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New Horizons

What Edward never came back? 11 months and 2 weeks later Bella is still living in Forks when Victoria turns her. What happens when she meets Edward 50 years later in Bow, New Hampshire. Yes it's a real place! [Banner removed by staff. Banners must not exceed 300x150 pixels. - Parasite] Read and enjoy! IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE DO NOT SKIP!!!!!!!!


1. New Beginnings

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11 months and two weeks. That was how much time had passed since that last time I saw the love of my life, Edward Anthony Mason Cullen. I winced just thinking the name. It still hurt to think about him. I would have gone back into that deep depression I was in last fall if it hadn’t been for Angela helping me out and listening, Jacob making me do stuff and Ben, well, and Ben for just being Ben. These were the friends that stuck with me through the depression and pulled me out of it. Every night, and tonight was no exception; I had nightmares and would end up screaming the whole night. Screamed the whole nightlong. Charlie had stopped coming into my room (now), when I screamed. He was gone for a week to a conference in Southern California, so I had the house to myself. So tonight I lay in my bed, alone, waiting for the nightmares to come.

The next day when I got home from hanging out with Angela, Ben, and Jacob, she was there in my room waiting for me. I had just walked upstairs. And there she was, standing behind my front door, waiting for me. She was standing behind my door waiting for me. When I saw her, I gasped. She shut the door. “Hello Bella, I’m going to kill you.” Victoria sneered, advancing towards me, her red hair looking like flames erupting from her.

“EDWARD, I LOVE YOU!” I screamed out as much as it hurt me to say. The rest was a blur, she bit me at my ankles, wrists and neck. Victoria drained me of 97% of my blood. Then the fire started, it hurt. It was even worse than when he left me. The fire felt like there was burning hot acid going through my veins. I was screaming and then it was blackness except for the sound of voices.

Jacob must have heard me, because he was in my room holding me in his arms crying “No. Not Bella. No!” It was hurting him almost as much as it hurt me. The Quileute wolves came and then of course Emily. I bet she made Sam let her come in.

“Sam is there anything we can do to save her?” Jacob asked franticly.

“Sadly no, she will become a vampire” Sam was truly sorry, it was evident in his voice. Emily bent down and stroked my face. “Poor Bella. I am sorry for whatever kind of pain that horrid bloodsucker caused you.” Emily was so sweet. I would really miss her. “Goodbye Bella.” Everyone had said as they left. I was really going to miss them.

I heard a voice announce day 2. Then day 3. Then I could feel my heartbeat slowing down and they knew it too. 3 beats a minute. 2 beats a minute. 1 beat a minute. Silence. Stopped.

I was a vampire and Jacob knew it too. I looked at him with my red irises and he cried knowing that he was no longer able to save me I was now a vampire. The Quileute wolves had left, all except for Jacob.

“Jacob, I am going to need your help with a few things, after I hunt.” I told him as I got up to hunt.

“Of course, Bella, anything, I’ll wait right here” Jacob told me. I ran into the forest, all I needed was a deer.

I decided to try running. I was very fast almost as fast as… no not him Bella.

I came back to Jacob all done hunting. “All better?” he asked.

“Yes. Ok I have to crash and burn the truck so it looks like I died could you do that for me?” I asked him. “Then because of the treaty I have to leave I understand that.”

“Yes Bella I can help you with your truck” Jacob told me.

“Thanks. I have to get scissors and make-up so I don’t look like Bella Swan. Then I am going to grab a few things to take with me just a few books, a couple of clothes and shoes, money, my iPod, phone, and my scrapbook.” I told him.

“Ok Bella I am going to crash your car by the Forks highway exit meet me there in 20 minutes. Ok?”

“Great Jacob just so you know from now on I am going to go by the name Miley Evans. I just don’t want certain people to have any idea who I really am.” I told him and looked down.

“Ok but to me you will always be Bella” Jacob told me and lifted my chin up.

I grabbed the supplies I needed at the store. I didn’t talk to anyone there. I had to hold my breath to be on the safe side. I took the things and went back to my house real quick. I looked in the mirror one last time as Bella Swan. I cut my hair to my shoulders and gave myself bangs that went slightly below my eyebrow. I put on thick black eyeliner, mascara, pink lipstick, and pink eye shadow then I curled my eyelashes. There I was officially Miley Evans. Bella Swan was gone now. I hurried with my stuff and ran to meet Jacob. He was at the exit waiting for me ready to set my car on fire.

“Jacob.” I yelled when I saw him. I was really fast because now I was standing right next to him.

“Bella. You look hot.” Jacob said.

“Thanks Jake. I guess this is goodbye. I love you and will never forget you Jacob Black.” I told him and gave him a big hug.

“Goodbye Bella. I love you too and I promise I will never forget you.” Jacob said. We stayed there for a minute hugging then I pulled away and ran.

“Goodbye” I yelled as I ran.

“Bye” I heard him yell as I left.

I had to get a new car, something fast. In Los Angeles, I stopped to get a car. I chose the Grand Prix GTP, it was very fast sleek and black. I filled it up on gas and just drove very fast and far away.

I was driving fast enough that I got to Kansas when I needed more gas for the car. I pulled into a gas station. I smelt vampires. Three of them. I went up to them and introduced myself and explained Miley to them. They were very nice. “I don’t have any vampire friends would you like to be friends?” I asked.

Vanessa spoke “Sure we can be a coven not just friends.” Vanessa told me and gave me a hug. “I can meet you somewhere if you like” I told them. “Aaden would you ride with Miley and show her where we live please.” William spoke. “Ok let’s go then Aaden” I said as Aaden and I walked to my car and drove to their house. I was going to be happy with this family.

