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New Horizons

What Edward never came back? 11 months and 2 weeks later Bella is still living in Forks when Victoria turns her. What happens when she meets Edward 50 years later in Bow, New Hampshire. Yes it's a real place! [Banner removed by staff. Banners must not exceed 300x150 pixels. - Parasite] Read and enjoy! IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE DO NOT SKIP!!!!!!!!


4. Plans

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Victoria! That can't be possible. I buried my head in Edward's shoulder fighting back dry sobs. I was terrified. He wrapped his arms around me in a protective yet comforting gesture. He could tell how terrified I was. I knew he was scared too. Edward was shaking his head in disbelief. "Alice are you positive? I killed her the day Bella was turned."

"Edward how did you kill her?" Alice demanded still freaked out. She wanted to just sit there in Jasper's arms. She didn't want to have to see what she saw. I felt sorry for her having to see what she didn't want to see. "I set her on fire." Edward responded. Carlisle knew something you could tell by the way his face looked. "Did you set her on fire? Like you did James?" Carlisle inquired already knowing the answer. I was finally able to look away from Edward's shoulder.

Edward's face had the look he gave himself when he was annoyed and furious with himself. "Ugh! It's my fault she's still alive. I am so sorry Bella." He apologized to me. My mind was still trying to process everything that had just happened. "Edward I don't blame you it was an honest mistake. Mistakes happen especially if you are me."

"What's the plan?" Emmett asked eager for a big fight. "I don't know but we have to hide Bella." Edward told him. Great! He's going to hide me again. "I disagree. I'm not a weak fragile human anymore. Let me help fight what is probably my battle!" I told him. He can be way too overprotective. "No way. You are not fighting." He told me rather loudly. "Why not?" I asked. "You'll get hurt!" He told me. He was being stubborn I can be more stubborn than him. "Edward," Carlisle started. I bet he agrees with me. "You should let Bella help." He finished. "No! She will get hurt. I can't lose you again Bella. I won't be able to handle it." Edward explained. That's why it's very sweet actually.

"Edward you won't lose me. We'll do this together." I told him reassuringly. "Ok, fine. I'm not letting you out of my sight. Ever because you are very pleasant to look at." Edward said. "Ok! I love having you around anyways." I knew agreeing would be the only way to get him to let me help.

"Ok this is the last time I am going to ask this nicely. What's the plan and when to I get to kick some bad vampire butt?" Emmett asked ready to fight now. Rosalie thwarted him on the back of the head. "Ow! Jeez you women are mean this week!" Emmett complained. We all just laughed at him.

"Where is Victoria now Alice?" Edward asked her. "South America and she's after you Edward not Bella. She still thinks she killed Bella." Alice told him as most of our mouths formed a perfect "O". That's right she thinks I'm dead. "How long Alice?" I asked. "46 hours with followers." She told us. "How many?" Rosalie asked. Alice had the blank look on her face she has when she has a vision. "She has 17 but her numbers keep going down. We will need help even with Bella's coven." Alice told everyone. She was right I double-checked the numbers in my head. "Denali?" Esme suggested.

"Ok will they help us after an um, incident with the La Push werewolves and Laurent?" I coughed the last part. Seven pairs of eyes stared at me eager for the story and curious why I was hanging out with werewolves. "Bella?" Edward asked. "Ok. Laurent came back. I was hiking and he saw me. He was going to attack me when the werewolves killed him. Apparently he was Irina's mate. She might be mad at me." I told them. Edward looked at me as if to say, "I still can't believe you were friends with werewolves."

"Ok so Denali is probably a no go. Carlisle will you call them?" Edward asked him. "Sure I will call right now." Carlisle said as he walked out of the room dialing his phone. We tried not to listen. Everyone was really nervous. Even with Vanessa, William, and Aaden we still need help. We were all sitting and waiting for the answer when Carlisle came back in. Edward is rubbing circles into my palm with his hand.

"They said they would help us. Denali will be here in a few hours." Carlisle told us.

"Ok but we still need a plan." I told them. My fiancée is in trouble and I want to help. "What if we trick her into a clearing and once she is in the middle we all come in and attack?" Jasper suggested. I like that idea. "Ok. I think that's a good idea any other ideas?" Edward asked. No one else spoke and it was assumed Jasper is the only on with an idea.

"Alice how long do we have until Victoria gets here?" Esme asked worry evident in her voice. She was obviously worried about her "son". "43 hours, 15 minutes she is picking up. She's on her way from Asia." Alice informed us.

"What if we went to Forks? It's the last place she would look and there are plenty of clearings." I suggested as Alice's face went blank. Vision. "Her numbers are down to thirteen including herself." Alice stated. "That's good. Less is better." Rosalie commented. "Bella, Forks is a great idea. If she gets there we can go to the big clearing in the woods and fight." Jasper said. I shivered at the word fight. In my opinion Victoria is the stuff of nightmares. I wasn't 110% sure I wanted to fight her.

Alice looked over at me a devilish look appeared in her eyes. The exact look that she had when Edward and I went to prom. I realized she could see the engagement ring on my hand. I quickly moved my hand and gave her my "Not right now Alice," look. She seemed to understand. I know though the second this is over she will be planning a huge lavish extravagant wedding and not listening to me at all.

The doorbell rang. "They're here." Carlisle said as he got up to go answer the door. We all followed him downstairs to greet the Denali coven.