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Returning to Chicago

Following their Honeymoon, Edward and Bella return to Chicago to live in his family's home. Yet Edward and Bella aren't the only ones residing in 254 Cherry Lane--Elizabeth Masen's resides in the home and is not just welcoming Edward home, but a mysterious girl who seems to have captured her sons heart. Sequel to 1918, pre-Breaking Dawn. Now Complete. only adult for profanity when appropriate, and used sparingly.

Following their Honeymoon, Edward and Bella move into his former home in Chicago where their are more than vampires wandering the halls, Told from the Point of View of Elizabeth Masen, with Bella in Italics. Chapter Nine, Walking Two Worlds, now updated!

4. Vampires, Werewolves and Ghosts, Oh My!

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D: Characters Prop. of Stephenie Meyer, story line property of Me!

AN: In our last epiosode of Return to Chicago Elizabeth nearly killed her already Dead Husband by showing him their son who was in the garden sparkling like a diamond, after Elizabeth realized that Bella was the girl from her dream ninety years ago-This week, Bella's own death day draws near, Edward is tempted with a speedboat, and then takes a opportunity to out do the Quilite Ghost stories with one of his own. Is Bella going to be a Vampire? Is Edward going through an idenity crisis? Of course not, Read on-

Also because this is a bit longer, Bella and Elizabeth are seperated by the Lines rather than Italics, sorry, that's just how this chap will roll-KH

‘I don't know what you wanted most out of this trip," I smile at Edward. "To show me our house, to show me the gardens, or just to show off you sparkling."

"How about just trying to make your last day's memorable?" he sighed, sitting down on the ironwork bench among the white roses, a marble Greek god amidst his marble roses.

I quickly follow, sitting at his side. "I suppose that's another factor-I wasn't thinking about that."

"You never really do," he says, taking my hand. We sit there a while, he staring off into space before turning and looking into my eyes, digging for an answer to the question, "Bella, is this the life you want?"

"Edward, I married you, that should be an answer enough," I start, looking at him inquisitively. "I've held up my side of the bargain, and you've fulfilled part of your own," I start, my traitorous blush rising as I continue, "We've bound ourselves in every possible way, why not-it's not that horrible-don't you want me for forever?"

He looks at me appalled, "Of course I do, I just want to make sure you know you haven't sealed the envelope yet. If you don't want to, you surely don't have to face those days of pain for an existence you might regret."

I reach my hand up, turning his face towards me. "Edward, You know how much it took for me to go through Alice's Wedding Shenanigans. I choose you, I still choose you, forever, you are my choice. Nothing's going to change that," I look at him, hoping that somehow my words have eased his brow. "Please Edward, you know that you're my heart-now and when it stops beating."

He looks at me with his topaz eyes, staring harsh and long, as though he is trying to analyze everything I've just spoken. "You still have a few days Bella, no need to rush it."

"When did you change Edward?" I ask looking down at James' scar nonchalantly.

"Ninety years ago today," he says casually; "October 3rd was my first day as a full fledged vampire.

"Today?" I inquire, taken aback. "And you didn't tell me? Good grief, I would have gotten you a present or something-so this Friday, that's like your birthday?"

"I suppose you could think of it that way," He says, shaking his head, "And Bella please, don't get me anything."

"Oh come on Edward," I plead, trying to rack my brain of something that I could possibly pass off that he'd be happy with, "How about tickets to a concert-or maybe we could go to a show-sailing on the Lake, we could rent a speed boat. If you want we could buy a speed boat! I'll have to wear a life-vest, but that's not anything too big, it'll keep you happy and you'll be comfortable driving fast-what are you laughing at?"

He places his arm behind my head and stops his chuckling. "I was just imaging you getting a sunburn and stuck in a large orange floatation device for an entire afternoon," he smiled. "It's fine Bella;" he says, his face suddenly serious. "Having you forever is a gift enough for me."

"Where does he come up with these lines?" Eddie asks from his seat next to the door, "He wasn't this suave when he was human. Or maybe he was and we never knew-"

"Do you think if we tried hard enough, we could communicate?" I ask, dreamily, looking at Edward and his wife, the first showing the slowly appearing stars to Bella who seems to be soaking in his voice more then his words.

"Now Lizzie, we can't communicate with them anymore than we can with Chimps. We are of one world, and they're of another," he says in a matter of fact tone. "But, there has to be a way. It isn't fair that I am denied my son for the rest of the world's time, and can't even welcome my new daughter-in-law," I complain, taking my eyes off the lovers. "There has to be a way around this; maybe you could go back and ask for permission from someone; it wouldn't be all to horrible. I'd simply-"

I tried to think of what I'd simply do. If Edward could see me, I would run across the room and hold him as I did when he was a little boy; I'd rock him in the chair Eddie had made for me when he was born. I'd kiss his hair, I'd memorize his laugh, I'd feel the feeling of his hand in my own. I'd memorize his very smile, I'd ask him so many questions. About his new life. About Dr. Cullen and his wife Esme; I'd ask how they got along, did they all live a happy family life? Where had he traveled, had he remembered me ever? Could he? And Bella, how had he met her? Was there such a meadow as I had dreamed?

