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The Music Festival

The Cullens have their own band "Breaking Dawn". There is a Music Festival and there they meet a cute girl and her band. Expect the unexpected. Carlisle and Esme are the Cafe owners, Bella sings! Jacob is here too! The music that changed them forever. Usual couples, all humans. Beautiful story!

My second fanfic, but first time here... kinda... enjoy!

1. Chapter 1

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The band was almost ready. The microphones were all plugged and the instruments tuned. The wood floors were shining with the lights of the ceiling. People started to take some tables near the small stage, while the Café owners were polishing the last ones in the back.

After a few minutes a tall, muscular young man climbed the stairs and entered the stage, while some of the young girls in the front tables giggled and some even whistled coquettishly. The big boy just waved happily at them and accommodated the last drums, leaving the scenario quickly.



My brother Emmet was showing off… again. Every time we are about to start a show he always goes up the stage “checking” the drums, even though it’s been hours since he set them up. I guess it’s his way of dealing with nerves. Jasper is the most calm before the presentation. He just sits around, closes his eyes and starts humming to himself.

Alice is something else, she could seem complicated, but I’ve got her figured out. She starts flexing and contorting her arms, then tunes her guitar like a maniac, checks the lyrics and score sheets a hundred times and takes menthols like there’s no tomorrow.

Rosalie spends hours grooming and pampering herself. She has her own rituals and I’ve never cared enough to know. And her headphones are glued to her ears. Listening to the songs she is about to sing. Vain as she is, she is a great singer.

For myself, I really don’t feel nervous or hysteric when I’m about to go up the stage. Just a rush of adrenaline, but after hitting the first notes it all goes away. It’s like there’s just our instruments and us. Even the crowd’s cheering and screaming disappears, the music swallows it all.

We have been playing together for almost two years now. Our band, Breaking Dawn, is made up by Emmet, my brother, our friend Jasper and his sister Rosalie, his girlfriend Alice, and of course, me. We are mostly into alternative and progressive rock and a bit of everything.

Alice plays the bass guitar, Emmet the drums (he’s great at it, he could do it for hours without getting tired), Jasper the electric guitar and sometimes the trumpet. For some reason, he’s crazy about jazz and Frank Sinatra. It suits him, I guess. Rosalie is the lead singer and I play the keyboard and sometimes second vocals. I like various types of music, but I’m the only one in the band that enjoys classical music.

Tonight is the first presentation of the New Moon Festival. Every year, Seattle’s best local bands and a few from up the state are given the chance to perform at some of the best restaurants, bars and cafés. It’s a five day festival, people from all over Washington, the Olympic Peninsula and some cases even from Canada, show up to hear the new bands. Only the best are invited. This is our second year. Last time we filled “Meyer’s and Jone’s”, and even some people couldn’t get in. We didn’t win, which seemed a little unfair, but it didn’t matter: the group was elated. Now they think our chances of winning and grabbing a Record Company’s attention are scaling up. Specially with Rosalie as the lead singer and the new songs.

As everyone gets ready I notice how out of place I seem. Everybody seems so energetic and happy, while I just feel so… out of it. I haven’t written any decent song in ages. The others don’t say anything, but I know what they’re thinking. “Get over it, Edward”, or , “She left you, dude!”. And I just want to shout that I don’t care, that I don’t even want Tanya back anymore. But they don’t realize how hard is for me to see them holding hands or just being together, the memories it brings back makes it all worse. As usual, I’m always the weakest link.



“For the last time dad, I’m fine! We are fine! I promise we’ll be back as soon as this is all over. No! You don’t have to come get us, we can all fit in Mike’s van!” I was getting very mad at my dad. He had insisted to come, but I would not have any of that. With one crazy parent was enough. Besides, we were all almost nineteen, mature enough to not go doing something crazy at 3 AM in the city. As I hanged the phone I saw the clock and started panicking. 8:30.

Doubt started to sweep all over me again. Oh, why, why did I let myself get convinced by Jacob and Angela. It was weird enough sending the demo, but it got plainly surreal when the invitation for the festival showed up in the mail. I grabbed to the wooden counter and started to hyperventilate, hiding my head between my arms.

“Something wrong, dear?” A sweet, voice, sounded from far away. I yanked up to see the Café owner staring at me with clear concern. I shook my head “N-nothing, just a bit nervous”. I stuttered.

“A bit” was clearly an understatement. But she just smiled. “Oh, well. Don’t get too stressed out. I’m sure everything will be alright. You must be good if you got chosen among so many others” She said encouragingly. I just smiled weakly and nodded, “Yeah, you’re right”. She kept eyeing me with concern, opened the fridge behind her, turning to hand me a Coke and a glass with some ice. “Here.” she said, as she poured the soda into the glass. I felt a pang of pure gratitude. She was so nice. I thanked her and went to get my wallet, but she stopped me before I could get it out. “Ah, ah. That’s on me hon.” She said playfully. “You just give your best” She winked towards my guitar, which was resting against the counter. “Thanks”, was all I could say.

“Well, I’m rooting for you. I know you are the only ones playing The Carpenters tonight, and they are my favorite. So, don’t sweat it”.

“Well then,” I said with more confidence “Well dedicate the song to you, miss”

“Oh, no. Call me Esme. My name’s Esme Cullen. And that one over there:” She pointed to a handsome blonde man at the entrance door “Is my husband, Carlisle”.

Just thought you’ll like to know, here are the instruments Alice, Jasper, Emmet and Edward play!

Jasper: Black and white “Fernder stratocaster” (It looks… sexy. Can guitars look sexy?)

Emmet: Tama Drums (I heard those are the very best)

Alice: Pink MBass Bass guitar- M3 Model (It doesn’t exist in that color, I know, but she’s Alice and she can have anything!)

Edgard: Yamaha (he likes to keep it simple) 