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New Horizons

What Edward never came back? 11 months and 2 weeks later Bella is still living in Forks when Victoria turns her. What happens when she meets Edward 50 years later in Bow, New Hampshire. Yes it's a real place! [Banner removed by staff. Banners must not exceed 300x150 pixels. - Parasite] Read and enjoy! IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE DO NOT SKIP!!!!!!!!


5. Denali and Secrets

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"Hello, nice to see you all again and a pleasure to meet you...
"Hello, nice to see you all again and a pleasure to meet you...?" The strawberry blonde I'm assuming Tanya greeted everyone and asked me. "Bella Swan nice to meet you." It felt good to use my name again. Tanya's face quirked with confusion it was very obvious she thinks I'm "dead" and not a vampire. "It's a long story to make it short I just found Edward and the Cullen's again after fifty long years." I told her. "Ok no need to explain it's not really any of my business," she started and glanced down at my hand. I knew she saw the ring. I moved my hand away. "I see you and Edward are engaged. Congratulations!" Tanya congratulated us. Darn it. We were going to keep this a secret until the problem with Victoria is over.

Since no one but Alice knew everyone looked at us with looks of surprise and shock on their faces. Even Esme. "Thank you." I told her. "Yes thank you very much." Edward thanked her.

"So what is the plan to defeat Victoria?" One of them asked. Edward whispered "Kate," into my ear. "Thanks." I whispered back to him. "Your welcome." He whispered back. "Well Kate we are going to trick Victoria into a clearing in Forks, Washington and fight her and her 17," "15." Alice interrupted him. "Okay then 15 followers then well, you know. Then she should be gone for good." Carlisle finished. "Okay then that sounds plenty easy. I guess we should go to Forks." Tanya said. "We'll be leaving very shortly we just have to get a few vampires from my coven." I reminded them. "Then let's GO! I wanna fight!" Emmett complained. This time Alice and Rosalie smacked him across the head. "See women are mean!" He complained again. This time everyone just rolled their eyes at him.

We all hurried downstairs and got into different cars. I got in mine and Edward got in his. "Bella come on." Edward called. "Um, nope! My car goes faster get in." I told him. "Edward ride with Bella she's right go with her." Rosalie told him annoyed that he didn't know that already. "Fine." He grumbled as he got in the passenger door. He didn't like it when I drove slow so I decided to bug him again by starting out slow then flooring it. The force pushing him into his seat. "Holy crap Bella! Could you quit doing that every time you drive?" He asked. "Maybe when I get bored with it," I teased him. "To be honest I've always loved it when you drove fast. I have a need for speed, I guess." If I could have I think I would have blushed right now.

"Since we have time what did you do for the 51 long years we were apart?" I asked Edward a little worried about the answer. How awful was he? "Let's see. Other than mourning you and moping I tracked and attempted to kill her, told myself I was helping you even though I obviously wasn't, hunted, sat in a ball, banged on the piano keys, played your lullaby over and over again, attempted to go to the Volturi when I thought you died I'm glad Alice stopped me, and told myself I'm an idiot. You?" Edward asked. Wow he had a sucky 51 years away from me.

"I was a zombie until January, made friends with werewolves, screamed at night, fell apart if anyone even mentioned you like when I found everything under the floorboards. Very mature hiding my stuff that's what the kid I babysat in Phoenix did and he was 4. I was turned, got a fast car, learned piano, missed you a lot, drove to Denali five or six times. What?" He was giving me a surprised look.

"You drove to Denali." It was more of a surprised statement than a question. "To see you. I would get to your front door see you or someone coming and run. I just sat in front of your house sometimes looking through the windows. I would run because I didn't want you to see me. I don't remember why now. But, one time I thought it would be funny it was Halloween to put some pictures of me on your bed only I used my old face and put myself in a costume using a picture editing program. Sorry about that." I told him now embarrassed. "No thanks. I needed some more pictures of you and I got to beat Emmett up for that." He grinned. I forgot he liked to beat up Emmett. I rolled my eyes. I pulled into my driveway to get Vanessa, Will, and Aaden.

I walked in and called out "Guys! We have to go to Forks, Washington to defeat an evil vampire who is coming after Edward and once she sees me she'll come after me! Oh and Edward knows I'm Bella." I told them. "Ok we'll follow you." William told us. "Thanks see you there." I told them. They all climbed into Vanessa's car. Vanessa read my mind and explained everything to the guys.

Vanessa can read minds and implant thoughts into other people's minds it's a really cool ability.

I pulled out of the driveway when I glanced in the mirror I saw five cars following me. That's good it means everyone is following behind us. What if we lose this battle? What if something happens to Edward or someone else? How will I survive if Edward dies? I've lost him once I can't lose him again. No we'll be fine there are 16 of us and 15 of them. Plus we're stronger. Everything will be fine and the way it should be.

Victoria's hours are finally numbered.