As for Bella, I'd hug her as if she was my own daughter and want to know everything about her. I'd want to know where she grew up? How long she knew Edward? How he had proposed? What was the wedding like? How had he made her laugh? Had they ever had a time where they had cried? Fought? When did she know she loved him? Was she to become a vampire? How did she feel about that? How did her mother feel about that? How does Edward feel about this? Dr. Cullen?

"You'd simply?" Eddie asks, looking at me skeptically as though he knew every question that had just danced through my head.

"I'd simply die again at the overjoyed happiness they have for each other," I exhale, looking at them again, "He has everything we ever had Eddie, just like we always hoped he would."

My husband stands to my side, cupping my face in his soft hands, "Lizzie dear, there isn't anything we can do. We are dead. At the end of the day, we always, bodily, will be dead. As odd as this Bella must be to have fallen in love with our vampire son, I doubt she can see dead people."

"But there has to be some way-there has to be some way for us to-" I start, slowly loosing my Victorian cool, so you could say, giving in to my weakest emotions.

"Hush hush," he chimes, taking his arms around me. "Maybe there is a way," Eddie says, stroking my hair in efforts to sooth me. " I don't know if it would work, but it's possible-"

"What Eddie?" I ask, lifting my head to look at him, my eyes growing larger and larger.

"Well, that old typewriter that I bought you, remember the little red one that you loathed with a passion?" he asks, "Well, what if-what if you could type on it; if maybe that could give you the connection that you desire?"

"Type a message on the type writer?" I ask skeptically, "Eddie, I don't know how much that would help-"

"It maybe your only option dearest," he shrugs. "Either way, it's the only answer I can give you. My Visitation time is almost up," he smiles weakly, shaking his arms back into his brown jacket. "When you do make contact with them, will you welcome Bella for me and tell Edward congratulations, and-and that I love them both."

"Of course Eddie, Of course," I nod, holding on to my hand lightly, and giving the faintest of smiles.

"This is the saddest part of having died three days apart of each other Lizzie. As soon as you begin a new adventure I must leave you," Eddie starts, " When I first died, those three days were the loneliest of my existence. I wanted nothing more for you to be at my side, but I knew what that would have meant for you," he continues taking my hand more firmly into his own.

"I suppose that, in the great scheme of things, that's how it is for Edward-he wants to have his Bella, but he knows what that would mean for his her...Maybe he isn't a lost cause vampire yet; tell him to take care of her, and cherish the eternities with her," he smiled gently. If tears were possible, even in our perfect state, I'm sure Eddie would have shed one right then. He must have comprehended my gaze at him, as he suddenly looked down at me one final time. " And so my dear, I bid both you, and our son, and his charming wife the fondest of farewells, I'll see you in three days dearest."

"When you do make contact?" I start, thinking of Eddie's parting words;

"If you have just half the determination that I know you do, you surly will," he smiles, "I love you Lizzie Masen"

And with that, just as the setting sun, my Eddie began to fade until a shooting star crossed the night sky and he was gone.

"Ghewagard qhart guen greaking acrought?" I ask as I brush my teeth in the master suite.

"Rinse and Spit Bella," Edward laughed, sitting on the corner of the king-sized bed. I quickly spitted out the minty toothpaste and guck that had built up and took a drink of water before I began my question again; Leaning against the door frame while brushing my tangled hair I started again, "Edward what are you thinking about?"

"Oh is that what you were saying? For a minute I thought you wanted me to go out and by you sour krought," he said with a beaming smile.

"And you're still here? Why sourcrouht sounds pretty good right about now," I jested, still stroking out the snarls from my hair the shower had missed. It had been a new experience showering in a restored Victorian home-I was relieved that even then there had been handlebars in place in the event of a fall...

"I just wanted to make sure; and if that's the case, I'll stay with you till you are sleeping but after then I'm In Mother's study-"

I begin laughing and look at him with hurt eyes, "You mean you wont love me if I love crought?"

He stands up and takes my hands, rolling his eyes jestfully. "Oh, I'll always love you, but crought is right next to dogs in my sense of smell. Never liked it. You have to remember, when I died, we were at war with the Germans; you have no idea how relieved I was to have the detestable dish forever banished from dinners."

I smile and look up at him again, "You never answered what I asked, What were you thinking about? You looked as though you were thinking hard over something...other then how to politely tell me you hate German aroma's."

