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AIMing with Vampires

Uh....pretty much what the title says! Alice - Shop&See Bella- anima_Bella Carlisle- Smoothoperator Edward - Lion_King Emmett - Ihugbears Esme - Snow_White5 Jacob - Hot_DAWG Jasper - Emotional_Warfare1861 Rosalie - 4EverYoung


Alice - Shop&See Bella- anima_Bella Carlisle- Smoothoperator Edward - Lion_King Emmett - Ihugbears Esme - Snow_White5 Jacob - Hot_DAWG Jasper - Emotional_Warfare1861 Rosalie - 4EverYoung

4. Chapter 5

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So we had chickened out pranking Mike, not exactly knowing how to do it. We returned home, hoping Alice would have answers.

For a better understanding of this story please watch this video.....


After the first video ends, just wait and several more will play! :)

The First Mike Prank.

"I have an idea!!!!!!" Alice jumped up quickly and I saw the idea blossoming in her head.

I snorted. "Alice you are the WORST prankster the the history of eternity."

Emmett jumped up. "What did she see?!"


Emmett did a double take. "What did she see?"

"See saw socks," I replied shrugging my shoulders, "LOTS of socks."


"Because that is what our great prank is supposedly going to be....."

"NO!" Alice interrupted, her voice full of glee.

"No?" Emmett and I both turned to her.

"No....because," she paused dramatically, "There will be more."

More pranks. Great.

A smile crept onto Emmett's face.

"Let's get your stupid sock prank out of the way then, I want some real fun."

"Okay, let's do my 'stupid' prank. You'll see...." She retorted, an evil smile on her face.

My mind was on other matters, however, so I just motioned wordlessly and we made our way out to the driveway. I took out my keys but Alice shook her head.

"We will defiantly need more room."

She darted into the garage, and as soon as I heard the engine rumble to life, I moaned, "No, Alice! Please!"

{Black-Eyed Peas - Let's get it Started http://youtube.com/watch?v=bTdGJuDZp4I }

The huge truck pulled out of the garage, tiny Alice peeking out while the sound made the ground vibrate. The Beast.

"Get in!" Alice bellowed.

I shook my head. "That thing has never been useful!"

"Sure it has," Emmett replied, grinning. "Remember the zoo, Alice?"

She nodded enthusiastically and I stared.


"Nothing R-Pattz, just get in."


"It's your new nickname. Now GET IN," Alice growled, revving the engine.

Let me take a moment to describe, The Beast....


The Beast is a neon orange cab truck, with maroon slashes across the sides of the thing like angry scratches.

Yes, the thing was mine. It sparkled menacingly as Alice backed it up to hook it to an eighteen wheeler. How many socks will we need?

Anyways, Emmett got this truck for me for my 'birthday' one year. The only reason he got it for me is because he wanted it and he knew I DESPISED the color orange. When he presented it to me, I had pretended to love it so the plan back-fired on him. It had been in the garage here in Denali for a long time....until now.

"Can I drive Alice?" Emmett whimpered, staring longingly at the truck.

"I do believe it's my truck, after-all. I drive," I stated, opening the drive's door. Alice scooted over and I got in, sighing as Emmett dashed around the front.

"Let's go R - Pattz!" Emmett hollered happily and I rolled my eyes, putting the truck in gear and letting it glide smoothly down the driveway.

"Could you have picked anything more ostentatious, Alice?" I groaned, feeling very whiney.

"I don't think so," she said thoughtfully and I groaned again.

"Where are we going?"

"To every place from Denali to Forks where you can buy socks!" Alice crowed.


"Hello," I greeted the woman, my voice smooth as honey, "Do you have any socks here?" I attempted to 'dazzle' her, by imagining she was Bella. I had never realized I looked up through my eyelashes before, and noted that for further use.

The woman opened her mouth, then her eyes rolled back into her head. She fell to the floor, unconscious. I huffed in exasperation.

"R- Pattz! Stop doing that, they closet is getting full!" Alice complained, grabbing the girl by the legs and towing her towards the Utilities closet.

"I'm not trying to!"

Emmett was sulking, his chin on the counter.

"Emmett, don't be so immature just because I've made twelve women faint and you made only one woman and one man faint!"

Alice snorted while Emmett glared at me.

I shrugged, then turned to Alice. "Should we leave the money on the counter?"

"Sure," she rolled her eyes, "But honestly, Edward, stop making people faint. It's annoying."

"I'll try, but considering these people, Bella does very well with me."

"That's true," Alice nodded. "I'll be sure to tell her when we get back. How's she doing, by the way?"

I whipped out my iPod Touch, connecting to the Wi-Fi from Dillards and typing in the URL. The screen came up; a taping of Bella's room. She was on the computer. I zoomed in on the screen and saw she was looking up.... her own name? A site popped up...Wikipedia and Bella started reading about herself. Huh. I would have to get a Wikipedia account and just go on and on about how much I love her. Very romantic.

"She's fine," I replied, shutting off my Ipod and stuffing it in my pocket.

Alice raised an eyebrow, but questioned no more. We had to get going.