Fast Forward 5 years:

Today is supposed to be my 24th birthday. It should be a happy occasion, instead I am locked up in my room, my choice of course. I was out shopping. For some strange reason I enjoyed shopping now. When I saw him. Edward.

I had gone back to peek on Charlie. He was ok, luckily he had Billy and Jacob to take care of him. I was getting them thank you presents when I saw him. Alice was dragging him through the store. “Edward listen to me, I know you still love her. I think you should at least leave a flower on her grave after all it’s her 24th birthday!” Wait did Alice say what I think she said? I can’t do this, it hurts. I was gone and out of that store so fast and now I’m in my room. Trying to get a tear to come, which is impossible, so I’m just laying here.

Edward’s POV of this day!

“Alice why are you doing this to me?” I was really annoyed with her. Today I just wanted to be alone. It was my Bella’s 24th birthday, well it was supposed to be. It wasn’t because the one time she really honestly truly needs saving I’m too late for her. So my Bella, the love of my life, my la tua cantate (singer) is dead. I’m such an idiot.

“Because Edward, Bella would want you to be happy, at least a little bit.” Alice was very annoyed with me. “Edward listen to me, I know you still love her. I think you should at least leave a flower on her grave after all it’s her 24th birthday!” I thought she might throw a fit right here. Alice got that blank look on her face. Vision.

“Alice, what did you see?” Why did Alice get a vision right here? “I saw a girl running away. It was just a random vision.” I was going to read her mind when I thought I smelled something. Someone. My Bella. No I must be mistaken Bella is dead. How I love Bella so much.

Fast forward 10 more years (Bella’s Pov)

Today is my 34th birthday. I will be happy! Miley needs to be. Vanessa is throwing me a party. Bella would hate parties but Miley loves them.


The party was really extravagant. Flowers, balloons, streamers, and party lights. I got a new laptop because Aaden and William were wrestling and the rolled over mine.

Fast Forward 30 years (Alice POV)

Today is supposed to be Bella’s 64th birthday. It’s not a happy occasion again. Our house isn’t very happy anymore since Bella died. Edward doesn’t talk and rarely leaves his room, we had to drag him out of his room to go hunting it was terrible. Esme doesn’t smile as often. Jasper becomes depressed because Edward is depressed. When Jaspers depressed it makes me sad. Even Rosalie is kinda sad. Emmett doesn’t make jokes anymore and Carlisle is very quiet now. Our family is falling apart. Sometimes I still think Edward is an idiot for leaving Bella.

I will try my best to make my family happy again.

Fast forward 5 years (Miley’s (Bella’s) POV)We walked into the office at Bow High School in New Hampshire to get our schedules. Another school another small student body. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a yellow Porsche pull in the parking lot. “Hello we were told we get our schedules here our last names are Carringtion and Carrinton” I told the receptionist. “Ah, here they are. Have a good day.” She told us as we left the office. I paid no more attention to the Porsche in the parking lot. “Ok guys we have 2, 3, lunch, 4, and 5 hours together, got to go see you later!” Aaden said as he ran off to class. William kissed Vanessa and ran off, they were married so I guess it was ok. Aaden and I were the only ones without mates. “Bye” I said as I hurried to first hour biology. I walked in handed my slip to my teacher and sat down at an empty desk. 3 minutes later two other students walked in I turned around to glance at them. I wanted to well, scream it was Edward and Alice Cullen. I hadn’t seen them in 51 years. Edward came and sat down next to me. I wanted to slap him across the face after all he left me. I had to remind myself Bella was mad at him not me Miley. He introduced himself “Hello my name is Edward Cullen. What’s yours?” “Miley Evans. You are a vampire I can tell by your scent. I can also tell by reading you mind, which is my ability that you and I have the same hunting habits and power. “ I was being a little rude but I was kind of still in love no mad at him for leaving. He was talking again I should pay attention. “Today at lunch you and your coven sit with us please?” He asked. “Sure we would like that” I was being polite. I caught up with everyone next hour and explained to them what was happening today at lunch. I barely paid attention during 2nd and 3rd hours I was dreading lunch. During third hour since Vanessa was sitting next to me we had a conversation to low for anyone to hear. “Vanessa I have to tell you something I never told anyone and you can’t either” I trusted Vanessa so this wouldn’t be a big deal. “Sure Miley anything” “Ok Vanessa I met the Cullen’s 51 years ago in the town Forks, Washington where I grew up. I was in love with Edward only he had to leave because I was human and kept getting hurt around him so he left me. They all did, my family. Only I was a different person when I was human, my real name is Isabella Marie Swan. But everyone called me Bella. I had long hair and didn’t wear as much makeup as I do now on my eyes. I changed everything when I was turned because I was convinced I never wanted to see him again even though I realized I still love him” I told her. She was shocked. “Miley thank you for telling me that. I won’t tell anyone ever.” “Thanks, 3 seconds until lunch. Don’t tell anyone about me” “Ok” she said as we headed for the cafeteria.“Hello, I’m Miley. Has Edward told you guys everything I told him. I told my coven everything he told me” “Yes Bella I told them everything.” He said. I looked at Vanessa worried. “Bella?” I asked. He looked like he was about to lose it there in the cafeteria. “Sorry she was my one true love. You just remind me of her.” Edward said and looked down. “Oh would you tell us more about her?” Aaden asked. Alice started. “Bella was like my sister. My best friend, she was sweet, funny, nice, and awesome. I miss her.” Jasper spoke next. “I was never close with Bella like Alice but I liked her a lot she was