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Deja Vu

or Not on My Watch AU from chapter 3 of New Moon. Bella is taken to Florida with Renee. However, she is even more heart-broken without Jacob Black to cling to. She is sent to an asylum by a distraught Renee. Alice wasn't looking. She'd promised to leave Bella alone. But sometimes the visions come before you ask. She couldn't help it. She sees Bella being sent off and goes to convince Edward she really isn't better off without him. "Because I'm not going to let you do this to her! I know what it's like in there, Edward. Maybe I don't remember it, but... look. What more harm can you do?"

I disclaim. Alice's POV.

23. Chapter 23

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“Mm… Jazz.”

“I love you, Alice.”

“I love you too.”


“You knew that.”

“Good to hear, anyway.”

“’s true. Good to hear from you, too.”

“You’re a poet and you don’t even know it.”

“No, that was intentional.”

“I love you.”

“You’ve mentioned that once or twice.”

“You make me laugh. No one else can do that. You know something, darling? I think I don’t remember laughing until I met you.”

“That’s sort of sad, Jazz.”

“It’s infectious- quite literally. I can hardly help but laugh when I’m around you- you’re so full of joy and mirth yourself. And your happiness is so strong. It affects me more than anyone else’s emotions. I’m always happy around you.”

“Not right now, particularly.”


“I’m sorry about that, Jazz. I know it’s getting to you, all the worry and stress, and my sorrow…”

“It’s not your fault.”

“No, it’s my idiot brother’s. God. How could he do that to her?”

“I understand it. Alice, if I thought… if I thought your life was in danger, I would do anything.”

“For you… the world, Jasper. You know that. For you, anything. But he isn’t doing this for her!”
“Yes, he is. It’s stupid. It was a mistake, and a big one. But he only did what he felt he had to do. In Edward’s opinion, it’s the best decision he ever made, albeit not in retrospect. But hindsight is twenty-twenty, love. He can’t change what he did. At the time…”

“Doesn’t he know her at all?”


“But he loves her.”


“How is that possible?”

“You don’t have to understand someone to love them. I loved you from the moment I saw you, Alice. And I didn’t have a clue who you were. We both know that.”
“But… but…”

“Dearest, he didn’t want to hurt her. He wanted to protect her. He honestly believed he loved her infinitely more than she loved him, that she couldn’t possibly return his affection in anything like the same way he gave it.”

“That’s ludicrous.”

“Is it? She’s human. She doesn’t… she’s a whole different species.”

“Well, that’s sort of icky.”

“Not totally. She’s… different, though, you know that. Human emotions aren’t permanent like ours. Vampires’ relationships don’t change. You and I will love each other for all eternity. Carlisle and Esme. Emmett and Rosalie. Even James and Victoria were that way, with a permanence… she loved him so much…”

“Edward and Bella belong on that list of yours, Jazz. You know it. She’s one of us.”

“She will be soon, anyway.”

“No. She was already. From the moment Edward loved her, even before he knew it himself, she was a Cullen, a member of our family. She’s one of us. For eternity. Her place is with us, her family, and she has every bit as much right to stay with us and to have her pain avenged by us as Edward. She doesn’t deserve to be hurt this way. She is a member of our family. She’s Edward’s mate, Jasper. He may get to make the decisions about some parts of their future, but he can’t change the fact that gives him the right to make those choices.”