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The Music Festival

The Cullens have their own band "Breaking Dawn". There is a Music Festival and there they meet a cute girl and her band. Expect the unexpected. Carlisle and Esme are the Cafe owners, Bella sings! Jacob is here too! The music that changed them forever. Usual couples, all humans. Beautiful story!

My second fanfic, but first time here... kinda... enjoy!

2. Chapter 2

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We had agreed that we would start with one of Alice’s songs, move on with Rosalie’s version of “Valerie” and finish with one of my compositions.

“But you have to sing too” Rosalie had warned me. “It’s your song”.

I sighed. “Well, I guess I’ll have too. But just the second vocals. You’re the lead” I told her as a matter-of-fact. She beamed at the comment, always loving to be reminded she was the center of attention.

That night she had outdone herself. She wore tight brown leather pants, a big sequined belt, and a cream see-though blouse, with a small tank top underneath it. And her long blonde hair cascading through her shoulders gleamed with the reflection of the lights. She looked every bit as a model or rock star. Emmet couldn’t get his eyes of her. I just snickered discreetly.

Rosalie’s gaze had turned up to the distance to something that had caught her attention. “What’s with them?” She asked, amused, but with remarked distaste. I turned to see and noticed two boys arguing near the cashier counter and another girl massaging her temples, as if about to burst with so much stress.

One was pale, round faced and with spiky blonde hair. He looked too much a momma’s boy to be in some kind of punk or rock band. The other one was the exact opposite, tall, with russet skin and long black hair styled in a ponytail. He was gesturing towards something hidden behind them. The girl was tall too, with mid length light brown hair and a thin face. She was wearing a green t-shirt with some kind of logo and the words “Cliff Divers”. If that’s the name of the band, then it’s really stupid. What kind of name is that, “Cliff Divers”?

The argument seemed to be resolved suddenly and the blonde guy walked away while the tall boy bended down to get his instrument. Apparently it was a set of bongos. Maybe they were and acoustic band or something like that.

Rosalie sighed displeased. “Apparently, now anyone can perform here.” She said bitterly. That annoyed me a bit. “You don’t know. Maybe they’re good. Even better than us.” She threw me an exasperated look, “Yeah, sure, as if.” She began to turn to her place with Emmet “We’re up in ten. We got the first place, remember.” She could be quite conceited sometimes.

As I kept looking towards the other end of the café I noticed Esme over the counter talking with someone. Esme was smiling and I noticed it was a girl she was talking to. She was carrying a guitar, strapped to her shoulder.

All I could see from the distance, besides that, was that she had long dark brown hair and was very pale. She was wearing a blue chamois jacket and jeans. Nothing extraordinary. But then, as she finished her drink and turned towards the side stage, I noticed she was wearing the same green t-shirt the other girl was wearing moments ago. They must’ve been in the same band. I also noticed she was very pale skinned, almost as pale as me. It was obvious she was nervous, because her hands were shaking noticeably. A rookie, no doubt. But they’re all the same, I’ve seen more of those kinds of bands than I could care. They are all the same: cute girls, interesting guys. They have a couple of decent songs and that’s it. No more depth than a nutshell. The same sounds, copied melodies and no interesting lyrics.

She disappeared behind the wall and I gave no further thought to her.



As I got to the side stage I noticed the mood was very tense. Mike was resting against the wall with his arms crossed, his brow creased, clearly in a bad mood. Angela smiled weakly at me, almost apologetically. But Jake was all happy and cheerful as always.

“Hey, Bells” he greeted me “What did your dad say?”

“The same. He said I better don’t do anything reckless or it will be the last time I’ll be let out on my own. Oh, and he says hi.”

He just grinned and turned to see the stage.

Mike then sighed and sat in one of the empty tables. By his expression I knew he wanted to say something to me in private. I eyed Jacob carefully, but he was just chirping animatedly with Angela, so I went to sit with Mike.

“Bella. I checked the program and we are the last ones.” He said without looking at me. I felt relieved that it wasn’t more serious. Was that the cause of the argument?

“And I’m afraid we are not playing my ‘Sweet Reverie’” He added subtly.

I gasped in horror. “Why?” “Sweet Reverie” was my latest song. It took me a whole month to write it and I was looking forward to playing it here. After all the rehearsals and arrangements... why the heck wouldn’t we play it?

“It’s because we are only allowed three songs. We agreed on playing Superstar, our song and Hallelujah.” I couldn’t argue; those were the ones we knew better.

Jacob and Angela had walked over to us. She put her hand on my shoulder, while Jacob eyed me meaningfully. “If we get the chance, we will play your song. I promise it.” Mike tensed, but didn’t say anything. It was there, all over again, their stupid antagonism taking the best of them.

“Okay, don’t worry” I said smiling “I don’t care. We have to give our best here, so we can pass the next phase. The competition is quite good”. That seemed to do it. Everybody turned to glance towards the stage. The statuesque blonde sitting in the stairs was quite intimidating. Angela giggled nervously. Mike arched his brows, but Jacob just snorted something that sounded like “Who cares?”. I couldn’t help but to smile, that was so typical of him, dishing anything that could intimidate him.

