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Love and Since

After NM. Bella was married to a werewolf. She had a baby. And then, she was bitten by Laurent. What happens seventy years later? What would they do when they meet up in a school? How would Edward handle another singer? Drama. R&R please! Rating T plus.


5. Chapter 4 - the singer

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Chapter 4 – the singer.

Bella’s POV

We had got to school just on time, which meant there wasn’t anyone in the parking to spot me and the Cullens walking together. Excellent.

“Bella, sit with us at lunch today. Please.” Alice said, pouting.

“Ok.” I promised. That wasn’t a hard promise to keep.

Alice squealed in delight. I laughed; it was so easy to make Alice happy.

Before we went to our separate classes, Edward flashed me a smile. It wasn’t a normal smile – as if that wasn’t enough to dazzle me – but his special crooked grin. Like always, my breath was caught. I shook my head a few times, trying to snap out of it. I could swear that I heard him snicker. Slightly angry, I muttered something rude under my breath.

Emmett had the same class as me. We ran – as humanly fast as possible – to English, once again making it just on time. I took my usual seat next to Susannah, smiling at her as I sat down. It was so good to see my ‘daughter’ again.

“Hey, what happened yesterday?” She asked.

“Oh there was a misunderstanding, nothing you should worry about.” I smiled innocently at her, hoping she would drop it. Sometimes I wish she wasn’t so noisy, like right then; she didn’t buy it.

“Oh, really?” Bells pressed. I sighed, and then something occurred to me. Susannah is one of the school’s biggest gossiper. Why not use this opportunity and let her spread something, which will stop people questioning why I’ll sit with the Cullens at lunch?

“Yeah, they’re old family friends. The people you saw I was with yesterday, well we didn’t used to not get along so well. But like I said, it’s all a misunderstanding.” I beamed, using my acting/lying skills.

“Oh,” she said, letting it drop.

I couldn’t help but to look at Emmett. Goofily, he smiled at me, in return I grinned back.

“Misunderstanding?” he mouthed, grinning wider.

It wasn’t a misunderstanding. The affairs I had with the Cullens could never be sorted out clearly. But I knew that whenever I am – and was – with them, I was much happier than any period of my life. And that was all I was going to think about, at least for then.

A ‘verbal’ answer didn’t seem to fit. So I shrugged at Emmett, in reply to his words.

Time seemed to fly by whenever I had a Cullen in my class. But time dragged on when there wasn’t. Although I loved each and everyone in the family, I have been disappointed that the one I care about most hadn’t had a lesson with me yet. However, I swallowed my feelings and told myself that he and I are no longer, haven’t been for seventy years, and get a grip. I snorted at the last thought; it’s been seventy years, I still can’t grip that, what were the chances of me gripping it now?

After Geography, everyone knew every word that I had told Bells. Mentally, I made a note to self; in the future high schools, let the ‘gossiper’ do my work for me.

Finally, lunch came. Try to be casual, I walked at normal human pace, and made my way towards the Cafeteria. Once I entered the noisy, teenager-full room, I began to scan for him. It was something I couldn’t help, just like how I couldn’t stop loving him.

I found them, but Alice, Jasper and Edward’s seats were empty. Relief and frustration gripped my feelings, as I walked over and sat down. Rosalie stood up and gave me a hug, while Emmett just smiled his signature smile. Somehow, it seemed strained. Both the smile and hug.

I returned their gestures. Then, putting on my best ‘I don’t care’ mask, I asked, in a nonchalant tone, of everyone else’s whereabouts. I was careful to watch their reactions warily; something – maybe the way their acted – told me that something was wrong. Very wrong.

Both Rosalie and Emmett had stiffened – in response to my question, then relaxed almost immediately. It was so quick, that I wondered if I have been imagining it. They glanced at each other – not their usual, I-can’t-keep-my-eyes-away-from-your-body look, but the… ‘Argument’ look. As if they were arguing, with their eyes.

“What is going on here?” I demanded, panicking and no longer able to keep my cool. Rosalie opened her mouth, and Emmett cut across her.

“No Rose! You know what will happen! Alice saw it! We can’t lose her! Please!” He begged, almost shouting. A couple of humans, who were sitting close by, looked at Emmett. Lose who? Alice? The invisible hand which was already gripping my heart contracted. I felt sick.

“Lose who? Is it Alice? What happened?!” I pleaded for an answer.

They both ignored me. “She has a right to know!” Rosalie shouted; black fire has taken over her usual golden eyes. “I know what will happen, but this feels wrong! She should know!” She looked at me, her eyes softened, but the fire was still there.

“Bella, I won’t put up a fit, if you promise that you’ll stay,” Emmett sighed.

I was too worried – and curious – to be concerned about the consequences which may follow this promise.

“I promise.” I assured him.

“Bella,” She began, looking down and spoke too soft for the human ears, which were straining to hear her words. I understood what she wanted; she wanted me to act like the way I had first seen the Cullens, in Forks High School’s cafeteria. I picked an apple of Rose’s tray and fiddled with it, cursing the nosy humans mentally.

“Alice, Jasper and Edward have gone to hunt. Edward, he…” she hesitated, “…he found someone whose blood is attracting him. But he managed control.”

I was too relieved that Alice was fine to care what about Rosalie had just told me. “So Alice isn’t hurt?” I needed to confirm that.

“No.” She was looking at me intensely, her stunning expression set on curious, as if waiting for some reaction.

I let out a laugh, very relieved. “Why are they going somewhere else?” I asked. And then it hit me. he found someone who’s blood is attracting him. “He. Found. Another, singer?” It was unbelievably hard to form that sentence.

Emmett and Rose nodded gravely.

“Who?” I whispered; I couldn’t speak louder; my facial muscles felt frozen.

