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Falling Back in Time

Bella disappeared 68 years ago without a trace. She always hoped for the Cullens to come and rescue her because she can't escape on her own. Where is she? How could she have left without a trace? The Cullens eventually gave up 52 years after she disappeared. Why would they give up? Edward is about to give up on everything and wants to die, like before. Will Bella be there to save him again? Will she be too late?


1. Chapter 1: Damn Aro

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"Bella, wake up," came the musical voice. I woke up and smiled at the perfect angel sitting next to me while I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.

"What time is it?" I yawned. Edward smiled.

"Just about noon. Didn't sleep much," he acknowledged. I shook my head. "Why?"

"Nightmares. Not too horrible, though," I said. I got up and went to Edward's couch. My bag filled with clothes was sitting there like it was last night and I picked out jeans and Edward's favorite blue shirt. Edward watched me until I started to trip so he was happy to save me. Again. I smiled, blushing, and Edward's smile lit the room. "Thanks."

"I'm always here to save you, Bella," he murmured in my ear. My face was probably a bright crimson now.

Ah, the happy memories of then. I flipped my hair to get the sleepy look out of it and peered out into the Volterran corridor. Everyone usually kept well away from my door seeing as I mostly screamed the night away. I saw Alec running to me, his dark hair bouncing and catching what little light there was. It was amazing how his dark hair could catch every molecule of light there was.

"Bella? Aro wants an audience with you. I think he's going to decide what to do with you," he informed me. I nodded to him, the most I usually did. Alec smiled, glad to get a response.

"I swear, Aro is on my nerves," I breathed under my breath. Alec looked at me, surprised. "I'm dead serious, Alec. If he lets me go, I'll take you with me. I promise." I knew of Alec's dream; he wants to be free even if it was for a day. I always listened to him talk like I did with everyone else; I listened to every word and I used them to my advantage.

"Um... Okay, Bella," Alec replied, uncertain about how to respond to my sudden talk.

"Alec, you were the only one who was nice to me and kept me company when everyone just about gave up. I owe you something," I said, trying to get him back to normal. I never spoke to anyone; well, not for long.

"Bella, what's going to happen?" he whispered. I knew he prized our friendship. I knew he was proud to be my friend and be the one who I was closest to. I stopped and settled my hand on his shoulder. His eyes widened as soon my skin made contact; I never touched anyone or showed any emotions. I was known as "Blank Bella" or "Insane Isabella." I shook my head.

"Whatever happens, Alec, you're my friend and only friend. I thank you for that," I whispered before walking again. Alec nodded to me. "Whatever you do, don't let anyone know I was like this; for all you know, I was as blank as usual." Alec nodded again and started a conversation again.

"What did you drink recently? I think you're in need of more blood. Should I ask Aro..." he trailed off as another conversation was ruined. I patted him.

"It's alright, we don't have to talk," I sighed. Alec threw me a grateful glance. We were outside the door to the chamber which hid the vampires who kidnapped me 68 years ago. I was ready to take this and I knew I was probably going to be killed.

Damn Aro. I hope he burns and feels pain like I do. He will pay for this, I thought before striding into the room with the dignity I mustered. I nodded to the vampires gathered and Alec joined them.

"Bella, I think I'm going to let you go," Aro started.

What did he say?! Am I really going crazy?!Must not, seeing everyone else's faces.... Everyone stared at Aro as if he just sprouted horns or turned into a werewolf.