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It's impossible to do homework with a vampire in the room.


1. Chapter 1

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I stared at my open Spanish workbook, laid across my lap as I sat on my bed, back against the wall. I tapped my pen on my notebook in a careful, anxious rhythm. I was supposed to be writing out the exercise, choose the verb: preterite or imperfect. Filling in the blank. It wasn't that it was hard; it was that Edward was lounging in perfect, angelic relaxation as he patiently waited for me to complete my work at his request. I thought homework could wait for later. Edward thought homework should be a priority for those of us completing high school for the first time.

But did he honestly think I could concentrate on homework when he was merely inches away?

I hoped he knew better as I decided to give up. No work could get done when all I could see, think, breathe, feel, was Edward. I flopped the workbook cover over my notebook and stuffed my pen inside with it before tossing the bundle to the floor. Edward looked to me curiously.

"Why are you not doing your work?" he questioned, sitting up.

"I can't do work with you sitting there being so. . . so. . ." I couldn't find any words that did justice for what he did to me.

"So what?" he pressed softly, hiding a smile.

"Perfect," I finally breathed, settling on the most mundane word for what he was. He flashed that crooked smile that turned my brain to something ultimately more flimsy than jell-o or mush. That smile crashed my brain into oblivion. He leaned towards me and I eagerly anticipated a kiss. His face hovered in front of mine, our lips almost brushing.

"I don't find that an adequate excuse for your laziness," he accused with a playful smile, his intoxicating smell, his breath ghosting across my face. I bit my lip lightly, restraining myself; if I allowed myself no restraint, my lips would be fervently attacking his.

"Well," I began to defend myself with words, "maybe I just didn't want to have to wait to do this," I reasoned, pressing my lips against his, kissing him with - as embarrassing as it is - obvious greedy need. I don't think he minded my selfish kissing because it benefited him as well. With my awful self-control, I couldn't bring myself to stop and pulled him closer to me, placing my hand at the back of his cold, stony neck and tangling my fingers into his bronze hair. He seemed to have little control over himself as well as he, in a flash of a movement, had me pinned beneath him, our lips never parting. Eventually I reluctantly pulled away to breathe. Once I'd caught my breath, I leaned in to continue kissing him, but he leaned up and away from me. I frowned slightly, giving him a pout.

"Haga tu tarea," he commanded me. I groaned.

"I can do it later," I tried negotiating, ignoring his use of Spanish, and attempted to recapture his lips. He leaned further away, a teasing look gracing his perfect features. I sighed heavily in defeat and a smug, accomplished look passed over his face. I quickly stole another kiss and he sighed.

"What am I going to do with you, Bella?" he questioned as if I were his delinquent child.

"You could just keep kissing me," I suggested hopefully. He reached over the side of my bed and brought up my abandoned Spanish homework, sitting up, and placing the book on my stomach.

I obviously wasn't going to win this one.

"Fine," I grumbled as I sat up and situated the work in my lap. I gave him once last glance before delving into the world of the preterite and imperfect verb tenses. He was smiling triumphantly as he looked out my window. I scowled to myself in defeat and wondered if I could ever win with Edward.