“She’s in his Spanish class. Susannah, Bel. Or something like that.” Emmett answered me.

Susannah Bel. Susannah Bell. The closest person who’s like my daughter. The closest human who I interacted with almost a century. Edward’s singer.

The last time Edward found a singer, he had fallen in love with.

Whoever created the world must have really hated me. It wasn’t enough that I will spend the eternity, a lonely creature and hunted by memories. No. This was worse than any memories, because it was happening live and fast. I didn’t have any time, to catch my breath, to protect myself. This time, the hole in my chest just ripped out, without any warnings of it re-emerging. It was so painful, that I fell, literally off the chair. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms tightly around my chest, and gasped for the air, like they were painkillers.

This time, I don’t think I’ll survive it.

Edward’s POV

(It’s the same day, but at night time, and Edward didn’t know what happened to Bella)

Debussy blasted through the sound system of my car, for the first time, unable to do its usual job of calming me. My mind was filled with thoughts about Susannah Bell, from her scent to her smile. I could remember every word she said to me.

Her blood was even stronger than Bella’s all those years ago. It has awoken the monster inside me, who was screaming for blood, her blood.

There were so many similarities between Susannah and Bella. They were both my singers, they looked similar and I can’t hear their minds.

Bella. I sighed. Four hours ago, I knew exactly what I wanted from life. Bella, just my beautiful Bella. How can life alter so quickly?

All of a sudden, a thought tempted me. What would it be like to watch Susannah sleep? At such thoughts, I felt excited. I couldn’t explain why I felt that way.

Come home soon. Alice thought, from nearby.

Turning the engine on, I began to head back towards Portland.

Rosalie’s POV

“She’s in his Spanish class. Susannah, Bel. Or something like that.” Emmett said, answering Bella’s question.

Carefully, I began to observe her face, for once not comparing my beauty to hers. Her face was empty, empty of any signals of emotions. And then, as if someone brought fire to her skin, her face twisted in pain.

“Bella? Bella!?” I exclaimed, panicking. She didn’t response. Instead, she began to gasp for air, and fall off her chair, her arms tightly around her chest, her body twitching. Her eyes were fogged with tears, and to my surprise, a drop fall.

“Emmett! She’s, she’s, crying!” I grabbed his arm, clutching it like a child holding her toy after her mother scolded her; I needed his comfort.

The expression on Emmett’s face was shocked. “Let’s get her out of here first, to Carlisle. We’re making a scene.” He said, for once been the logic one.

“Okay.” I agreed, and then began to pick up our things, ignoring the humans who were now crowded around our lunch table, yelling at us about Bella. If anyone stopped us, we would hurt them.

Emmett picked Bella up in his arms, bridal style, then began to push through the crowd. Most human moved out of his way, some opened their mouth, but shut it again once their saw the look on my husband’s face. We were almost out of the cafeteria, when a boy stepped in front of us, blocking our way. I realized he’s Bella’s stalker.

“Please move.” I said, adding a bit of my charms into my voice. There was no time for drama.

“I need to know, where are you taking Bella?” He said, his eyes on my body.

“She’s not your property; get out of the way Hals.” Emmett growled.

“Where are you taking her!?” Hals demanded. That was the last strike for me; no human is allowed to yell at me.

“Emmett, run, get Bella to Carlisle. I’ll take care of this.” I instructed, my tone a buzz. Emmett nodded at me, and then he began to ran, as fast as possible in human speed. At the same time, I walked up towards Hals, and he took a step back, fright appeared on his face for a fraction of a second. And then it was gone, and he leered at me.

“Ohh, feisty.” He gave me the up-and-down look.

“I don’t have time for this, move out of the way.” I snapped; I was impatient to get to Bella. Without giving him time to response, I slapped him across the face, and then ‘kneed’ him.

Cheers and clapping began. Ignoring my ‘audience’, and the teachers who began to yell at me, I ran after Emmett. They were already in his Jeep. I took the back seat, and let Bella’s head rest on my lap. Emmett hit the gas as soon the door closed.

Worried and sympathetic, I looked at my almost-sister. She was still twitching, but there weren’t any more tears. She looked pale; her skin seemed see-through, like glass. I shivered; vampires own pale skin, but this was way below the belt.

“What do you think caused this?” I whispered, although I already knew the answer.

Edward.” He hissed, making the name sound like a curse.

“She never gotten over him, did she?” I murmured. Alice had told us that, but I hadn’t seen it until now.

Emmett sighed. “No. Neither did he, until now, apparently.” The muscles on his forearm hardened.

This was one side of my husband which I don’t see often. He never looses his temper, unless he lost a bet or got beaten in Halo. And it wouldn’t last very long, either. But what I saw that day was completely out of character of him; he must have been VERY livid.

Within five minutes, we arrived at the house. Only Esme was home.

“Alice had called me, and I had called Carlisle. He would be home soon.” Esme said, as she helped us move Bella out of the car, and onto the spare bedroom.

“What happened? Alice was in a hurry.” Esme demanded, after she observed Bella.

“You explain Emmett, right now; I’m going to murder a few trees, at the very least.” I was careful not to swear in front of Esme. Then, I ran out of the house, and into the forest.

I knew the way we were blaming Edward was unreasonable; he can’t help that he had found another singer. But all those years when we had left Bella, it was always acknowledged without words, that their still together. Before Bella became inhuman, Alice had glimpse of her, suffering, and muttering Edward’s name in her sleep. It wasn’t often, but it was always the same vision. So right now, it was like he was betraying her. It felt like he was betraying her.

Besides, someone had to take the blame.

I sighed; if Edward was here he would have told me it’s a very ‘Rosalie-thing’ to do.

I miss the time we spend in Forks. Our family was whole back then.