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Falling Back in Time

Bella disappeared 68 years ago without a trace. She always hoped for the Cullens to come and rescue her because she can't escape on her own. Where is she? How could she have left without a trace? The Cullens eventually gave up 52 years after she disappeared. Why would they give up? Edward is about to give up on everything and wants to die, like before. Will Bella be there to save him again? Will she be too late?


2. Chapter 2: Three Months

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"Is she awake yet? She looks dead," a voice said. I didn't move. I had been laying like this for some time.

"I think she is awake. Just not moving. Maybe she's mad?" someone offered.
Hell yeah, I thought. Why wasn't Edward there to save me like last time? Couldn't he find me? What about Jacob? This was on his land. I opened my eyes to a slit, hoping no one noticed. Unfortunately, they did.

"Bella!" Aro's voice greeted. It was a new voice. "How are you feeling?" I ignored them and looked around. It was the cave where Jacob took me when I jumped off the cliff a couple months ago.

"I feel like Hell... How...?" I croaked. My voice was smooth and I realized it; they changed me. Not Edward. Not Carlisle. Not even Victoria. The Volturi. The name sounded sickening in my mind and my voice would hold the same note forever. Felix smirked, the first voice I heard.

"We swam under the water and saw you on the cliff. Jane thought it as the perfect time and place to change you. No one suspected anything, seeing as our scent was to a minimal. The Cullens and werewolves even got together to find you and killed off Victoria who was very close to revealing our spot," he revealed. I groaned. This was not happening. Without warning, Felix threw me over his shoulder and ran to the water's edge. New faces, Jane, and Aro followed, diving in first. Felix followed. I struggled as much as I could, I even shouted, but my efforts were wasted. My strength had dimmed when I remained laying there without any blood to consume.

"What?" I squeaked. Everyone quickly glanced at me and away. Aro raised a brow.

"You want to stay?" he asked. He knew the answer but wanted to hear me speak again.

"Don't mess with my head, Aro. What type of game is this?" I hissed.

"This is no game, Bella. I'm serious," he said, a smirk playing on his lips.

"Go to Hell, Aro!" I screamed, collapsing to the ground and clutching my head. I can't take it, I just can't. "Why? Why hasn't he come for me yet?" They all knew I meant Edward and they loved to watch me be in pain.

"Bella, get up," Aro's voice commanded. I slowly stood and glared at him. "You are of no use to us; you are only a burden. I either have to let you go or destroy you. I decided to give you the chance to be free since you show remarkable resistance to your hunger. Will you be taking this offer?"

"Aro, you fool!" Marcus exploded. I've seen this happen occasionally especially concerning whether I was useful or not. "You're just going to let her go? She blocks useful talents! We could be invincible with her use!" I growled.

"I will not be used!" I hissed. Marcus snarled at me but turned back to Aro, who sighed.

"I am not a complete fool, Marcus. I planned something secret, which you've just now ruined!" Aro exploded. I laughed and almost everyone stared at me.

"Oh, this is too funny. Please continue," I snickered. They glared at me and I recalled what Aro said. "Wait... something secret?" Aro turned away, disgust written on his face. "Come on, Aro. We all know there was something."

"You were going to come back, no matter what. I was hoping you would develop a power while you were gone. A power that would come in hand," Aro sighed. A buzz of agreement went around.

"What if there was no power?" I asked, knowing the answer. I just needed to hear it.

"We will get rid of you," he replied, not grim at all. I nodded.

"I take the offer. When will I have to return?"

"One month."


"Fine, two months."


"Bella, you wanted two and you got two," Aro cried in exasperation.

"Three," I repeated. Aro sighed.

"Three it is." I almost sighed in relief. But, would this time be enough to find the Cullens? "Go pack now. You will leave tomorrow." It was a full moon tomorrow and the Volturi counted by moons. They think it's easier and I was in disagreement with that along with everything else. Like feeding...

"I will not eat a human!" I screamed. Aro pushed the frightened boy to me. He was probably eight.

"He won't care. Just kill him," Aro urged. I turned away, disgusted. "It's been two months, Bella. Two months since you awoken from your transformation therefore your first meal. How can you stand this?" I looked at the wall, wishing I could cry.

"I have to. For them. Until they come for me," I whispered. Aro snorted and waved his hand.

"They won't. We made sure of that." I gave a dry sob and collapsed on the floor, ignoring the boy and Aro.

"Alec comes with me," I said. Everyone had a brow raised or shock was on their face. Aro nodded, his brow raised. Alec looked as if he was about to reject but his eyes held excitement and he held his tongue.

"I was going to send a guard with you anyway. Why Alec, may I ask?" he questioned. Everyone nodded and a murmur of agreement went around.

"You may not," I replied, a smirk playing on my lips. He was quite taken back from that but he recovered unlike everyone else.

"Alec, Bella. Pack your things. You will leave tomorrow to...?" Aro inquired.

"Forks. We're going to Forks, Washington," I replied, my voice full of confidence.