"It wasn't anything really, I was just over hearing the people walking by outside, they think ghosts are living here-apparently I look to pale-"

"Oh come on, a Haunted Chicago house? Who would haunt it, you're parents?" I joke in disbelief. "I hardly believe in ghost stories."

"Oh but this house has all the perfect settings for one," Edward joked as I sat down at his side. "You know, my mother's friend Edna was convinced to her dying day that my parent's ghosts wandered this house on the anniversaries of the Epidemic."

I give a laugh, not wanting to believe him, "With all do respect, I think that these Whicker's were a little messed up in the head. There isn't a possible way that story is real." I raise my head up and then look at him with questioning eyes, "I'd bet my weight in mountain lion that you're making this up to scare me."

He began a short-lived roar of laughter, remembering we were in the city and not our beloved meadow. "I'm telling the truth Bella, you know I wouldn't dare do create something that would scare you."

"Then tell me the story," I challenged, looking up at him with fiery, determined eyes.

"Fine," he answers, his topaz eyes melted into a soft caramel. "Just now for certain that if you get to scared, I'll hold you all the night..."

"I'll keep that in mind," I smile, as I adjust myself under his protective arms, leaning my head on his shoulder as he starts his ghastly tale.

"As I told you, Ninety years ago today, my mother died. A day earlier, our Irish Housemaid Sherrie also died, and the day before that it was father, all deaths within less then 24 hours of each other. When the epidemic hit, it hit hard; and Cherry Lane was one of the hardest hit with fatalities within the city. The school that I attended, St. Anthony, Thomas-whatever it was, Student Body was hit so horribly, that they had to permanently close the school. Many decided that it was time to leave the city atmosphere and go to a quieter, less crowded town; one small enough that they'd not have to worry about these raging fevers growing from the grottos and brothels... paranoia had a firm grip when the epidemic finally cleared.

Edna was a woman who had been a spoiled only daughter of a Civil War Sargent. She was pampered in the Victorian system and had a gift for easily manipulating people, as her daughter-in-laws would protest. At the beginning of September 1918, she had everything that she thought that she would ever want. Her husband was a successful Researcher and speculator; she had two married sons and one more that was ‘destined for greatness' in her book; as well as a friend that she felt she could easily influence. I never realized how shallow she was until after my change-anyway, by the end of September, she had lost her best friend, only her eldest remained alive, and her Husband's job had been moved out east. Edna refused to leave. It wasn't in her agenda. So her husband often had to leave for long sprints of time to do work and then come home every other weekend. The son tried to stay but it soon became clear that his mother was loosing grips with her sanity...

She would attest, to her dying day that 254 Cherry Lane was indeed periodically haunted. All the neighbor's knew that she believed she could see mother through the windows, sitting at her vanity over there, getting ready for the Opera, just as she had before she got the call to meet us at the hospital. Other times, Edna protest of seeing Sherrie bringing in the sheets from the line, whistling her Danny Boy, once her son was said to be sitting in my room laughing at one of my notebooks. The one that the police got the best laugh out of was that my father in his study singing along to the gramophone, and calling for my mother to have Sherrie bring up his brandy.

When she died, a good twelve years following the ghost's departure they were convinced she had died with insanity. However there are some that say, she did indeed see those that had left long ago. It is a long told rumor that just as September dies and October is born, the ghosts of the epidemic rise from their graves, their souls rising as the church bell of St. Anthony's tolls. Given three days to wander the earth they once knew before they return back to the world they now reside."

Rolling my eyes, I touch his hand. "You expect me to believe that story?"

His hand tosses my slowly drying hair, as he bends down to kiss my forehead, then muttering in my ear, "You believe in Vampires and Werewolves, what's a little Casper?" He chuckles and I do as he pulls up the sheets and we lie in bed, his arm protectively wrapped around me.

My eyes being to close with the jet lag that's finally caught onto me, a mysterious tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat and chiming bells from somewhere outside serenading me to sleep in the dark home. There's no such thing as Victorian Ghosts, I think to my self, Vampires, Werewolves and Ghosts oh my! That is utterly impossible, the sensible half of my brain informs me as I fall into a numbing sleep. Impossible-perhaps, but even you Bella Swan Cullen, should know that anything is possible.

An: So I'm slowly putting together the climax... slowly. Yes, Eddie is gone. He will not comeback. In full honesty I simply had him in this one because I felt bad for killing him off so quickly in 1918. Don't worry though, there will be another special guest star in the next chapter or two. Feedback, as always, is welcome and encouraged. I'd like to tell you all that I know excatly where I'm going with this story, but I'm still trying to decided myself.

Ideas and Inspiration welcomed Everytime. Happy Midsummer's Eve my Swedes and the rest of the world Oh, and additionally, Happy 107th Birthday Edward Cullen! May you sparkle forever on this day of the Midnight Sun! (oooh, that was good!)

Peace Out-Kait Hobbit.