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Deja Vu

or Not on My Watch AU from chapter 3 of New Moon. Bella is taken to Florida with Renee. However, she is even more heart-broken without Jacob Black to cling to. She is sent to an asylum by a distraught Renee. Alice wasn't looking. She'd promised to leave Bella alone. But sometimes the visions come before you ask. She couldn't help it. She sees Bella being sent off and goes to convince Edward she really isn't better off without him. "Because I'm not going to let you do this to her! I know what it's like in there, Edward. Maybe I don't remember it, but... look. What more harm can you do?"

I disclaim. Alice's POV.

28. Chapter 28

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“Bella… should I get it?”

“I need to see him,” she says, very weakly. I stand and get the door. Edward, to no one’s surprise, certainly not mine, is standing there, head bowed, eyes closed.

“May I come in?” he says, with a tone I can only describe as humility.

“Let me ask Bella,” I respond…

“Alice Cullen, if you don’t let him in this instant I will never, never, never forgive you!”

“Bella says yes.”

Edward brushes past me. “Then nothing can stop me.”

“Oh, you romantic fool, you…” I mutter under my breath. He hears, and freezes. “Go on,” I say. “The sooner you get to her, the more chance you’re ever going to be forgiven.”

He sprints towards her.

I really want to know what happens- but I have an advantage. I decide to take the polite approach. I close my eyes and See…

“Hello, Bella,” he says, very simply.

Her response is only a moan. Well, at least she isn’t screaming anymore. You suppose the change did some good after all, even if all it allows her is to move and to whimper a little.

“My love…”

She clamps her hands over her ears. Despite this childlike response, the girl speaks very calmly, “Please. I don’t know what Alice told you, but I don’t want to hear lies. I am in very vast amounts of pain, but I’m not stupid, and a lie doesn’t help.”

“I am not lying to you,” he says, almost angry, his voice perfectly level.

“You don’t love me, Edward.”

Almost, she manages to get the words out without shuddering. Her voice only breaks once. It is quite admirable. They are practically without emotion, let alone the agony you can see twisting her new face.

“Yes, I do,” he insists.

“No, you don’t.”

He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. “Let me explain, please. Just listen, for a while, love. All right? Let me tell you of my mistake, of the one thing I want more than anything else… let this sinner confess. Let me make my excuses. And then you can tell me how you will never forgive me.”

She closes her blood-red eyes and shakes her head- contradicting his last words, not his request. She’s already forgiven him, no, she never blamed him. “All right.” And she keeps her eyes closed, trying to hide from the pain.

“Bella… how do I say this? What can I do… it seems… Bella, I love you. I know you don’t believe me, but it is the truth. I love you, and I always have loved you, and there’s nothing for me except to love you. You are the reason for my existence. And I always will love you, Bella. When I said I didn’t want you, I was… I was telling the very cruelest, the very darkest lie that has ever been said. I don’t just want you in every way all the time- I also need you, with me, beside me. I have been in absolute agony without you, my love, and even though I know I am not forgiven, my pain is relieved, merely from being with you.” His flow of words stops short, and he looks at her. Slowly she opens her eyes and turns to stare at him.

You can’t see her expression, merely the brown waterfall of her hair. But you can hear the over-articulation of her words as she says, “Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, that is complete and utter bullshit.”