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AIMing with Vampires

Uh....pretty much what the title says! Alice - Shop&See Bella- anima_Bella Carlisle- Smoothoperator Edward - Lion_King Emmett - Ihugbears Esme - Snow_White5 Jacob - Hot_DAWG Jasper - Emotional_Warfare1861 Rosalie - 4EverYoung


Alice - Shop&See Bella- anima_Bella Carlisle- Smoothoperator Edward - Lion_King Emmett - Ihugbears Esme - Snow_White5 Jacob - Hot_DAWG Jasper - Emotional_Warfare1861 Rosalie - 4EverYoung

5. Chapter 6

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We had the entire truck packed full of socks. It ranged from pink little baby booties, to black socks, to the classic white tube sock.

After stuffing many unconscious people in Utilities closets -- I hadn't been able to stop dazzling -- and much money on the counter later.... we pulled into Forks.

Our truck was loud, but I heard another loud vehicle pull up beside us. I looked to my left at the stoplight and yelled. Alice whipped her head around as I shot down in my seat, pulling my siblings with me.

"What is it?" she hissed angrily. "I can't see anything."

"Jacob Black is sitting inside Bella's truck to our left," I whispered.

Emmett flexed mis muscles.

"I can't let Bella see me! She'll thank I'm stalking her."

Emmett and Alice scoffed.

"WHAT?" I demanded.

"You are stalking her Pattzies," Emmett so unintelligibly stated.

I was not stalking her.

"You have a camera in her room, R-Pattz. For goodness sakes!" Alice exclaimed quietly.

This conversation only took a matter of seconds and we all stiffened, hearing Bella's voice.

"Jake! There isn't anyone in that truck! We should help!"

I stared wide-eyed at my family. All of our minds were racing.

I spotted something under my seat. Curiously, I tugged it out and Emmett started sputtering, as Alice started singing in her head.

"Was this perhaps, something you used at the zoo?" I inquired, dangling it in front of them.

An animal tranquilizer.

"No..." Emmett said innocently.

I scoffed and reached my hand further under the seat.

"Jake we should really go make sure they're okay...."

I hurried, getting desperate.

Alice's eyes suddenly lit up and she pushed me out of the way, opening a secret compartment in the floor. Huh?

She pulled out what looked like a large mascot helmet. It had the words Phoenix Zoo printed on the back.

"What did you do?" I asked, shaking my head.

Another time, R-Pattz.

She jammed the helmet on my head and whispered, "Sit up."

It was a wolf helmet.

"NO!" I growled. "I am not wearing a wolf helmet!"

She growled and I sulked, pulling myself up.

I looked to the left where Bella and Jacob froze, staring at the randomness of the situation.

Jacob grinned and raised his eyebrows at Bella.

That flirt.

I growled maliciously and his head whirled around, nostrils flaring.

Uh oh.

He snarled and I looked forward and gunned the engine.

"Go go go!" Alice popped up screaming.

Tires squealed, as I navigated the large truck toward none other than Mike Newton's house.

"They are pursuing!" Emmett screamed.

"HANG ON!" I yelled, pulling another gearshift as the turn loomed.

I jerked the steering wheel all the way around and at the perfect time switching to reverse as the truck spun completely around, so that my windshield showed Jacob with Bella in the passenger seat, looking thoroughly confused. Alice and Emmett had ducked down, as to not be seen by Bella. My wolf *shudder* mask disguised me well enough.

I looked in my mirrors, but knew I wouldn't crash. I moved over lanes and braked suddenly, as Bella's truck went soaring past us. I shifted into drive and accelerated, turning onto the turn we missed.

"We lost them," I sighed as Alice and Emmett popped up, looking excited.

"You are a new man, R-Pattz," Emmett complimented solemnly.

"I know. That's why I need a new name."

"NO!" Alice gasped in horror.

"Yes," I said grimly. "From now on, I shall be known as Ransom. Spunk Ransom." I used the perfect James Bond voice.

"It's brilliant!" Alice cheered and two Guiness beers appeared out of thin air. She and Emmett clinked bottles, before guzzling them.

I parked in front of Mike's house. "Will anyone be here Alice?"

"Nope," she hiccuped. Drunk vampire. Vampires can't get drunk though, so I figured she was just being annoying.

We kneeled in the bushes, staring at the house. Suddenly Alice and Emmett clapped their hands over their mouths, and ran away.

They returned quickly, after getting rid of the beer. I chuckled.

"Let's do this."

"Wait!" Emmett suddenly gasped.


"Does Alice know what Mike did?"

We turned to her. She just shrugged.

"He.... er......You tell her Emmett...." I trailed off inching away from him.

"He photoshopped our heads onto a picture of...." He trailed off awkwardly.

"OMG!" Alice shouted, making us jump. "Can you autograph mine?" She pulled out a copy of the picture Mike had so nicely posted everywhere in town, school and his parents shop.

I signed mine Spunk, and Emmett refused.

"Let's just prank him," Emmett growled.


Twenty minutes later, we had packed Mike Newton's bedroom with socks, starting from the far side of his room, to the window, floor to ceiling. There was no way he was getting in. We had also graciously removed his furniture and clothes, and were going to donate it to Goodwill on the way out.

We broke into his house, and were happy to find the door to his bedroom opened out, so he could see the socks. The picture I had signed for Alice is what we taped to the sock wall.

Spunk. Was printed right above our heads. The two male bodies were NOT ours....That's all I'll say.

We high-fived, and after placing one of my high tech video cameras to get his reaction, we moved out.

"He only showed the whole town a picture. We'll get a video, and I can guarantee it will be good," I promised my comrades.

Emmett laughed.

"And there's still more to come," Alice whispered evilly.

We all cracked our knuckles, then got in The Beast.

All I can say about our trip home, is twenty nine women at GoodWill had to be locked in the closet. Some due to the generosity... and some not having to do with it at all.

Emmett sulked.