Then a booming sound interrupted us. A voice announced that the show was about to start. Then, it announced the first band, “Breaking Dawn”. As the cheering erupted louder and louder I began to realize that they must be really popular. Even some girls at the front were carrying a sign saying “BREAKING DAWN! WE LOVE YOU”. Childish and corny. But when the band began to fill their places under the blue light I realized the cheering could not be for just the music. The beautiful blonde girl stood up, and the others who followed her were just as gorgeous, even the guys. Their drummer was pretty big and tall boy, the guitar player had blonde long hair and deep blue eyes. Then a small girl with short, dark and spiky hair grabbed the bass guitar, smiling and waving to the screaming audience. She had a beautiful, delicate face, and moved with a natural grace that marveled me. Then I saw their keyboardist. I had never seen such a beautiful boy. He just nodded shyly to the audience, lifted his hand quickly and stood behind his piano. Then the blonde woman grabbed the microphone. “Hello there! How’re you all doing? We’re Breaking Dawn!!” She proclaimed excitedly, with her beautiful voice. Then the drummer started to count with the sticks and introduced the first beats. The guitars joined quickly, escalating up through the complex notes and arpeggios. Then, even through all the beats and sounds the piano emerged forcefully and gracefully to join in. I couldn’t close my mouth, astonished as I was. Even Mike and Jacob couldn’t take their eyes of the stage. Angela couldn’t even blink. The lights started to move faster and faster, changing colors quickly and then the blonde girl started to sing. It was magical. The song was in a fast tempo, but she slid through the notes effortlessly, as if she didn’t need any air.

Can you hold on against the winds of change?

When Insecurity starts to take control

When everything seems strange

Could you stay the same at all?

She kept singing, but my attention couldn’t grab everything the song was talking about. It was too much. Amidst all the bedlam Jacob’s voice reached me: “They are using Tamas!”

“What?” I asked, not understanding. He leaned closer to me and pointed towards the drums. As I saw what he meant, I understood. The drums, the guitars, they were all expensive brands. They must be rich or have a good deal, because those instruments were worth a fortune. I shivered; who were we, against these people? We were just some kids from a small town. They were already pros, with a larger audience and tons of experience. Angela just squeezed my hand and said “Pretty big, huh?” I nodded, dismayed.

I returned my attention to the stage and noticed something. They all seemed very coordinated, I could guess there was something going on between the small girl and the blonde guitarist. They way they stood together, the energy that seemed to flow between them and that they played as if challenging each other. Maybe even the singer and the drummer, but the younger boy clearly seemed apart. Even though he was there, into the show and everything, he seemed so… lonesome. Even his smile seemed a bit melancholic.

As the song ended with the last beats the blond guy rested the guitar against one of the speakers and quickly grabbed a black case. I couldn’t believe it: he played the trumpet too? That was too much for me. Pessimism started to flow from me. I sank my head between my hands. Then I heard some too familiar notes. Happy, energetic ones. The drummer started, quickly followed by the bass and then the trumpet. The all too familiar Tam-tam-tam-tam.

Valerie! They were playing Valerie now!

Well Sometimes I go out, by myself, and I look across the water.

And I think of all the things, of what you're doing,

And in my head I paint a picture.

It was Valerie, and at the same time it was something else completely. The girl’s voice made it all much more bittersweet and funky. She clearly enjoyed this one. I couldn’t help myself but to gasp at them. They truly were something else! For a few minutes I forgot they were the competition, that they played ten thousand times better than I could ever dream. That music transported you, and before you could notice it you were swinging your feet to the tempo of the song and humming the melody. Jacob watched serious, but the whole while he was thumping his fingers, following the rhythm He seemed unconscious of it. Mike and Angela were even smiling.

The last notes echoed through the building. Then the whole audience cheered and clapped uncontrollably. The girls with the sign were tearing their vocal chords with all their screaming and cheering.

The blonde singer bowed gracefully and handed a microphone to the pianist. He set it up in front of him and turned it on. Smiling, he nodded to her.

She turned to the audience quickly. “This next one is one of Edward’s best songs. We all hope you’ll like it!” She explained to the public. It was enough to send the fan girls into another frenzy; we had to cover our ears. But they quieted soon.

The boy mumbled something, but I didn’t understand. Then he relaxed his posture and his fingers stroked gently the first keys. It was a soft, sad tune. The guitars joined discreetly after a few seconds. The girl started to hum, closing her eyes. A deep, soft voice started to resonate; the boy was singing. He had a beautiful voice. He had his gaze fixed on something far away, as if he were alone, no one looking at him.

You remember me of a face

long ago, somewhere else

but now gone, lost without a trace

to a non-existing place

The unintended bliss is now gone

I am but all alone

The revelation never arrived

of happiness forever deprived

Something wet slid through my cheek. A tear? Somehow I wasn’t surprised.

It was too much. When the female voice joined in I could swear my heart would burst. I turned to see if any of the guys had noticed anything, but they too seemed to be in rapt fascination

I kept watching the boy. Edward, that was his name? I really wasn’t sure. I cleaned my face discreetly, without looking away. How could someone so beautiful be in so much pain? Silly me, I remembered. It’s just a song. It’s an act, sure he is all happy and normal, you just like to go into your bizarre theories too much. But I didn’t fool myself. This was too real, to deep to be just an act or a simple song.