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Deja Vu

or Not on My Watch AU from chapter 3 of New Moon. Bella is taken to Florida with Renee. However, she is even more heart-broken without Jacob Black to cling to. She is sent to an asylum by a distraught Renee. Alice wasn't looking. She'd promised to leave Bella alone. But sometimes the visions come before you ask. She couldn't help it. She sees Bella being sent off and goes to convince Edward she really isn't better off without him. "Because I'm not going to let you do this to her! I know what it's like in there, Edward. Maybe I don't remember it, but... look. What more harm can you do?"

I disclaim. Alice's POV.

6. Chapter 6

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The door is locked and sealed. Several people look at us. I wonder if they’ll try to stop me…

All clear, striding through to see her, no trouble at all…

Excellent. I walk confidently. Edward mopes pathetically behind me. It’s kind of sad. I sigh and coax him on. “Edward, we’re nearly there now.”

He claps his hands over his ears. He can’t even bear the sound of his own name. It’s very sad. Jazz and I break down the door.

It is significantly worse than seeing it in visions. I am inside an asylum, looking at this girl who used to be Bella. I can’t call her that anymore. She isn’t even a person, more like a shadow. A zombie, except unmoving. A corpse.

“I’ve killed her,” he whispers, horrified. “I’ve killed her.”

You agree. You don’t say it, but it’s true.

“Come on in, Edward. She needs you.”

I’ve never seen more apparent, desperate need than the one in his eyes. He’s like a child, so easily hurt, so transparent is the feeling in his face. “Do you really think so?”

It is asked innocently, so I answer it in the same spirit. “Yes, Edward. I do.”

It makes him wince again, to hear the name. Does he hate himself so much? It’s pitiable. I am forced to push him in. He stumbles through the doorway and catches sight of Bella. A brief vision flashes through my mind, lasting only as long as his gasp.

“Please, Aro. Please. If you’d seen what I did to her… don’t make me live.”

The black-haired monster laughs and laughs at his pain. “Fascinating. A suicidal vampire. One doesn’t see many of those.”

It fades quickly. He shakes off the desire. Instead, he collapses beside her, sprawling to the floor.

It is then that the pain hits me. It was a place just like this where I was captured and imprisoned and tortured. It is a place like this where my life was stolen.

“What’s wrong?” Jasper winces. I am certain he’s in pain too.

“I have to get out of here.” The walls are pressing down and closing in. I can hardly breathe, not that I need to. My lungs swell.

“I can feel you panicking, Alice. Don’t. No one’s going to hurt you. I swear.”

“Jazz, get me out.” It is a second. He debates what I really want, whether it’s me or the fear talking. I’m not entirely sure myself, to tell the truth. It’s hard to know when I can’t think at all. Finally, he makes the decision.

He nods and grabs Edward and Bella. They are both totally immobile. It takes little strength to lift the human, especially in her malnourished state. Edward’s a different story, but at least he can’t struggle.

Jasper turns and indicates the door with his head in a gentlemanly fashion.

We run from the cursed halls as the darkness closes in. I try to fight it off as I run away like the coward I am.

She was always in the dark…