Edward’s throat.

Chills run from the crown of my head to the back of my heels.

Before I am able the comprehend what is happening, my back is pressed up hard against a tree deep in the dark forest with my hands locked in an iron grasp above my head. I now realize that my chances to escape are slim to none.

I suddenly feel a strange pressure on my neck, wrists and ankles.

He. Bit. Me.

I immediately let out a tortured scream as the venom enters my body. And the only thing that is running through my mind is where’s Edward?

As I drifted, I dreamed….. Edward save me. I love you. Goodbye, my love...

* * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 1 ~ Waking

As I drifted, I dreamed…..

Bu – Bum. Bu... Bum. Bu…Bum. Bu….Bum. Bu…..

As I listen to the final beats of my heart, I open my eyes and right in front of me is…


“Emmett? Where am I?”

“Bella!” he whispers but with my newfound senses it sounds like a scream. “You’re in Edward’s room,”

I scan over the dark room I am in and realize that I am on Edward’s couch. In the corner is Jasper, curled up in a tight ball, shaking.

“Jasper, what’s wrong?” I try to sound comforting but it only comes out as an inaudible hoarse whisper, but I know he hears me.

He just shakes his head and Emmett says, “Your pain is still affecting him. He’ll be all right soon enough,”

“Okay…where is Edward?”

“Uh…,” Emmett stutters, trying to avoid eye contact with me.

“Tell me, Emmett,” I growl.

“Uh….the last time I heard from him was about two days ago. He left after the first day of your transformation,” he murmurs.

“Why did he leave?” I whimper. How could he leave? Did he not want me like this? My eyes start to fill with tears. Tears or anger and hurt.

“I don’t know,” Emmett whispers, his head down.

“Well, I’m going to go find him,” I rasp as the tears fall.
I try to stand but fall over, not used to my new body yet. Emmett catches me and roars with laughter.

“I see you aren’t any more coordinated then before!”

“Ugh. Shut up, Emmett,” I snap.

He releases me and I stomp out of the room faster than before. I fly down the stairs and out the door into the forest towards the meadow. I reach the meadow about 5 minutes later. I am still in shock at the feeling of running so fast.

Then I see him.