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New Horizons

What Edward never came back? 11 months and 2 weeks later Bella is still living in Forks when Victoria turns her. What happens when she meets Edward 50 years later in Bow, New Hampshire. Yes it's a real place! [Banner removed by staff. Banners must not exceed 300x150 pixels. - Parasite] Read and enjoy! IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE DO NOT SKIP!!!!!!!!


2. Hanging out with the Cullen's

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I can’t do this. I won’t ruin 50 years of work to keep Bella and every part of her out of my life. Either way it’s to hard. Remember he left. What if when he realizes who I am he leaves again. “A question for you.” That was a good thing to say. “Sure Miley, what?”

“Would you and your coven like to come over tonight and hang out?” He thought for a second before answering. “Sure we’d be delighted. Say 7:45?” I wrote down our address on his hand. “Sure see you then. Bye Edward!” I walked off and flashed him my cutest smile.

When I met up with my coven Vanessa asked me “Are you trying to flirt with him?” Is that what I was doing? Oops! Be more careful. I whispered so silently even the guys couldn’t hear. “That’s what I used to do around him. Thanks I’ll be more careful.” Was I still in love with him? Isabella is. Miley isn’t. Tonight is going to be a blast.

Everyone got in the car. Vanessa and I were dead silent. William noticed. “What are you two not telling us?” He bent over and kissed her just like Edward used to kiss, no not me, Bella. “Miley.” Vanessa gestured to me with her long arm. All six golden eyes were on me.

“Well?” Aaden was really curious. “I’m really Isabella Marie Swan also know as Bella.” Aaden and Williams’ jaws dropped. “Nuh uh” I nodded to them as if to say yes.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” William asked still shocked. “I was embarrassed because Bella was kind of sad. I was really depressed deep down but I acted happy. I had to for my dad. I was a little happy.” Vanessa asked “Why?”

“Because I’m in love with Edward and he left. I needed to get over him. No Aaden I don’t think I’m telling him. Right now.” Vanessa had a confused look on her face. “What?” Did I say something wrong again, or did I trip? It must be the first one.

“You said you are in love with Edward. Are you still?” Vanessa knew the answer so I don’t know why she asked. “No, yes, maybe. I have no idea!” I said exasperated.

Luckily we pulled into the long curvy driveway. When we stopped I darted out of the car and ran upstairs to shower.

Technically I didn’t need to shower. I guess it was just one of the traits the carried over from my human life. Like how human blood repels me and makes me sick. I was just standing there letting the warm water beat against my chest.

Should I let Edward into Miley’s life? Yes but, I should be careful, don’t want to get hurt. Again. Vanessa popped her head in and pulled me out of my trance. “Miley it’s 7:00 you might want to get ready now.” I should get out now anyways. “’Kay thanks!” I turned off the water and dried off.

I chose something… well, Alice will like it. I put on black skinny jeans, a red tube top that went at a diagonal and showed a little of my stomach and red peep toe pumps. Red was ironically my favorite color. My outfit was very unBella. 7:45 they were here. I looked in the mirror one final time. Ready.

I went downstairs to greet the Cullen’s. Just as I was about to take my first step I tripped down the stairs. I braced myself for the fall. Just as I was about to hit the ground someone caught me. I looked up to see the vampire who caught me. It was Edward. “You okay?” He asked me. I looked at his beautiful sparkling butterscotch eyes I used to melt in and missed being Bella.

“Yeah I’m ok. Just a klutz as usual.” I didn’t want to get caught so I played my cards carefully. “Hi, you must be Carlisle and Esme. I’m Miley pleased to meet you.” I shook both their hands.

“Hello Miley very pleased to meet you too.” Carlisle is always so polite. “Hello Miley it’ll be fun getting to know you!” Esme is still just as sweet.

They followed us into the living room. I was curious of what people were thinking so I started to read minds while Vanessa and Rosalie, Emmett and Aaden, and Carlisle and William started talking. Wow. Miley sure is clumsy just like Bella. I miss Bella. Why did I leave her? Edward’s mind was interesting. Miley’s outfit is really cute! I should go shopping with her! It will be lots of fun. Typical Alice. The answer is no way! I do not like shopping with Alice. I didn’t feel like reading anyone else’s minds right now.

It was probably 10:30 when Alice came up with an idea. “Let’s go to a club!” Edward groaned “Alice it’s 10:30 at night.” He really didn’t want to go. “So we never sleep. Let’s go!” I was not entirely enthusiastic about this idea but whatever got the Bella idea out of his head.

We drove to a club in New York City. We figured if we are going to do this we should do it right. We got there in less than half and hour.

It was really loud but that didn’t matter. We started dancing. I danced with Edward. Let’s Dance by Vanessa Ann Hudgens was playing. That used to be our favorite song. Edward and I were really close. We danced ‘till 3 am not talking occasionally he kissed me but he was slightly hesitant. We all said goodbye and drove back in separate cars (2 in each).

Esme’s POV:

“Carlisle there’s something about Miley that’s really familiar do you see it too?” I’m pretty sure she might be Bella. “I know exactly what you mean, I think she may be Bella.” That’s why I love Carlisle he always knows what I’m thinking. “Exactly but, why would she hide it from us?” Why? Bella was like a daughter to me. “Esme I honestly have no idea.”

Rosalie’s POV:

“Emmett, I think Miley is Bella. I’ve only seen one person trip like her plus she tripped four times tonight.” Why would she hide? “Rose I think you are right, we just have to get her to confess.” Emmett has a good idea “Okay Emmett.”

Alice’s POV:

Why did I keep having so many visions of Miley? I only got visions of her like I did Bella. Miley tripped four times tonight. Bella would have tripped just as much. OH EM GEE! Why didn’t I realize it sooner? Miley is Bella! “Miley is Bella.” Jasper looked shocked. “Alice I am 100% sure you are right!” I’m ecstatic! “I’m so happy, Bella’s not dead! But I am mad too after all she didn’t tell us!”

Bella’s POV:

Alice was waiting in my room. She looked mad and happy. She walked up to me and yelled, “Why didn’t you tell me?” Oh crap busted!